20 One-Product Shopify Store Examples (Ranked)


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Most e-commerce experts are opting for one-product stores over a niche or general store in 2024 and for good reason. They have so many advantages over other store types and most importantly, they can be extremely profitable!

I’ve compiled 20 various single-product websites from different niches and I’ve ranked them from my favorite to least favorite. Hopefully, this will help you learn from the best and take ideas into your own one-product store business.

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1. Kachava

Home page of Kachava an example of a one product store

If there is any one-product store design you want to learn from, Kachava is the store. Kachava is focused on selling a healthy meal replacement that is packed with nutrients.

The entire store is perfectly branded with its earthy color scheme. It gives the impression they are offering a high-quality product and portrays trust to the user. It’s the ideal example of a branded product done the right way.

For some amazing marketing examples, check out Kachava’s Facebook advertising. They literally have hundreds of different ad creative variations they are testing with the majority of them testimonials.

Kachava has included many user-generated reviews and testimonials as social proof which is an amazing example of an alternative to regular reviews most stores use.

Examples of user-generated reviews and testimonials

Why is Kachava successful?

  • They have monthly subscriptions for an effective customer retention strategy.
  • An example of how to use product videos effectively.
  • Classy, clean design and color scheme with contrasting CTA buttons.
  • They have used Privy for email marketing which is my favorite Shopify email app.

2. Crown & Paw

Crown & Paw isn’t exactly a one-product store but I had to include it as it shows the potential of a one-product store if you expand on it. They are a print-on-demand store that focuses on pet portraits but it has expanded to include phone cases, blankets, pillows and mugs.

Home page of Crown and Paw an example of a one product store

They have utilized user-generated content throughout their website to build trust. If you want to find an example of a Shopify store that has benefited from social media, it’s Crown and Paw. They use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to drive traffic to their website.

Crown and Paw website showing reviews

Why is Crown & Paw Successful?

  • Attention-grabbing imagery
  • They have used additional sizes and styles on their product page to increase AOV.
  • Provides checkout discounts as their pricing strategy.
  • Offers “Today only” discounts to add scarcity and urgency

3. Prone Cushion

Prone Cushion is a specially designed cushion that provides optimal ergonomic posture to prevent neck and back pain. This store has done about as good a job as you can at persuading people to buy a strange-shaped cushion, I almost want one myself.

Hero image of prone Cushion an example of a one product store

If you need help improving the home page of your one-product store, use this website as an example. From instructional videos and images to social proof and before and after photos, you can learn a lot from this single-product website.

Example of a product page for a one-product store

Why is Prone Cushion successful?

  • Effective use of listing the benefits throughout the store.
  • Branding has enabled them to use an expensive pricing strategy.
  • Shopify apps include Automizely, Shogun and Countdown sales timer.
  • Minimal product pages with swatches and a large add-to-cart button.

4. Houndsy

I love this store and this product. The product has everything you need for the ideal one-product store. It’s high-ticket, it solves a problem, it has a wow factor and it’s unique.

Home page of Houndsy an example of a one product store

The home page tells you everything you need to know about the product right away. It shows you a video of the product working, lists the benefits, provides a discount, has a CTA button and alleviates any concerns with the FAQ section.

Example of a FAQ section on a one-product store

Why is Houndsy successful?

  • Using Shopify’s Dawn theme.
  • Minimal design and color scheme
  • High ticket one product store example
  • Professional photography, videos and GIFs

5. Lettuce Grow

Lettuce Grow is an example of a one-product store clever name, it’s catchy and very appropriate for their brand. The product is a self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic farm stand that allows users to grow vegetables easily at home which provides real value to their audience.

Example of a step by step guide for a single product website

This high-ticket one-product store has implemented a ton of social proof with credible websites and celebrities providing testimonials and reviews. They also have a YouTube channel and several guides for how to use Lettuce grow

Home page of Lettuce Grow an example of a one product store

Why is Lettuce Grow Successful?

  • The only store not using Shopify, instead, they are powered by WooCommerce.
  • Very active on all social media platforms.
  • Utilizing influencers to help market their product.
  • Can be a seasonal product.

