22 One-Product Shopify Store Examples (#8 My Fav)

It took a lot of online hunting for me to find all the one product Shopify stores listed below. I’ve tried to include products from a wide variety of niches to provide examples to just about everyone.

I will update this article regularly so you can be sure you’re not taking inspiration from old dated websites.

If you’re looking at building your own one product store, I suggest you read my article for a step by step guide.

What is a One Product Store?

A one-product store is an eCommerce store that focuses on selling a single product. Usually, the only extra products one-product stores sell are additional variants and accessories which are often used as upsells to increase their average order value.

Don’t take the name “one product store” too literally. Many one product stores have a few extra accessories and different variants to the product. These stores use accessories, extra variant offers, like buy 2 get 1 free and bundle deals as upsells.

For a detailed comparison between the main 3 dropshipping store types, check out this article.

Which Shopify Themes are Best for a One Product Store?

In the examples below I have tried to find out the theme each website is using. If you like the look of a specific website you can go to Shop Theme Detector and type in the URL to find out which theme a website is using. For a detailed look at Shopify themes, I suggest you read the definitive guide to Shopify themes book.

There are several Shopify themes created specifically for one product stores. These themes are the paid versions, however, you can still use free versions of Shopify themes for one product stores. There are several stores below using free themes and are still having success.

Free themes are completely fine and will do the job, although these themes will lack some features you may want, won’t be as customizable or unique and may not look as classy and professional as you’d like.

Out of the free Shopify versions, I recommend:

The biggest issue with free themes is they are used so often by people dropshipping from AliExpress that many shoppers are recognizing them and instantly associating them with a dropshipping store. Paid themes have a much more unique and specialized look which often increases your product’s perceived value.

If you can afford to pay for a theme you have several great options. Different themes will suit certain products therefore it may be worth having a look through Shopify themes and Theme Forest. In my opinion, Theme Forest is a better option. It has thousands of professional themes at far more affordable prices.

They can easily be installed on Shopify or any other eCommerce platform with a couple of clicks.

My recommendations for a one product store are:


If you want a premium Shopify theme packed with add-ons that’ll make you more money each month, Debutify is the theme.

This is the theme most e-com experts recommend simply because it converts shoppers into buyers. It will cost a monthly fee so it may only be a feasible option if you can fit it into your budget.

Check out Debutify theme here.

Ap Strollik

One product Shopify store theme Ap Strollik

Ap Strollik is a stylish and high-end one product store Shopify theme. SEO optimized and a 360-degree view of your product. If you have a hobby product or a product with great design, this is your theme.

Get Ap Strollik here for $56


One product Shopify store theme Shella

Shella theme would be my pick if I was building a general or a fashion store. Its design is very modern and easy to navigate.

Check out Shella here for $79


One product Shopify store theme Citrus

A professional and sleek theme that is a pure one product theme. Simple and minimal themes make the product feel more specialized and hopefully increase its perceived value.

Check out Citrus theme here for $59


One product Shopify store theme Booster

Booster theme looks amazing on any device, it’s super fast and it comes with tons of features that would normally cost you a fortune in monthly fees.

It can be used for both single and multi-product stores. It’s popular for a reason!

Use the code “DSHUSTLE” for $20 off.

Check out Booster theme here. Don’t get it confused with a different booster theme and Boost theme.

Okay, now the part you’ve been waiting for… the one product store examples! I’ve included some brief information on each store to help you decide if it’s a store you want to get inspiration from and to save you time, if it’s not.

One Product Shopify Store Examples

1. Smoovii

There are a number of stores selling portable blenders, BlendJet appears to be the leader and Smoovii is doing a great job too. Smoovii is a one product dropshipping store selling a slightly different portable blender compared to Blendjet.

They’ve put some real work into this website and done a reasonable job. The home page is branded well and explains the features and the benefits of the blender well and they have implemented social proof to add that extra bit of trust.

Home page of Smoovi an example of a one product store

Why is Smoovii successful?


LASHAURA is a one product dropshipping store selling magnetic eyelashes. These things are selling like hotcakes on AliExpress so it’s a smart product to build a brand around. Problem-solving products relating to beauty and appearance can be very lucrative as people are willing to pay a premium to look good. Especially if it’s easy and a quick fix!

Home page of Lashaura an example of a one product store

Key Points to Note:

  • This store is captivating and boasts video snippets of the product in use.
  • The marketing and branding are spot on, making consumers feel like they need the product.
  • The website is powered by Shopify and they are using the Venture theme.
  • Multiple video ads are running on Facebook.

