Dropship Lifestyle Review – I Wouldn’t Buy It (2024 Update)


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Have you ever spent a large sum of money on something followed by a feeling of regret at the money you just wasted? I have and it’s a horrible feeling….. anyway, I have decided to write a review of the dropshipping course, Dropship Lifestyle.

Before we kick off let me be clear about something.

I am not an affiliate for this course and I have no incentive to promote or criticize it. This review is my honest and unbiased opinion which will be very clear throughout this article as I am exposing many of the sneaky tactics used by this course and (Spoiler alert) I recommend you DON’T buy this course.

I would be very surprised if you read this entire article and still decided to purchase the course. However, if you do take the course I’d love to hear about your experiences with it.

Piggy bank in a trap

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

Dropship Lifestyle is an online course teaching students how to create an online dropshipping business. This course, however, focuses on high ticket dropshipping from domestic suppliers as opposed to the more common dropshipping from China you may have heard about.

There are several high ticket dropshipping courses out there but this appears to be the most well-known and the most popular one.

Anton Kraly is the founder of Dropship Lifestyle. He is the guy on all their YouTube videos and has his face plastered anywhere you see Dropship Lifestyle.

Dropship Lifestyle Cost – Is it Worth the Money?

Dropship Lifestyle is one of the more expensive dropshipping courses out there. The cheapest package is $3,997 and if you sit through the webinar, Anton offers a special price of $1,497 for the premium package.

The next tier option will set you back $10,497, which will provide you with a custom-built store, done-for-you content marketing and a private mentor.

Dropship Lifestyle pricing plans
Dropship Lifestyle course prices

These prices will be higher if you purchase either of these plans through the website without watching the webinar. They are premium prices, so do I think worth the money?

As a whole, Dropship Lifestyle is a good course and may assist complete beginners, however, it is not worth the high price tag. Much of the content can be found online for free and there are several aspects of the dropshipping business model which was not covered in the course.

Dropship Lifestyle’s inception was back in 2013. It was actually a reasonable price when it first started but the price has been repeatedly jacked up over the years. Remember, people don’t base prices on what they think things are worth, they base them on what people will pay and that’s what has happened here.

When you play on the aspirations of a person, you can extract a lot of money from them. This course doesn’t promise anything, but it does give the perception that this course is your opportunity to live the life you want to live. I’m sure it has worked out for some, but my guess would be the percentage is small.

Personally, even if this course was the best dropshipping course on the market, it still seems way overpriced to me. I have gone through the course and I would be surprised if anyone who brought the course genuinely thought it was well worth the money.

Dropship Lifestyle Webinar

I have edited this section of my article as Dropship Lifestyle has updated parts of their webinar recently.

The entire webinar has been updated and is Anton screen sharing throughout the webinar now which is a smart move as it was very obvious where it had been edited previously to try and appear live. In case you don’t know, this webinar is not live and is pre-recorded, but it’s designed to make you feel as though it’s live.

If you haven’t watched this or other webinars, it’s essentially a long online sales pitch disguised as free training. This one goes for over 2 hours so get your coffee ready.

I’ve gone through multiple webinars and I always find them so cringy, and this one is no exception. Maybe I find them cringy because I know what they’re trying to do and how they’re trying to persuade the audience.

Webinars are simply a way of closing a sale. They are designed in a way to manipulate your psychology into convincing you to buy. There is nothing wrong with this as this is sales, but it’s some of the slimy and deceptive sales tactics that I find somewhat unethical.

Everything is very calculated about the way webinars are formulated. Any objections a person may have to purchase are all met and answered throughout the webinar so you’re left with no excuses but to buy the course. This is all part of an effective sales pitch which Anton does great.

First of all, you register for the webinar, however, this course calls it “free training”. This makes it sound far more appealing as many people associate webinars with sales pitches.

The first part of webinars that drives me nuts is after you register they give you a time to watch it. They give you the impression that it’s a live and specialized event. This webinar is not live and is a pre-recording.

You will notice no matter where you’re located or when you register, there is always a webinar about to start, how convenient. They’re not going to make you wait and potentially change your mind, they want to sell you the course now while you’re hot.

I’m in Australia and when I watched the video it was 1:00 am in the US. I don’t think the entire Dropship Lifestyle team was awake recording a live video for me.

It will also show the number of people supposedly watching the webinar with you. That’s all BS, that’s a fake number to make you feel as if this course is in demand and make it feel like a live event.

dropship lifestyle webinar
Dropship Lifestyle webinar

Anton tells his own story about how and why he got into dropshipping. He started selling cookies but realized this business did not align with his goals which eventually led him to a successful dropshipping business.

Success stories often make viewers visualize themselves living a lifestyle of wealth and freedom. As well as this, hearing a story of someone else’s life helps build rapport with someone which makes the viewer trust them more, making them more likely to buy.

Anton provides some information regarding high ticket dropshipping, however, he promotes it as 3 secrets. This is designed to make you feel special that he is telling you this and to make it appear as though this is just a little taste of all the secrets you’ll receive when you buy this course.