6. CatGenie

CatGenie is a self-cleaning, self-flushing cat box with a wow factor. This is a unique, high-ticket problem-solving product. The hero image is a video demonstration showing the product in use with a call to action button.

Example of a video hero image for the one product store Cat geniG

CatGenie effectively proves to the consumer that the product does what it claims. With several sections and a blog showing how to use and install the product, CatGenie addresses the customers concerns which reduces indecision.

Footer example for a one product store

Why is CatGenie successful?

  • CatGenie is powered by Shopify and are using the Shella theme.
  • A great example of product images and videos that showcase the product.
  • Each section of the store is professional from the homepage to the footer with contact information.
  • Great support options with live chat and multiple forms of support.


SNOOZ is a store selling a Bluetooth white noise speaker targeted at people with sleep issues. SNOOZ is an example of using a lead magnet pop-up to get the user’s email address for future email marketing.

They have effectively used social proof in multiple areas of the homepage which adds credibility and trust. All the imagery is high-resolution and professional which adds to the branding.

Single product website example for SNOOZ home page

Why is SNOOZ successful?

  • The SNOOZ website is powered by Shopify, using the paid theme, Launch.
  • Utilizes color swatches.
  • An example of a landing page done right.
  • Focuses on Facebook and Pinterest for their marketing strategy.

8. Pebbl

I would never think this product could be a winner but it seems they are a profitable one-product store. An example of how effective a one-product store can be is with persuasive copywriting and professional imagery.

Pebbl is marketing more of a well-being/spiritual connection to the earth angle with this product than the practicality of a portable seat, hence widening the target audience. The marketing angle used to sell this product and its accessories gives this product and website an edge.

Home page of Pebbl an example of a one product store

Why is Pebbl successful?

  • Each section from the cart page, categories, menus and customer support are all clear and congruent.
  • Pebbl is using Shopify to host its website with Debut, a free theme.
  • Check out the Pebbl Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for examples of social media marketing done right.

9. EverKnead

Everknead is a one-product store that sells two products, they sell a hand and abdomen massager. Another problem-solving product example and one that is aimed primarily at an older demographic. They have implemented social proof throughout their store which will help build trust.

Home page of Ever Knead an example of a one product store

Everknead has implemented branding effectively throughout its website. A branded one-product store emphasizes creating a unique and cohesive brand identity tailored to its target audience, all centered around a single product.

Why is EverKnead successful?

10. Baby’s Brew

The signature product for Baby’s Brew is a portable baby bottle warmer which both solves a problem and targets a very passionate audience in parents. The store markets extra accessories and a snack cup to use as upsells to increase its average order value.

Hero image of one-product store Baby's Brew

The site is branded well, therefore they’re charging a premium price and people are obviously willing to pay it. Personally, I found some of the images a little hard to see with a white product and white background.

Why is Baby’s Brew successful?

  • Powered by Shopify, using the Envy theme.
  • Baby’s Brew has a blog for customers which is also a smart strategy to drive free traffic to their site.
  • Beautifully designed homepage with soft color pallet to align with their customer audience.
  • Using FOMO, Klaviyo, LOOX and Reamaze live chat apps.

11. Smoovii

There are a number of single-product and niche stores selling portable blenders, BlendJet appears to be the leader and Smoovii is doing a great job too. Smoovii is a one-product dropshipping store selling a slightly different portable blender compared to Blendjet.

The large hero image when you first enter the store provides a wow factor with the title indicating the latest product model is available. Navigating down the homepage, Smoovi effectively showcases the features and benefits whilst demonstrating how to use the blender.

Home page of Smoovi an example of a one product store

Why is Smoovii successful?

  • The store looks clean and congruent.
  • They are using the Streamline Shopify theme.
  • Shopify apps include LOOX, Klaviyo and Geolocation.
  • A clear example of product customization that differentiates itself from its competitors.

12. Neck Hammock

This one product store has been private-labeled with its own logo and name. They’ve put a lot of work into the store and it shows, so I’m betting it’s paying off big time!