3. NuitSleep

NuitSleep is an eCommerce store focused on selling Bluetooth headphones built into a headband. Due to the fact that these headphones are much more comfortable than your standard headphones, NuitSleep has marketed this product toward problem sleepers. This product enables people to fall asleep comfortably listening to relaxing music, audiobooks, meditations, etc. and/or without disturbing their partner.

Home page of Nuitsleep an example of a one product store

Key Points:

  • The website is using Shopify’s free theme debut.
  • The store is focused on a single product but with 3 different variations.
  • Shopify apps this store use are Post script SMS marketing, Klaviyo and LOOX.


SNOOZ is a store selling a Bluetooth white noise speaker targeted at people having trouble falling to sleep. The marketing of this problem-solving product is well done. SNOOZ has now added a travel and baby version too, expanding the customer base and problem specific product.

Home page of Snooz an example of a one product store

More Information:

  • The SNOOZ website is powered by Shopify, using the paid theme, Launch.
  • The branding of this product looks great.
  • I don’t think the SNOOZ products are being dropshipped from China. It is more likely they are using fulfillment centers in the US to ship their products.

5. Oxygen Tracker

Oxygen Tracker sells a pulse oximeter that measures oxygen saturation in the blood and pulse rate. This is another problem-solving product that targets a specific audience making it easier for advertising.

Home page of Oxygen tracker an example of a one product store

About this Store:

  • This one product store is clearly dropshipping from China as they have long shipping times and the product is available on AliExpress.
  • The website is branded very well and the product page has great content broken up by images which is important.
  • They are using the Booster theme, which is a versatile theme if you’re looking for a paid theme with lots of features. For more great themes, check out my article on the best themes for a one-product store.

6. Lettuce Grow

For starters, Lettuce Grow is a clever name, it’s catchy and very appropriate for their product. The product is a self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic farm stand which allows users to grow vegetables easily at home.

It’s an amazing product as it’s suitable for people without a green thumb. It simplifies growing your own produce and requires only 5 minutes of care a week.

Home page of Lettuce Grow an example of a one product store

Why is Lettuce Grow Successful?

Lettuce Grow is receiving 345k visits to its website each month. This amount of traffic and the fact that their product price is a high ticket item means they are raking in the cash!

The entire website is beautifully branded and when you look at their social media accounts you can see that they’ve built a community around this product. They are the only website in this list not using Shopify. They are using WooCommerce and have the Gatsby theme for their website.

Lettuce Grow are testing a huge amount of different Facebook ads and angling their product in a variety of different ways.

7. Attipas

Attipas is an Australian-based website that has built a brand around rubber-soled, toddler shoes. The shoes are designed to mimic barefoot walking and are marketed as being endorsed by Australian podiatrists. Attipas shoes are a combination of a shoe and sock and they come in a variety of different sizes, colors and designs. They have marketed the product with the science behind their shoes and the benefits to toddlers and pre-walkers.

Home page of Attipas an example of a one product store

Why is this Store Worth Visiting?

  • Attipas have promoted themselves extremely well on social media.
  • They have been featured in magazines and even on TV.
  • The Attipas website utilizes discount codes regularly and money off for new customers who sign up to their mailing list.
  • Shopify powers the website with the free theme, Debut.
  • This product and brand are successful and I recommend checking out the store and social media platforms.

8. Houndsy

I love this store and this product. The product has everything you need for the ideal one product store. It’s high ticket, it solves a problem, it has a wow factor and it’s unique.

The home page tells you everything you need to know about the product right away. It shows you a video of the product working, tells you how easy it is to use, lists the benefits, provides you a discount and alleviates any concerns with FAQ section.

Home page of Houndsy an example of a one product store
  • Using Shopify’s Dawn theme.
  • Branded their store very effectively
  • High ticket one product store

9. Hyd Sneaker

Hyd Sneaker is another single product store selling one specific type of sneaker. They have found a unique and cool-looking shoe and built an entire brand around it. This store gives away a free digital book showcasing the best outfits to wear with the product. A simple marketing ploy like this can really help conversion rates.

Home page of Hyd Sneaker an example of a one product store

Highlights of this One Product Store:

  • The branding is sleek and eye-catching with the website colors matching the featured product.
  • The sneaker is marketed with the impression ‘Hyd Sneaker’ is the creator of the shoe, even though it isn’t.
  • Hyd Sneaker is using Shopify to power their website with the Launch theme.

10. Crown & Paw

Crown & Paw isn’t exactly a one product store but I had to include it as it shows the potential of a one product store if you expand on it. They are a print-on-demand store that focuses on pet portraits but it has expanded to include phone cases, blankets, pillows and mugs.