Throughout the entire webinar, you will be shown testimonials of people who have gone through the program and made a lot of money. This is to either keep you excited and ready to make a purchase or to keep you awake. I am not 100% sure if these testimonials are real or fake, but if the live webinar is fake I would only assume the testimonials are too.

The thing about the webinar I hate the most is Anton keeps asking questions and running polls and pretends people are answering. Nobody is voting and these are all fake results he is showing on screen.

The next obvious thought is if there is so much chat from all the viewers of the webinar, wouldn’t I be able to see all the chat in the chat box? No, apparently only he and his administration team can see the chat otherwise it would be too distracting for all the viewers. Of course!

Personally, I can’t buy anything from anyone who is trying to deceive me by putting on a fake show. If I can’t trust the person, I can’t trust what they’re selling me.

Anton claimed the information in this course cost him 5 million dollars and 13 years to figure out…

This is all deliberate to potentially make you feel like $2,000 for a course is a bargain and you would be crazy not to buy.

Toward the end, he provides you with 2 choices:

  • Go it alone and waste thousands of dollars and years of your life, or
  • Learn a proven system from him who has mastered it.

This kind of scenario is a common and effective part of a webinar formula. It exaggerates the need for the course.

Will this course improve your chances of success? Maybe. My guess would be by a few percent. But this kind of statement makes you feel as though without the course you will fail and with the course, you will succeed. It all plays on a person’s psychology.

For making it to the end you do receive Anton’s list of 500 profitable high ticket product ideas. You can check out my article here where I provide you with a list of 400+ high ticket product ideas if you’re interested.

Personally, I have no issue at all with all the usual sales tactics that are used throughout this webinar. The part I don’t like however is the attempt to convince the viewers that it is all live. It felt completely unnecessary and almost an insult to the viewer’s intelligence. Being transparent builds trust and I believe it would only benefit Dropship Lifestyle to do so.

To be fair to Anton, these fake live webinars are very common so I don’t want to single him out as if he is the only one trying to manipulate his viewers. The ethics of the online world are very subjective with varied opinions and many people may consider this type of sales very reasonable.

Is the Dropship Lifestyle Course Any Good?

The course is broken up into 8 modules:

  • Foundations
  • Niche Selection
  • Market Research
  • Create your Website
  • Get Suppliers
  • Optimize for Conversions
  • Get Traffic
  • Outsource & Automate

Each module has several training videos and PDF’s which are covered reasonably well and beginners will get some value out of this course. However, I used this course and watched the videos and I believe beginners may be left with a lot of questions.

For example, when I watched the niche selection module of the course, it provided me with certain criteria as to what constitutes the ideal dropshipping niche. But how broad or narrow should I niche down to make a profit whilst still having a large enough audience to target? And will this vary depending on the country I am dropshipping in?

They do have a niche selection verification bonus which essentially means you tell them your idea for a niche and they verify whether that niche would be a viable niche to pursue. Personally, I wouldn’t be trusting them not to steal your niche although this is your call.

After I watched the videos in this course, I felt as though it should have been Anton creating a dropshipping store from scratch. People would have gotten so much more out of this course if they had watched someone create a store step by step. From coming up with a niche, contacting and securing suppliers, creating a store and driving traffic.

Instead, I feel as though it’s a regular dropshipping course that teaches you how to dropship which often leaves more questions. That would be reasonable if the course was $500, but it’s not.

The Creating Your Website module was long but I believe it was covered thoroughly and was easy to understand. The market research lesson was also covered in-depth and had a lot of value to it, especially for beginners.

However, I wouldn’t take the keyword research section too seriously as keyword tools can be incredibly inaccurate. If you’re looking for a keyword research tool, I suggest you read my article where I provide my opinion on the best value keyword tool available.

For the premium price, I would have liked to see more information on building a social media presence, social commerce, building a brand, the legalities and tax regarding dropshipping and the shipping side of things.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Buy Dropship Lifestyle?

The biggest complaint I have seen about Dropship Lifestyle is the fact that most of the content is targeted towards the US market. This is a completely justified complaint as every country is very different and so much of the information provided may not be applicable to your country.

Dropship Lifestyle does have a lesson in its bonus section regarding dropshipping abroad. It consists of a few short videos of an Australian who claims he has multiple successful high ticket dropshipping stores and there are a few tips on dropshipping in Australia.

After watching it I felt as though the advice given was valid but it was very brief. It really isn’t going to answer most of your questions if you live abroad. To be fair, you can’t expect the Dropship Lifestyle method of dropshipping to apply to every country.

Although most of the lessons in this course are aimed towards the US, Anton claims his course will work outside of the US. High ticket dropshipping may work in some countries, however, poorer countries that have a smaller average income with less disposable income simply won’t purchase high ticket products online.

Many countries are not big online shoppers let alone purchasing high ticket products. This business model is very unlikely to succeed in India or South Africa for example.

