4 Single-Product Website Examples! (That Make Millions)


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The four single-product website examples below are extremely different. Their niches, marketing strategies, branding and even the quality of each website vary drastically. However, the one thing they all have in common is how successful they are!

I’ve had a close look at each website and I’ve given my honest opinion as to what I like and don’t like about each. If you’re looking at creating your first single-product business, I suggest you read this entire article as I believe you will learn several important tips.

Example 1. Hello Tushy

Hello Tushy homepage
Tushy Homepage

Tushy is an example of a single-product store that is extremely successful but also got lucky. Tushy was founded back in 2016, before the pandemic.

The luck arrived in 2020 when the most sought-after shopping item in the world became toilet paper (For some strange reason). Bidets then became the solution for many people to combat the toilet paper shortage.

Below is the interest for the term “bidets” over the past 5 years. I think it’s obvious when the demand for bidets hits.

Google trends demand for the search term bidets
Google Trends

Tushy is an example of how to brand a single-product website the right way. They’ve private labeled their products, the website design and color scheme is perfect and the store provides a premium customer experience.

The price of the Tushy bidet is $99, this is a common price point for many single-product stores. The majority of single-product stores sell products from $50 – $200. This provides healthy profit margins whilst still being in a price range consumers are comfortable spending online.

The example below is the Tushy product page which includes high-resolution images as well as videos showcasing how the product works. There is no unnecessary clutter on the product page and everything shown will help the conversion rate and increase the average order value (AOV).

From the choice of colored swatches and bundle options to the star ratings which provide social proof. This is a landing page you want to send customers to and to use as a template if you’re looking for designing your own product page.

Hello Tushy product page
Tushy product page example

Each section of the Tushy homepage effectively addresses every question and concern a customer may have. It shows a video of how the product works, how it helps the environment and provides more social proof to build trust.

Tushy is using a custom Shopify theme which enables them to create unique sections such as the image below. Customers can choose the number of poopers in their home to show how much money they will save with their bidet. This gives the perception that $99 for their product is a no-brainer.

Hello Tushy example of designers customizing a Shopify theme
Tushy custom Shopify theme

They also have several branded accessories which can be used for upsells and cross-sells to increase AOV and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Hello Tushy products
Tushy upsells & cross-sell accessory products

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Example 2. Established Titles

Established Titles homepage
Established Titles Homepage

This is easily the most unique single-product website example from this list. Established Titles sells Lordship and Ladyship Title packs. I’m a little confused myself but you receive a small plot of land with a personalized certificate.

According to the website, it is designed as a novelty gift. Some people may consider this as an unethical e-commerce business however I believe this is genius. It’s designed as a fun quirky gift and this is an example of what is possible with a single-product store with creativity and thinking outside the box.

If you’re concerned you can’t compete with other stylish and classy designed single-product stores, then this is a sample of a basic website that is still extremely profitable. This store could be created in a day using the Shopify platform.

The product page is extremely minimal and only the add-ons and what each Title pack contains are included. The smallest plat of land is $49.95 and will cost $138.95 for the Title to be printed and framed.

Established Titles landing page
Established Titles landing page example

Pages such as refund policy and contact us are examples of how simple and easy a store such as this would be to recreate.

Established Titles are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Below is a product marketing video example they are using on both platforms to drive traffic to their store.

Established Titles video advertisement
Established Titles video advertisement example

The video shows customers’ reactions to the product when they realize they are now owners of a plot of land and can be referred to as a Lad or a Lady. This is powerful advertising because it’s user-generated content (UGC) and allows the viewer to visualize themselves receiving the gift or giving the product as a gift.

I have a complete guide to marketing a one-product store if you’re interested.

Example 3. The Ridge

The Ridge homepage
The Ridge homepage

The Ridge is a single-product website focused on selling a sleek and modern wallet for men. Because of the success of their brand, they now have additional Ridge-related products but their wallets are still the main product.

This store is an example of building a brand specific to its target audience. The product is aimed at men so the color scheme is black and white and the design is minimal and sleek.

The professional and high-quality imagery gives the perception that this product is premium and luxurious. If you need an example of how impactful quality product images can be, this is the website to learn from.