Home page of Crown and Paw

Why it’s Worth Visiting Crown & Paw

Crown & Paw are currently receiving around 200k monthly visits, this number will jump significantly in Q4. Crown & Paw also has a large social media following with 223k followers on Instagram.

This store is focussing on ads to continue to drive their sales as they are testing with a variety of different Facebook ads.

11. PillowPup

PillowPup is a print-on-demand (POD) store selling customized dog pillows. Customers upload a photograph of their dog/s and PillowPup has their POD platform print the images on pillows.

Home page of Pillow Pup an example of a one product store

Key Points about PillowPup:

  • PillowPup is successful due to the fact they are selling products to a very passionate audience. When it comes to pets, people are willing to pay a premium.
  • This store has a large following on Instagram of 56k followers currently.
  • Their website is built using Shopify and they are using the Maker theme.

12. CatGenie

CatGenie is a self-cleaning, self-flushing cat box with a wow factor. It’s essentially a toilet for your cat! This is a unique, high ticket dropshipping product due to the passionate target audience (cat owners) and the fact it solves one of the biggest problems with owning an indoor cat, their feces!

Home page of Cat Genie an example of a one product store

Key Points:

  • CatGenie is powered by Shopify and are using the Shella theme.
  • This one product store is currently receiving 73k monthly searches and this number will be much higher in Q4.
  • Around 94% of their traffic is coming from the US which means there may be opportunities in other countries to replicate a similar business model.
  • CatGenie are running multiple different Facebook ads.

13. Clear Rear

Clear Rear is a store selling a bidet toilet seat attachment as well as a few additional accessories which can be used as upsells to increase the average order value. Obviously with the strange toilet paper obsession consumers had during the pandemic, bidets became a hot item. According to Google trends bidets have still remained reasonably popular.

Home page of Clear Rear an example of a one product store

Things to note:

14. Pebbl

I would never think this product could be a winner but it seems they are a profitable one product store. Pebbl is a portable seat without legs, so you can sit with support wherever and whenever you like. This store includes accessories as upsells too.

Pebbl is marketing more of a well-being/spiritual connection to the earth angle with this product than the practicality of a portable seat, hence widening the target audience. The marketing angle used to sell this product and its accessories gives this product and website an edge.

Home page of Pebbl an example of a one product store

More Information:

  • Given the simplicity of the product, the branding and photography throughout the store make the product marketable to customers with them feeling like the seat is something they actually need.
  • Pebbl is using Shopify to host its website with Debut, a free theme.
  • Facebook ads are being run to drive traffic to the store.

15. Weighted Evolution

Weighted Evolution is a one product store selling a therapeutic weighted blanket that mimics the sensation of being cuddled. They utilized a Shopify upsell app to increase the AOV (Average order value) with bamboo sheets.

Home page of Weighted Blanket an example of a one product store

What You can take from this Store:

  • Weighted Evolution is using Shopify with a custom theme.
  • They are advertising on Facebook and Google and testing with multiple types of ads.
  • The website is clean and simple and they’ve branded the blanket well.

16. Prone Cushion

Prone Cushion is a specially designed cushion that provides the optimal ergonomic posture to prevent neck and back pain. This store has done about as good as a job as you can at persuading people to buy a strange shaped cushion, I almost want one myself.

Home page of Prone Cushion an example of a one product store

Key Points:

  • The store lays out all the benefits really well.
  • It’s an expensive product but because of its effective branding, people will pay the price.
  • Shopify apps include are Automizely, Shogun and Countdown sales timer.
  • Good store to learn from.

17. EverKnead

Everknead is a one product store that sells two products, they sell a hand and abdomen massager. Another problem solving product and one that is aimed primarily at an older demographic. They have implemented social proof throughout their store which will help build trust.

Home page of Ever Knead an example of a one product store

Key points:

18. Arctic Whitening

Arctic whitening is a teeth whitening product that whitens teeth using an LED light without the need for chemicals. Teeth whitening kits have become very popular in recent years so it may be a good product to target.

Home page of Arctic Whitening an example of a one product store

Key Points to Note:

  • The store is powered by Shopify and is using the free theme, Debut.
  • Arctic Whitening is running multiple ads, including some video ads.
  • They feature a number of reviews which is important with a product such as this, as many people may be skeptical if it actually works.

19. Neck Hammock

This one product store has been private-labeled with its own logo and name. They’ve put a lot of work into the store and it shows, so I’m betting it’s paying off big time!

Most problem solving products require a certain amount of proof that it will actually solve the problem it’s claiming and this is what neck hammock has focused on. Their homepage has many reviews, testimonials from sports stars and expert endorsements, all adding trust and credibility to their product.

