12 Pet Shopify Store Examples that Nail It!


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If you’re looking for a list of the best pet Shopify store examples, you’ve come to the right place.

Below I’ve listed a few Shopify pet stores that are doing things right, you can use these stores for inspiration when creating your own store. Implement aspects of these and other successful shops to help create your own branded niche.

Because pet supplies are a competitive niche, you can’t do the same as everyone else and expect to find success. You need to see why some stores are succeeding and why others are failing.

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1. Harry Barker

Harry Barker pet website
Harry Barker

Harry Barker is a luxury pet accessories website that offers a range of stylish and eco-friendly products for dogs. The site features various categories such as sleep, eat, walk, play, and apparel, with a special focus on eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices.

The design of the website is elegant, reflecting the premium nature of the products, which include dog beds, toys, food storage containers, and grooming accessories. Additionally, Harry Barker has a section dedicated to cat products.

The website’s emphasis on combining fashion with pet care and its commitment to sustainability make it a distinctive example of a pet-focused Shopify store.

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2. Ferplast

Ferplast pet store

Ferplast is an international Shopify pet supply store featuring a wide range of products for various animals, including dogs, cats, small pets, birds, fish, and reptiles.

The website showcases categories like kennels, beds, carriers, grooming supplies, and feeding accessories. It emphasizes eco-friendly products and innovative designs, catering to the needs of different pet owners. Additionally, Ferplast offers articles and insights into pet care, reflecting their commitment to pet wellbeing and sustainability.

3. Dogue

Dogue Shopify pet store

DOGUE is an Australian pet Shopify store operating for 25 years in business, offering a wide range of products and services for dogs. Their website showcases exclusive items including walkwear, apparel, beds, bowls, accessories, toys, health and beauty products, many of which are Australian made.

The site also features sections for cat products, grooming at home, health essentials, and travel accessories. DOGUE emphasizes a fashionable and stylish approach to pet care, providing unique shopping experiences and quality items for pet owners.

4. Cat Genie

Example of an online pet store called Cat Genie
Pet store example

Cat Genie has found a unique problem-solving pet product and built a one-product store around it. They’ve done a top job explaining how the product works with video tutorials.

This store has testimonials to create social proof so consumers know the product actually does what it claims to. You don’t want to lose any customers to the uncertainty of whether the product actually works.

5. Pawsome Couture

Pet Shopify store

Pawsome Couture sells a large variety of dog and cat related products. Most of their products look like they are from AliExpress or Alibaba but they have scaled their products with clever branding.

The store has a clean and sleek look to it which provides an increased perception of value. This is also why they have been able to charge a higher price for their products and make sales.

6. Crown & Paw

Example of an online pet store called Crown and Paw.
Pet print on demand store

Crown & Paw is a genius store who are making a killing as they have found a unique niche within the pet niche. This is a print-on-demand store selling custom made and funny portraits, phone cases, pillowcases and mugs.

The store is attractive and provides the customer with many options. They have optimized social media to create a real brand around their products. This is an example of what is possible if you think outside the box!

7. Houndsy

Houndsy pet store
Houndsy Pet store

Houndsy is a pet-focused Shopify store that specializes in a unique product: the Houndsy Kibble Dispenser. This product is a stylish, mid-century modern dog feeder designed to make feeding pets convenient and ergonomic.

The website emphasizes the dispenser’s features, such as different height options, a back-saving design, a locking mechanism to prevent accidental feedings, and a sleek aesthetic that blends well in home settings.

The site also provides information on how to use and clean the dispenser, FAQs, and customer reviews. This store is a good example of a niche, product-focused Shopify site in the pet industry.

8. Pet Pawtrol

Pet Pawtrol Shopify store
Pet Pawtrol Shopify store

Pet PAWtrol Family is a pet supply store offering a variety of products for dogs and cats. The website features categories like Pet Hair Solutions, Coats and Jackets, Heavy Metal, For Rainy Days, Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses, along with Toys, Jewelry, and Just For Fun items.

The site also includes a selection of pet beds. It appears to cater to pet owners looking for practical and fun products for their pets.

9. Pet Party

Pet Party Shopify pet store
Pet Party pet store

PetParty is a unique online store specializing in custom pet-themed products. Their primary offering is customizable socks featuring pet images, allowing customers to showcase their love for their pets in a fun and personalized way.

The site also offers a range of other products such as pickleball paddle covers and dog treats. The overall theme of the website is playful and pet-centric, aimed at pet owners who enjoy personalized and creative items.

10. Pet Wholesale USA

Pet Wholesale USA
Pet Wholesale USA

Pet Wholesale USA is a dedicated full-line wholesale pet supply distributor catering to independent retailers since 1973. It offers a vast selection of over 10,000 wholesale pet products from more than 200 pet brands, aiming to support the needs of pet stores, groomers, veterinarians, and other pet-related businesses.

The platform emphasizes the importance of serving independent businesses by providing a wide range of supplies for dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and aquatic pets.

11. Noble Pawtrait

Noble Pawtrait
Noble Pawtrait

Noble Pawtrait is an online store that specializes in creating customized pet portraits and products. They offer a variety of items such as custom canvas portraits, mugs, apparel, and more, all personalized with images of customers’ pets.

The website provides an easy process for ordering: customers choose a style, upload a pet photo, and place their order. The store emphasizes creating unique, personalized pet-themed items, making it a distinctive example of a niche e-commerce business.

12. Cat Rub

Cat rub homepage
Cat rub website

Catrub offers a unique range of modern and multifunctional cat furniture, focusing on integrating essential features like scratch posts, cat beds, and play areas with a contemporary design. Their products, especially the Catrub ONE, are designed to fit seamlessly into modern homes while catering to the needs and comfort of cats.

The website emphasizes ease of cleaning, improved hygiene, and the durability of their products, aiming to provide a perfect balance between pet-friendly design and owner convenience.

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