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I think we can all agree on this, we would rather run a business that requires less work, has a higher chance of succeeding long-term and has the potential to make a lot of money. A successful high ticket dropshipping business can provide all this and that is why it’s a competitive space in the eCommerce world at the moment.

In this article, I’m going to cover provide you with a list of high ticket suppliers, the products they stock and where they ship to. I’ve included suppliers that stock all different kinds of high ticket products so you can hopefully find someone to work with within the niche you’re pursuing.

What is High Ticket Dropshipping?

The term high ticket means an expensive product and the term dropshipping means moving goods from a supplier to the customer without the normal distribution process. High ticket dropshipping is a term that combines the two and refers to merchants selling products $200 and over without stocking inventory.

Everyone seems to have a slightly different interpretation of how much a product should cost to be categorized as “high ticket”. I have heard some people mention that anything over $50 whilst other claim it needs to be over $500.

Personally, I like to look at it more from a profit point of view. If my profit margin is 30% and I’m selling $50 items, I am making $15 per sale and I don’t really consider that a high profit margin. If I was making the same profit margin from a $200 item I would be profiting $60 per sale, that is a more realistic starting point for high ticket in my opinion.

If you’re looking to dropship high ticket items over 1k, I suggest you read this article I wrote.

Is High Ticket Dropshipping Worth it?

Most people who dropship are either all-in on their method of dropshipping and often criticize other forms claiming they either don’t work or are unethical. The truth is people can and do successfully dropship products of all price ranges. Low ticket and high ticket dropshipping are worth it if you know what you’re doing.

Dropshipping high ticket products is often more work initially because you need to take the time to design a professional website that is trustworthy.

Each product in a high ticket store needs to have high-quality images, detailed product descriptions and videos if possible. Providing the best possible customer experience is essential otherwise they’ll shop elsewhere. Nobody will make a large purchase online if the images are not HD and all the features are not listed.

What I’m saying is that high ticket dropshipping may not be worth it if you’re a complete beginner as it can be a more difficult option. Having some kind of website design and copywriting experience will dramatically increase your chances of success. That’s not to say it can’t be done but it will be harder.

Everyone makes mistakes when they are doing something for the first time but with high ticket dropshipping you can’t afford to get much wrong or else people simply won’t buy from you.

If you want to pursue high ticket as a beginner, my advice would be when deciding on a niche, don’t start with your best idea first. Start on your second or third best option, save your best niche for when you know what you’re doing.

If you’re considering purchasing a high ticket dropshipping course I suggest you read my article first as well as my review of Dropship Lifestyle.

How to Find High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

My first piece of advice is to avoid dropshipping high ticket products from China, especially from AliExpress. This will lead to disaster. If you want to sell products from China, order them from Alibaba in bulk and ship them domestically, however, never order in bulk without ordering a sample first.

I always recommend sourcing high ticket products from suppliers in your own country. If someone spends a lot of money online they expect a high quality product and fast shipping. I suggest you read my article for a complete list of high ticket items you can sell.

I have provided a list below of suppliers who stock items in many high ticket niches which should help. But if you have a niche in mind and want to find suppliers I suggest you go deep into Google to find them.

For example, let’s say you want to sell surfboards. You can’t expect to type “dropshipping surfboards” in Google and find all your surfboard suppliers sitting there on page 1 of Google. You need to type in several variations and search through several pages of Google. Here is what I mean:

  • Surfboards dropshipping
  • Surfboards wholesale
  • Surfboards distributor
  • Surfboards manufacturer
  • Surfboards reseller
  • Surfboards supplier

After that type in your country then type various states and search through several pages. The problem is that many suppliers who have been around for years have old dated websites that have not been updated. Google hates these websites and often pushes them down the rankings which is why they are hard to find.

Don’t rush finding high ticket suppliers even if it takes you all day. If that extra time means you find one great supplier that your competitors have not, it’ll pay off big time.

How to Secure High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers

Approaching domestic high ticket dropshipping suppliers is very different to how you would approach suppliers in China. There is a process and you actually need to communicate with them to see if you are a good fit for each other.