Home page of Neck Hammock an example of a one product store

Most problem-solving products require a certain amount of proof that it will actually solve the problem it’s claiming and this is what Neck Hammock has focused on. Their homepage has many reviews, testimonials from sports stars and expert endorsements, all adding trust and credibility.

Example of using bundles and upsells to increase conversions

Why is Neck Hammock successful?

  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • They use Zendesk, Klaviyo and Announcement bar apps.
  • Utilizing bundles as part of their pricing strategy for higher AOV.

13. Attipas

Attipas is an Australian-based website that has built a brand around rubber-soled, toddler shoes. They have marketed the product with the science behind their shoes and the benefits to toddlers and pre-walkers.

Home page of Attipas an example of a one product store

Any product with large claims needs evidence to back it up and Attipas has done it perfectly. They have utilized social proof with credible magazine testimonials as well as a morning show and shark tank appearance videos.

Example of a one-product store using social proof on their homepage

Why is Attipas successful?

  • Attipas have promoted themselves extremely well on social media.
  • They have been featured in magazines and even on TV.
  • The Attipas website utilizes discount codes for new customers who sign up for their mailing list.
  • Using Shopify’s free theme Debut.
  • This product and brand are successful and I recommend checking out the store and social media platforms.

14. Clear Rear

Clear Rear is a store selling a bidet toilet seat attachment as well as a few additional accessories that can be used as upsells to increase the average order value. Clever store as they have given the products branded names and focused their marketing angle on helping the environment.

Obviously, with the strange toilet paper obsession consumers had during the pandemic, bidets became a trending item. According to Google Trends, bidets have still remained an in-demand item.

Home page of Clear Rear an example of a one product store

Why is Clear Rear successful?

  • Clever store name and logo.
  • The current catalog is a single item without any upsells.
  • Shopify apps they use include Shogun, Instafeed, Klaviyo, FBtrack and recharge subscriptions to increase conversion rate.

15. Bleame

Bleame is a single-product website that sells a hair removal eraser. As with any problem-solving product, you need evidence that it actually works. This store focuses on testimonials, reviews, case studies, before and after images and videos to build trust.

The homepage showcases the image, has banners with free shipping and discount codes and has a call to action (CTA) to help convert customers.

One-product store Bleame

Why is Bleame a successful one-product store?

  • The design and color scheme aligns with their target audience.
  • Minimal layout and easy-to-navigate website.
  • Bleame has built a social media presence using Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Prioritizing social proof is Bleame’s unique selling point (USP).

16. Arctic Whitening

Arctic whitening is a teeth whitening product that whitens teeth using an LED light without the need for chemicals. The home page has instructional videos showcasing how easy the product is to use.

Home page of Arctic Whitening an example of a one product store

There are several sections throughout this one-product store with LOOX user generated reviews and testimonials showing before and after photos of the effectiveness of the product.

Why is Arctic Whitening successful?

  • Using Shopify’s free theme, Debut.
  • Arctic Whitening is running multiple ads, including some video ads.
  • Reviews and testimonials are essential for trust in a product such as this.


LASHAURA is a one-product dropshipping store selling magnetic eyelashes. Problem-solving products relating to the beauty niche can be profitable. The homepage has a large section of testimonials and user-generated reviews for social proof.

The branding is spot-on with the imagery and color scheme targeted toward their main customer base. They’ve utilized a bundles section for increasing average order value and additional upsells.

Home page of Lashaura an example of a one product store

Why is Lashaura successful?

  • They’ve included GIFs and videos of the product being used in real-life situations.
  • The marketing and branding are spot on, making consumers feel like they need the product.
  • They are using the Shopify Venture theme.
  • Facebook ads are their main traffic source.

18. NuitSleep

NuitSleep is a single-product eCommerce store focused on selling Bluetooth headphones built into a headband. NuitSleep product page has all the features including trust badges, free shipping, return policies, videos, FAQs and upsell and cross-sells to increase average order value.

Product page example with trust badges

NuitSleep is an example of a website with all the necessary pages you need for a one-product store including a privacy policy, terms of service, shipping policy and contact us page. It’s surprising how many stores leave these pages out of their store.

Home page of Nuitsleep an example of a one product store

Why is NuitSleep successful?

