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I needed to create this article as I saw a few one-product stores use themes that did not suit the store type or product they were selling. I also saw a few stores that chose the perfect theme for their business and they look incredible.

As a beginner, it can be difficult to know which theme is best for a one-product store with so many choices. This will differ depending on many factors but I will give you a few of my top choices to try out.

The best free one-product theme is Debut on Shopify. If you want a great value theme, Shella is a good performer as a single or multi-product store. The best theme overall one-product theme is Booster, it’s powerful, it’s packed with features, looks amazing and is very fast.

Check out my article for some examples of successful Shopify stores using the Debut theme.

The themes I mention in this article are my personal favorites, however, it really depends on your niche, the price point of your product, the features you require and much more.

When deciding on a theme, don’t just look at the home screen and assume you know which theme you want. Scroll through the theme and check out each section to determine if it will be a good fit for your product.

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Ap Strollik

Ap Strollik is a fully dedicated single product theme specifically designed for one-product stores. It’s a really cool and sleek design that will show off your product.

I believe this theme is perfect for anyone with a product that is visually pleasing or has unique design. Products in the hobby niche such as surfboards, skateboards, unique kids toys or strollers as shown in the image.

Ap Strollik one product store theme for Shopify
Ap Strollik home page

Some of the features include:

  • Slideshow – Showcases your product in image or video format as a slideshow
  • Blog – Allows you to share your brand’s story
  • Multi-Language – Supports language translation
  • One Home page – One long home page allows you to fully show off your product without clicking on other pages
  • 360 Degree Product View – Showcases your product from a different perspective
  • Pop-up Sales – To increase scarcity and urgency
  • Many more features

As you can tell from the image below, the various pages effectively give the impression of a cool and modern product.

Ap Strollik product pages
Ap Strollik pages

The real star of this theme is the 360-degree image of the product which is very unique and can often be the thing that sets it apart from other stores selling similar products. It can be a little tricky to implement into a store but is a real wow factor when it’s done effectively.

For any aesthetically pleasing product, the 360-degree feature will dramatically increase the product’s perceived value.

Ap Strollik 360 degree
Ap Strollik 360-degree

If you’re selling the right kind of product, this theme is good value. You receive 6 months of support after your purchase as well as all future updates. It currently has a 4.3-star rating on ThemeForest.

Check out the Ap Strollik theme here for $56

Booster Theme

If you want a premium theme with all the bells and whistles, the Booster theme is for you. This theme is built for high conversions and has a ton of sales features you can utilize.

They’ve clearly put a lot of work into this theme as it is still fast, despite coming with many additional features.

Some of the features include:

  • Frequently brought together – To increase your average order value
  • Upsells/Xsells – Also increase your average order value
  • LookBook – Cool feature to search through your products with a single multi-product image
  • Geo Personalisation – This allows you to customization visitor’s experiences based on their location
  • Cart Countdown – To add urgency
  • Sticky Add to Cart – This allows you to make your “add to cart” button always accessible on product pages
  • Inactive Tab Message – To help bring back customers to your page once they leave
  • Facebook Messenger – Customers can contact you easier.
  • Quick Buy – Makes purchasing faster and easier reducing indecision.
  • Shipping Estimator – Will give your customers an estimated arrival time
  • Direct to Checkout – Shorten the sales process
  • GEO Language Detector – Detects location and translates your customer’s language
  • Plus a heap more features.

The booster theme is not specifically designed for one-product stores, however, it can easily be used for one-product stores. They have several variations of the theme to choose from depending on your niche and store type.

I have seen several successful one-product stores using the Booster theme and they look amazing. For some examples of one-product stores check out my article here.

Booster theme demo stores

There is a surprising amount of customization you can do to this theme which is why it can look great for a one-product store and can be changed if you decide you want to add a few additional products or variants.

Booster is fully optimized to function and still look amazing on laptop, mobile and tablets. As you can tell from the image below, the product page converts to mobile beautifully and still looks like a high-end product.