Even in wealthier countries, the criteria for niches that were taught may not apply. For example, every country has very different logistics and infrastructure and shipping large products may not be as viable as it is in the US and a large percentage of high ticket items are oversized.

Another big factor is dropshipping isn’t as common and well-known in other countries which is addressed briefly in the course. This means you may have a difficult time sourcing and persuading suppliers to dropship for you.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone outside the US to purchase this course as a lot of the content won’t apply to you. You can still dropship to the US as a non-US citizen but it can become a little more complicated.

If you are in the US, this course is really only worth purchasing if money isn’t an issue for you. This is a good course but for me, I can’t justify the price and I have seen better courses for $200.

With the amazing access we have to free information online these days, most of the content in this course can be found online for free.

Dropshipping Essentials Members Area

Dropship Lifestyle Alternative

I’ve researched several high ticket dropshipping courses and changed my mind on which is the best based on my personal experiences and the experiences of my readers who have reached out to me.

The biggest issue is value for money. High ticket dropshipping can be difficult to succeed with as a complete beginner who has had no previous experience in the e-commerce industry. It’s hard to justify $2,000 USD or more for a business model that has a high failure rate.

However, I have found V-commerce to be in-depth, easy to follow, well-taught and better value for money than most dropshipping courses. If I find a better course that is reasonably priced, I will update this article. I reached out to the owner of the course and asked for any discounts, luckily he agreed.

If you click this link and use the discount code DROPSHIP15, you’ll receive 15% off the course for both the lifetime access and the monthly option.

Dropship Lifestyle Refund Policy

This is probably the part of the course that I find the most unethical. Now I understand some people would take advantage of online courses and simply buy them and request a refund right away whilst still having access to the course.

I understand you need to put some policies in place to reduce this happening. However, they clearly try to make it as difficult as possible for people to receive a refund.

To receive a refund you need to have completed several action tasks within 30 days. This includes things such as coming up with your list of 50 niches, finding 20 suppliers for your niche and building your website.

This is a lot of work and something many people may not be able to complete within 30 days depending on their schedule and experience level. From what I have read from other people’s experience with trying to receive a refund, they will initially try to talk you into continuing with the course, then you need to fill out a refund form and provide proof you completed your action tasks.

During the webinar, you are simply told that you will receive a full refund if you are not happy with the course as long as it is within 30 days. There is no mention of the requirements to receive a refund before making a purchase. I did find their refund policy on their website at the bottom of the privacy policy page.

I did, however, find some unhappy people online complaining about their experience with trying to receive a refund. There were a few similar complaints such as the one below. Just to be clear I have no idea if the complaints I read are real or if they are exaggerating their experience, that’s up to you to decide.

Dropship Lifestyle user receiving a bad experience with the refund policy

Is the Dropship Lifestyle course worth it?

The information provided in the Dropship Lifestyle course is not worth the high price tag. The vast majority of the content within the course can be found online for free.

Why is Dropship Lifestyle so expensive?

The Dropship Lifestyle course is expensive because it’s marketed in a way that plays on the aspirations of people looking to make money which makes them willing to pay the expensive price tag.

Does Dropship Lifestyle work?

Dropship Lifestyle focuses on high ticket dropshipping which can work but I believe is becoming more difficult and the success rate is much lower than most people lead on.

Does Dropship Lifestyle have discounts?

Dropship Lifestyle does not have any vouchers or discount codes but you will receive the course for $2,000 less than stated on their website if you watch the webinar Anton Kraly hosts.

Is Dropship Lifestyle a scam?

Dropship Lifestyle is not a scam, it is however an average dropshipping course that may benefit some people but it is drastically overpriced for the value it delivers.

Can you download Dropship Lifestyle for free?

You cannot legally download the Dropship Lifestyle course for free and will need to be purchased.


To be clear, I believe high ticket dropshipping is a great business model. A lot of people have high ticket dropshipping stores and are making a lot of money so it is a viable business.

Although this course may help you, it also may hinder you. According to the Dropship Lifestyle website, there are over 14,000 members. That’s 14,000 people all following the same blueprint, the same niche selection criteria, the same market research, the same tactics for securing suppliers, the same ad platform and formula and even the same Shopify theme.

With 14,000 people following the same lessons, it’s inevitable that many will choose the same niche which also means you may contact the same suppliers, stock the same products on the same Shopify theme.

Click here for a FREE Shopify trial and 3 months of Shopify for Only $1

To succeed with dropshipping you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors. By following the same tactics as everyone else only increases the chances that you’ll blend in. The Dropship Lifestyle method is not the only way to dropship.

I’ll leave you with my final thoughts on the Dropship Lifestyle course. I believe it is a good course but not a great course and if it was $500 I would say it’s a little expensive but it could be justified.

The cost of the basic package is expensive and makes the course a complete rip-off in my opinion. Please feel free to reach out to me and give me your opinion. I would love to hear about your experience with Dropship Lifestyle, good or bad.

Dropship Lifestyle Review

Dropship Lifestyle is a high ticket dropshipping course focused on selling products from domestic suppliers.

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