About Me

Hi, Welcome to Dropshipping Hustle!

My name is Thomas Sleeth and I have been dropshipping since 2016.

Before becoming a successful dropshipper, I had the same full-time job for 14 years and knew I had to make a change otherwise I may have ended up there for the remainder of my career. The job I had wasn’t bad, but I had completely lost the motivation for it. I had been going through the motions day in, day out, for years.

The main reason I hated having a job as an employee was I always loathed the idea that someone else had control over my life. With rigid work hours, colleagues I wasn’t on the same page with and mundane tasks all in the hands of my employer, I felt tied down and was on auto pilot. No matter how hard I worked, the pay cheque remained stagnant with little incentive to really push myself. I got to a point where I had to make a change.

I first heard about dropshipping when I read an article about an 18 year old who was making millions from dropshipping. Straight away I was curious as I had been looking for an escape from my day job for a few years at this point. I then started reading about the whole concept of dropshipping and it intrigued me.

The hard part for me was I had a family and a mortgage so I had to keep working whilst I pursued dropshipping. This made finding time difficult but I decided it was non-negotiable and I would find the time. I barely socialized, I stopped watching TV and I found any spare time possible to read, watch videos and listen to podcasts on dropshipping. Luckily, my job had a fair bit of downtime which enabled me to make it work and balance both pursuits at once.

I completely immersed myself in dropshipping for several months. I purchased a few courses, most of which, were not that helpful. After a couple of months, I decided to launch my first dropshipping business.

Following several failed attempts with dropshipping, I eventually hit success. At this point, I still didn’t quit my job for almost a year, which worked out well, as my dropshipping business had many ups and downs. Dropshipping turned out to be far more stressful than I anticipated for the first 4 to 5 months. If I hadn’t had my job as a backup, it certainly would have been even more stressful.

This is why I think dropshipping seems to be dominated by younger people. They are generally in a position where they have more time and far less responsibility in terms of family and mortgages, etc.

After only a couple of years, my life was completely different! I was earning far more money than I ever could from my full-time job and I was happy, full-filled and enjoying the challenges and rewards of dropshipping.

I now have over 5 years of experience with dropshipping and have created several successful stores. The beauty of dropshipping is once you have learned all the necessary steps and found a formula that works, it’s just a matter of replicating the process.

During the period when I quit work and started making a substantial income, my friends and family became very curious about the sudden success.

How was I able to stay at home in my PJ’s, work fewer hours and make more money than them?

I explain the concept, which is relatively simple, but I’m then bombarded with questions.

Is that legal?

Will dropshipping work in X country?

How do you find suppliers?

Which products are best to dropship?

How do you handle returns?

Is it hard to create a website?

Some of the questions I was receiving had simple, straightforward answers you could find answers to on Google. Others would differ depending on which dropshipping guru you listened to. Dropshipping, particularly for beginners, can be confusing and pose many hurdles and forks in the road.

The problem is, most dropshipping gurus are selling courses and they want you to buy from them. They want to differentiate themselves from the other gurus to make you feel like they have the secret formula. This is why it can be hard to trust anyone who is selling a course.

I am NOT selling a course and any information I give in my articles is mine, from my experiences. I have tried to be as honest and unbiased as possible whilst giving my opinion on what I think works and doesn’t work.

The only money I make from this blog is from affiliate links. On my recommended resources page, I give recommendations on products and services I use and endorse. These links help support the Dropshipping Hustle website and enables me to continue to write free articles to help dropshippers.

My goal is to create a blog which answers the most common questions dropshippers have. If you have any questions about dropshipping, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to write as many articles as I can on topics people want to know and learn more about.

Thank you for your support, it really is appreciated. All the very best for your journey ahead!

Happy Dropshipping!!