Home page of Neck Hammock an example of a one product store

Information to Note:

  • Neck Hammock was founded in 2016.
  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • They use Zendesk, Klaviyo and Announcement bar apps.
  • Selling options to bundle multiple neck hammocks together as an alternative offer.

20. Baby’s Brew

The signature product for Baby’s Brew is a portable baby bottle warmer which both solves a problem and targets a very passionate audience in parents. The store markets extra accessories and a snack cup to use as upsells to increase their average order value.

The site is branded well, therefore they’re charging a premium price and people are obviously willing to pay it. Personally, I found some of the images a little hard to see with a white product and white background.

Home page of babys brew an example of a one product store

Key Points:

  • Launched mid-2019.
  • Powered by Shopify, using the Envy theme.
  • Baby’s Brew has a blog for customers which is also a smart strategy to drive free traffic to their site.
  • Using FOMO, Klaviyo, LOOX and Reamaze live chat apps.

21. Lytmi

Lytmi is a store selling a specially designed lighting system for screens to create a more immersive experience. They have different variations depending on the size of the screen you are purchasing it for. It is a wow factor product but targeting a specific audience of passionate buyers may be hard.

Home page of Lytmi an example of a one product store

Things to note:

22. Cloud Chair

The Cloud Chair one product store is focused on a soft insert that can be put on most chairs to make them more comfortable. This product was only launched in June 2021, so time will tell whether they can become a profitable store.

Many of their images have the cloud chair sitting on office chairs, however, the bright colors and little ears make me question the target audience, youth or professional business women. The store also makes a sneaky move by pricing the product at $55 but only giving free shipping if you spend over $60.

If 22 one product store examples aren’t enough, check out this article from GemPages for more examples.

Home page of Cloud chair an example of a one product store

Information to Note:

  • Powered by Shopify and using the Handy theme.
  • Using GeoLocation and Lucky orange apps.
  • Based in Australia.

Top One Product Shopify Stores Overview

One product StoreSingle Product Shopify ThemeShopify Apps Used
SmooviiPortable BlenderStreamlineGeolocation
LashauraMagnetic EyelashesCustomAfter Sell Post Purchase Upsell
Quick Announcement Bar
A/B Testing
NuitSleepSleep HeadbandDebutParcel Panel Online Tracking
Post Script SMS Marketing
SnoozNoise MachineCustomShogun
Adroll Advertising
Oxygen TrackerPulse OximeterBooster ThemeUltimate Sales Boost
Lettuce GrowHydroponic FarmstandGatsbyUsing WooCommerce
AttipasBaby ShoesDebutKlaviyo
Hyd SneakerShoesCustomShogun
Crown and PawCustomized Pet PortraitsCustomPop-ups for Email
Best Currency Converter
Pillow PupPet PillowsMakerContact Form
Quick Announcement Bar
Cat GenieCat Self-Cleaning BoxCustomYotpo
Affirm Pay over Time
HoundsyKibble DispenserDawnPrivy
Customer Privacy
Clear RearBidetMotionGoaffpro
PebblPortable SeatDebutGrowth Hero
Gift Ship
Product Reviews
Weighted EvolutionWeighted BlanketCustomAdroll
Prone CushionErgonomic CushionStartupAutomizely
Countdown Sales Timer
EverKneadHand MassagerDebutIn Cart Upsell & Cross-sell
Arctic WhiteningTeeth WhiteningDebutGoaffpro
Neck HammockNeck Support DeviceCustom ThemeZendesk
Quick Announcement Bar
Baby’s BrewPortable Bottle WarmerEnvyFrequently Brought Together
Fomo Social Proof
LytmiScreen Lighting SystemMotion ThemeJudge me
Translate your Store
Spin-a Sale
Cloud ChairComfortable ChairHandyLucky Orange
List of one product Shopify store examples


One product stores have grown in popularity in the past few years and for good reason! They allow you to focus your time on building a brand and advertising a specific product. But it is a strange concept to build an entire website around a single product, which is why it can be difficult to navigate as a beginner. If you’re undecided, I have an article on single product vs multi product stores.

This is the reason I decided to hunt down a selection of one product stores as examples for newbies, as there really aren’t too many examples online for beginners to learn from.

For a few more examples and some additional information on one product stores, check out this article from Monster Post.

As a complete beginner to one product stores, I suggest you read my article One product Shopify stores – 7 things you need to know!

I hope the examples featured will help you decide whether a one product dropshipping store is for you and if so, I hope it gives you some ideas on how you can create your own.

For some product ideas of your own, check out my article for a list of one product store ideas.

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