  • They are using Shopify’s free theme Debut.
  • Shopify apps this store use are Post script SMS marketing, Klaviyo and LOOX.
  • NuitSleep appears to be an example of a dropshipping store according to its shipping policy.

19. PillowPup

PillowPup is a print-on-demand (POD) store selling customized dog pillows. Customers upload a photograph of their dog/s and PillowPup has their POD platform print the images on pillows.

Simple website and easy to navigate which aligns with their brand. An example of a single-product website that can be replicated for many beginners wanting to enter POD dropshipping.

Home page of Pillow Pup an example of a one product store

Why is PillowPup successful?

  • Unique imagery
  • Minimal design
  • Using Shopify’s Maker theme.

20. Weighted Evolution

Weighted Evolution is a one-product store selling a therapeutic weighted blanket that mimics the sensation of being cuddled. They utilized a Shopify upsell app to increase the AOV (Average order value) with bamboo sheets.

GIFs and videos have been used to show the product in use and increase social proof. The benefits of the product have been effectively used throughout the home and product pages.

Home page of Weighted Blanket an example of a one product store

Why is Weighted Evolution successful:

  • Weighted Evolution is using Shopify with a custom theme.
  • They are advertising on Facebook and Google and testing with multiple ad types.
  • Utilized home screen banner for free shipping and free trial.
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One-Product Shopify Stores Overview

One-product storeSingle productShopify themeShopify apps used
KachavaMeal replacementCustomPrivy
Crown & PawPet portraitsCustomPop-ups for Email
Best Currency Converter
Prone CushionErgonomic cushionStartupAutomizely
Countdown Sales Timer
HoundsyDog food feederDawnPrivy
Customer Privacy
Lettuce GrowHydroponic FarmstandGatsbyUsing WooCommerce
Cat GenieCat Self-Cleaning BoxCustomYotpo
Affirm Pay over Time
SNOOZPortable seatCustomShogun
Adroll Advertising
PebblPortabale seatDebutGrowth Hero
Gift Ship
Product Reviews
EverkneadMassagerDebutIn Cart Upsell & Cross-sell
Baby’ BrewBottle warmerEnvyFrequently Brought Together
Fomo Social Proof
SmooviiPortable blenderStreamlineGeolocation
Neck HammockNeck Support DeviceCustomZendesk
Quick Announcement Bar
AttipasAnti-slip kids shoesDebutKlaviyo
Clear RearBidetMotionGoaffpro
BleameHair removerCustomRefersion
Push Owl
Arctic WhiteningTeeth whiteningDebutGoaffpro
LashauraMagnetic EyelashesCustomAfter Sell Post Purchase Upsell
Quick Announcement Bar
A/B Testing
Nuit SleepSleep headbandDebutParcel Panel Online Tracking
Post Script SMS Marketing
Pillow PupPet pillowsMakerContact Form
Quick Announcement Bar
Weighted EvolutionWeighted blanketCustomAdroll
List of one-product Shopify stores


What is the best one-product store?

Most experts agree that Blendjet is the best one-product store. Blendjet has it all in terms of the perfect product with upsells and an amazing website which is why they have been successful in the long term.

Can you just sell one product on Shopify?

Shopify allows you to sell as little or as many products as you like, however, some Shopify themes are designed specifically for one-product stores.

What makes a successful one-product store?

The keys to success with one product store are a desirable product with a passionate audience, a trustworthy website, unique content and a compelling offer.

What You Can Learn From One-Product Store Examples!

A one-product store is a good business if you can manage to make each element of your store shine from the images, copywriting, social proof and advertising. If a single aspect of the store doesn’t work cohesively with the rest it can lose trust and impact your business negatively.

The reason one-product stores work is they separate themselves from marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Instead of trying to compete with price and shipping which they cannot do, they focus on creating a brand that increases the perceived value of the product.

A common thread among the one-product store examples above is branding. This can be done in a variety of ways including private labeling, user experience, social proof, user-generated content and much more.

Learn and take inspiration from all the successful stores above as there is nothing stopping you from being the next one-product store example on this website.

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