Booster theme mobile optimized.
Booster theme is mobile optimized

It’s not cheap however, it will cost $248 per year or $398 for lifetime access. If you plan to purchase several Shopify apps, it may actually save you a lot of money to use the Booster theme with the apps pre-installed.

Booster theme price

If you purchase all the apps included in this theme it will cost you over $3,300 a year. It’s unlikely you would purchase all of them but even if you plan to buy a couple of them it may be better value to purchase the Booster theme instead. If money was no issue this would easily be my pick, however, money is an issue for most of us.

Click this link to check out Booster theme. Don’t get it confused with a different Shopify theme called Boost. I contacted Booster theme for any discounts for my readers, you can use the code “DSHUSTLE” for $20 off.

Check out my full review of Booster theme here.

BOOM Theme

Boom is a popular theme on ThemeForest and for good reason. It looks amazing and can be used for single or multiple product stores. This is important if you are building a one-product store but may be planning on expanding to multiple products in the future.

Boom theme one product store theme for Shopify
Boom theme home page

There are over 70 demos and more are being added on a regular basis. This theme should suit just about any product you can choose from and still look really modern. It provides a really modern view of different products. A great option if you plan to build a brand around a product or niche.

Boom theme demo pages
Boom theme demos

Some of the features of BOOM include:

  • Special price countdown
  • Fake sale notification
  • Related products notification
  • Mega menus
  • SEO optimized
  • Currency switcher
  • Social Integration
  • Much more

BOOM theme has a 4.99/5 start rating. I have no idea how legitimate all of those ratings are but you would expect a lot are genuine so I’ll take the rating as a good sign that most people using the theme are having a good experience.

You receive 6 months of support as well as future updates for $59. It’s exceptional value and a very tempting offer if you are interested in the BOOM theme.

Check it out here for only $59

Shella Theme

Shella is a multipurpose theme that can be used for a one-product store as well as a niche or general store. It can be used for just about any product you can think of and still be effective.

There are a lot of home page variations and skins you can try out and to see which option will be best for your product.

Check out some of the home page variants below.

Shella theme home page variants
Shella theme variants

Some of the features Shella theme include are:

  • Megamenu
  • Price countdown
  • Sticky add to cart button
  • Sales notification popup
  • Lookbook
  • Related products
  • Multi-currency checkout
  • Number of stock notification
  • Zoom popup product page
  • Dynamic checkout button
  • Plus more

Shella theme is also great for SEO as it’s very fast and comes with Google rich snippet tool to help your ranking.

Shella theme home page
Shella theme home page

Shella is one of the most popular Shopify themes on ThemeForest which is a good thing. It means the team who created this theme will be constantly updating it and fixing any bugs as soon as they come up.

It’s a really good all-round theme and comes with a decent number of additional sales features so hopefully, you won’t have to purchase anymore.

Check it out here for $79

Gecko Theme

Gecko theme home page
Gecko theme home page

Gecko theme is a clean and minimal theme and would be ideal for anyone creating a brand around their product or niche. There is a large selection of pages and sections to choose from making it an ideal choice for a single product store with the option to expand in the future.

If you want some product ideas for your own one-product store, I suggest you read my article here.

Some of Gecko themes features include:

  • Megamenu
  • Product variation swatches
  • Lookbook app
  • Instagram shop
  • Optimized product pages
  • Lots of demos to choose from
  • Stock countdown
  • Ryviu free review app
  • Plus much more

With all the different design options, it is a suitable theme for most products and niches. Each demo presents the products in a very high-end and luxurious way.

Gecko theme demos stores
Gecko theme demos

Gecko has over 7,000 purchases and a very high rating which means the people who have purchased it have obviously had a positive experience.

The price is $99 which is a little higher than some themes on ThemeForest but if the theme converts, that extra little cost will be more than worth it.

Click this link to take you to the Gecko theme

Citrus Theme

Citrus one product store theme for Shopify
Citrus multiple products demo

Citrus is a really unique and specialized theme. It can be used as a single page theme ideal perfect for one-product stores or they have a multiple purpose demo that can be used for multiple products.