The first image below is an image of Ridge Wallet and the other image is from a very similar item on Alibaba. I’m sure The Ridge has worked with a manufacturer to improve the materials of the wallet and add their logo, however, the Ridge Wallet is US $95 and on Alibaba is priced between $2 to $6. This is the power of building a brand and creating a professional website.

High quality image of a modern mens wallet
An example of high-quality product images
Modern mens wallet from Alibaba
An example of low-quality product images

The product pages of Ridge are clean, minimal and flow cohesively with the rest of their website. If you’re building a luxury high-end one-product store, use a store such as Ridge as a template for your own business.

The Ridge product oage example
The Ridge product page example

Ridge is marketing their brand on many different social media platforms including using influencer marketing to increase their brand awareness. Below is an example of a Meta ads campaign they are running.

Meta advertising example of a modern wallet
Meta ads example

The Ridge homepage has several high-resolution close-up shots of the products as well as testimonials and reviews to increase social proof and build trust. Amazing store to learn from if you’re selling in a similar niche.

Example 4. Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize is a website that focuses on selling small odd-shaped rubber devices you bite against as a face and neck workout. This is an example of building a brand around a very simple product that can drastically increase its perceived value.

Homepage of Jawzrsize
Jawzrsize homepage

The reason this single-product website is so successful is due to the benefits it claims it can achieve.

  • It creates are more defined jawline
  • It tightens skin and reduces lines under the eyes
  • It creates a stronger face, jaw and neck
  • Reduces stress

If a product can solve a problem and benefit someone’s life in some way, it makes it much easier to sell.

The key to success with a product such as this is proving the product does what it claims. Jawzrsize effectively shows evidence throughout its website that the product works. They provide many before and after pictures of customers’ experience using the device and an entire section of reviews to alleviate any concerns.

Social proof from single-product website
Example of social proof

Below is a testimonial of a customer’s positive results using the product. This is an example of how a brand can increase conversion rates by addressing and alleviating any concerns or excuses a customer may have to purchase.

Screenshot of a video from the website Jawzrsize
Video example of social proof

The product page for Jawzrsize is not one I would try to replicate as it lacks the premium luxury design. It has pop-ups, huge and clearly fake discounts and too many colors which all add to the busy and cluttered feel of the page.

Jawzrsize product oage
Product page example from Jawzrsize

Jawzrsize is definitely not in the same league of branding and website design as Ridge or Tushy, but this should be comforting to beginners. The website is still good enough to be successful because of the benefits the product offers.

One large reason for this store’s success is Joe Rogan has endorsed this product himself. When the world’s biggest podcaster publicly praised the product it makes marketing much easier. I often get targeted for Jawzrsize ads and the ad itself is a clip of Joe Rogan mentioning he uses it. That’s the best advertising you can ask for.

List of Single-Product Websites

Single-Product WebsiteProductShopify apps
Hello TushyBidetSumo: Boost conversions & sales
ReConvert Upsell & Cross-sells
Smile: Loyalty & rewards
Established TitlesLand Title PacksKlaviyo: Email marketing
Zigpoll customer surveys
Customer Privacy
Gift cards & Loyalty program
RidgeMens Modern WalletShogun landing page builder
GeoIP country redirect
Pandectes GDPR compliance
Facebook channel
JawzrsizeJaw Exercise DeviceKlaviyo: Email marketing
Cart Upsell: Free gift monster
Single-product websites and the Shopify apps they use


If you’re reading this because you want some tips on the best single-product websites, I’m going to give you some factors they have in common which I believe has led to their success.

  • They focus on building a brand and giving the perception they are the original creator of the product.
  • Most single-product stores meet specific product criteria.
  • The majority of successful single-product websites don’t use a free theme as they are far too prevalent and a paid theme can help a store stand out from the crowd. I have an article on the best single-product stores.
  • They typically focus on products valued between $50 – $200.
  • Most stores transition to working with a manufacturer who can private label the product by modifying it, printing a logo and providing custom packaging. This is vital as it ensures the business cannot be replicated.

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