This usually involves either sending an email introducing yourself and your business or the preferred method is to phone them. If you plan to email them first I recommend you read my article which I provide a bunch of free email templates you can use.

Although there is nothing wrong with sending an introductory email first, calling them shows confidence and has a greater chance you can speak to whoever you need to speak to. Many emails are ignored.

There are some suppliers that will approve you right away, even by email. This sounds great but really is not ideal as the best suppliers should screen you first. If you’re selling high ticket quality products from a supplier they should only want to work with merchants who will represent their brands in the right way.

Your goal on a phone call is to alleviate any concerns they may have about working with you. For more information on securing high ticket suppliers, I suggest you read my article on how to get approved by dropshipping suppliers. It will provide more detail and give you some answers to common questions you may be asked.

High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

High Ticket SupplierHigh Ticket ProductsUS Supplier
Ships to
Office CraveOffice Furniture and SuppliesUSA
Top DawgGeneralUSA
Parts MultiverseVehicle parts, accessories and lightingUSA, Canada,
Europe, Israel
SaleYeeGeneralUSA, UK, France,
Dropship VendingVending MachinesUSA
Big BarkerLarge memory foam dog bedsWorldwide
Blue WavePools, games and accessoriesUSA
Hot Wind SaunasSaunasUSA
WholesgameVideo game consolesWorldwide
BBO Poker TablesPoker tables and accessoriesUSA, canada
Car CoversVehicle coversWorldwide
Wedding Factory DirectWedding productsWorldwide
Finer WorksArtWorldwide
Furniture PipelineDesigner furnitureUSA
Wholesale Audio LinksAudio EquipmentWorldwide
Koehler Home DecorHome DecorUSA
Canvas CampCanvas Camping TentsWorldwide
VIP Home and GardenHome and garden productsUSA
Hammock UniverseHammocksWorldwide
Worldwide Home FurnishingsFurnitureWorldwide
Grooms ShopGroomsman giftsUSA
Luggage FactoryLuggageWorldwide
Camping DropshipCamping productsUSA
Discount School SupplySchool furniture and SuppliesUSA
Sports LifeSports productsUSA
NordstromLuxury apparelWorldwide
Upper BounceTrampolinesUSA
Daniel Smart MFGMotorcycle apparel and accessoriesWorldwide
Links e RideElectric scootersWorldwide
I Can CyclingBikes and accessoriesWorldwide
Wholesale Survival ClubSurvival productsUSA
Wintron ElectronicsMarine electronicsUSA
Bounty Hunter Metal DetectorsMetal detectorsUSA
List of high ticket dropshipping suppliers in the USA

High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK

High Ticket SupplierHigh Ticket ProductsUK Supplier
Ships to
Go DropshipGeneralWorldwide
Malino GearMartial Arts ProductsWorldwide
Scooter CityElectric ScootersWorldwide
Winchester LeatherLeather furnitureUK
Direct Dropship UKGeneralWorldwide
Cubic AquariumsLuxury FishtanksUK
DH GateGeneralWorldwide
Lite WaveLighting ProductsWorldwide
Hills InteriorsHome decorWorldwide
Life MaxAged Care ProductsUK
Sky Pet ProductsPet cagesUK
The WholesalerGeneralWorldwide
Vida XLGeneralWorldwide
Amos MannFurnitureUK
List of high ticket dropshipping suppliers in the UK

High Ticket Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

High Ticket SupplierHigh Ticket ProductsAustralian Suppliers
Ships to
Dropship ZoneGeneralAustralia
Calibre FurnitureLuxury FurnitureAustralia
Dear Jane MedicalMedical SuppliesAustralia
Factory FastGeneralAustralia
Stealth SportsMMA/Boxing/FitnessAustralia, New Zealand
Canvas CampLuxury TentsWorldwide
Surfboards DirectSurfboardsLimited countries
APE MedicalSports and Rehab EquipmentAustralia
OZ HammocksHammocks/reclinersAustralia
Mint Art CoArtAustralia
Drop SiteGeneralAustralia
List of high ticket dropshipping suppliers in Australia

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