The single-page demo is one long continuous page the consumer can scroll down to and is fully dedicated to the product. It’s a great way of making the product the star of the show and showcasing the features and benefits of your product without needing to click onto separate screens.

Making the product center stage like this really adds to the perceived value of the product.

Citrus one product and multiple product options
Citrus theme multiple and single product options

Only having a theme that is designed for a single product can be a problem. You need to have an opportunity to pivot your business if the single product store fails or you plan on expanding. Good thing Citrus comes with a multi-product option.

The multi-product demo is also very simple, clean and modern. The demos are fashion stores and they appear to suit this theme.

Citrus product page
Citrus single page theme

Some of the features include:

  • Related products sliders
  • Wishlist options
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • 2 main demo types included
  • Support variant images
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Much more

If you want a theme packed full of sales features, this theme is not for you, however, if you’re after a theme that can showcase your entire product on a single page, this is your theme.

Check out the Citrus theme here for $59

Ap Strollik$56685 sales
Booster$249 – $39945,000 sales
BOOM $593,400 sales
Shella$7910,300 sales
Gecko$997,000 sales
Citrus$59420 sales
Shopify themes price and popularity

Worst One-Product Store Themes

There are several things you want to avoid when choosing a one-product store theme.

Brand New Themes

A brand new theme may seem like a great idea as your store will be unique, however, it can also be a little risky. A new theme runs the risk of bugs as it may not have been thoroughly tested.

Themes Without Many Sales

If a theme has only had a handful of sales, the developers probably aren’t going to be regularly updating the theme. Popular themes will receive regular updates as well as additional demos and features.

Theme Without the Features You Need

Adding several apps to your store can end up costing you a lot of monthly fees. Make sure your theme has most of the features pre-installed into them. Ask yourself are you planning on selling worldwide? Do you want a fast checkout option? Do you want an upsell option? Do you want to add scarcity and urgency?

All these factors may require a paid app. Ask yourself what you need before you purchase your theme.

Themes with Clutter

Avoid themes that are full of unnecessary design and features. Stores that are full of clutter with too many colors look busy and take the focus off the important aspects of a store such as click-to-action buttons, especially on a product page.

Big brands often go for a more minimal and modern look. Stores with too many pop-ups, options and trust badges look far more spammy. Minimal themes are a better option in my opinion.

Suggest Reading: 7 Shopify Impulse theme examples

Themes that are NOT Designed for your Niche

Many themes are designed for specific niches in mind. No matter how much you like the theme, if it’s not designed for your niche, don’t use it. Themes designed for a fashion store may not be suitable for a theme selling camping gear for example.

Some theme’s functionality may have been created for stores with thousands of products with multiple variants such as a store selling covers and cases for phones and laptops. That functionality simply would not be suitable for a one-product.

If you are creating your own one-product store, I suggest you read my article here first where I provide a step-by-step tutorial.


There is no exact answer as to which is the best theme for your one-product store. It really depends on your product, your budget, if you plan on expanding in the future and what you personally like.

If you want a theme that is designed specifically for one-product stores then Citrus and Ap Strollik are both ideal. Deciding out of them may depend on your niche.

Boom, Gecko and Shella can be used as both a single product or multiple niche store. They are all very popular choices on ThemeForest and I always recommend going for the best sellers list. The more popular a theme is the better the support will be, the more it will be updated and the less likely it will be the theme will have any bugs.

If you have the budget and you feel confident in your store, then my pick would definitely be the Booster theme. It’s the best Shopify theme I personally have come across. My next choice for Shopify themes packed with features is Debutify but it is very expensive. I have a full review of Debutify here.

The designers have put a lot of work into it. It’s full of features that you may have to buy at some point anyway, it’s fast and it looks amazing on all devices.

The obvious problem is it’s $399 for lifetime access. You may need to weigh up if it’s worth it in the long run. You can always swap themes down the track if you have success but that always runs the risk of issues and losing content.

Sorry if I have left you with more of a dilemma than an actual answer.

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