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I’ve been critical of some high ticket dropshipping courses, from my experience, they over-promise and under-deliver. Because of my other reviews, I regularly receive emails asking my opinion on other courses, including eCommerce Paradise.

I then reached out to Trevor Fenney, the creator of this course and asked for access so I could write a review. Fortunately, he was accommodating.

In this article, I’ll guide you through what you can expect in this course, what I like, what I don’t like and most importantly, whether it’s worth your money.

Check out eCommerce Paradise here

eCommerce Paradise High-ticket Dropshipping Masterclass
eCommerce Paradise High-ticket Dropshipping Masterclass


As far as overall content goes, eCommerce Paradise is the most comprehensive high ticket dropshipping course I am aware of. It includes over 240 lessons and a ton of additional extras such as templates, spreadsheets, contracts and much more.

It not only covers lessons on building and running a dropshipping business, but it also covers topics such as buying and selling a dropshipping store, travel hacking, building a blog and driving traffic from sources other than Google ads.

The main downsides any buyers should be aware of are some of the lessons could use an update and additional services such as Google ads management and link building services are expensive.

However, the benefits of eCommerce Paradise far outweigh these drawbacks. Overall, this is an in-depth course that would benefit beginners who want to learn every aspect of high ticket dropshipping.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the more in-depth dropshipping courses available
  • A lot of helpful bonuses and resources
  • Reasonably priced
  • Many services available for beginners
  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Trevor teaches all the lessons throughout the course


  • Some of the lessons could use updating
  • Additional services are expensive
  • The size of the course can be overwhelming for beginners

What is eCommerce Paradise?

eCommerce Paradise is an online masterclass taught by Trevor Fenner and designed for entrepreneurs aiming to learn each step of high-ticket dropshipping.

Apart from the course itself, it also provides a variety of services, such as done-for-you stores and private coaching, to support students at different stages of their dropshipping business.

eCommerce Paradise Pricing – Is it Worth the Money?

High-ticket dropshipping courses have gained a reputation for their steep prices, often exceeding $2,000. Although such an investment can be justified for a course that comprehensively covers all aspects of the business, unfortunately, many fail to deliver on this promise.

eCommerce Paradise courses
eCommerce Paradise courses

The eCommerce Paradise course is $997 which is half the price of many alternatives currently available.

eCommerce Paradise ServicesPricing (AUD Prices)
High Ticket Dropshipping Masterclass Course$997
Google Ads Management$7,000
Virtual Assistant Recruiting & Training$3,889
Private Coaching$2,334
Done-for-you Custom High Ticket Dropshipping Store$15,556
Done-for-you Link Building$1,556
Shopify Starter Stores$2,334
SEO Services$2,334
eCommerce Paradise Prices

Is eCommerce Paradise a Good Course?

Describing this course as expansive is an understatement; it comprises 35 modules and over 240 lessons within those modules. Lesson lengths vary from 2 minutes to 2 hours, though most fall within the 5 to 20-minute range, making the material more digestible.

The course content is presented in a straightforward and relaxed style. Trevor delivers lessons from various locations and at different times, indicating the months of effort that went into its creation, along with several updates throughout.

eCommerce Paradise lessons and bonuses
eCommerce Paradise lessons and bonuses

The actual lessons are covered in-depth enough that I was not left with questions once the lesson was finished as I have with other courses.

What surprised me were the subjects covered I hadn’t seen in many other high-ticket dropshipping courses—topics like social media, YouTube marketing, influencer marketing, leveraging eBay and Amazon, managing a store while living abroad, and blog creation.

The course includes an abundance of resources for beginners, such as email and phone scripts, supplier contracts, page templates, email marketing templates, spreadsheet templates, checklists, and more.

Trevor’s teaching approach is somewhat unique; rather than just instructing, he demonstrates. He actually does the process of finding a niche, conducting market research, analyzing search volume, competitor analysis, and more.

You watch him perform each step which many people would prefer. This style often takes a little longer as you are watching the entire process in its entirety including small mistakes he makes along the way which is often important to see.

Overall, the course content is very broad and comprehensive. Most people will not have to watch every lesson as many of the lessons will not apply to everyone. So don’t expect to have to watch all 35 modules as modules on travel hacks, Facebook ads, buying and selling dropshipping stores, hiring virtual assistants, YouTube marketing and creating a blog may not apply to everyone.

eCommerce Paradise lessons on multi-channel marketplaces and influencer marketing.
eCommerce Paradise lessons on multi-channel marketplaces and influencer marketing.

What I Like About eCommerce Paradise

My interest in reviewing this course stemmed from a few critical observations. I noticed that many alternatives don’t fully address the high-ticket dropshipping model and are often too expensive.

While $997 is a significant investment, it presents much better value for a high-ticket dropshipping course compared to competitors like Dropship Lifestyle and Dropship Breakthru.

With eCommerce Paradise, you are paying half the price and receiving a better overall course in my opinion.

The next thing I really liked about this course was the abundance of member bonuses and resources that come with the course.

This includes templates, spreadsheets, scripts, contract agreements, hiring templates, supplier lists and much more. This is the most additional resources I have seen in a dropshipping course.

eCommerce Paradise bonuses and resources
Check out eCommerce Paradise bonuses and resources

However, the most important part of any course is the content itself and this is the part of the course I was most pleased with.

Not only is eCommerce Paradise an extensive course but I believe the information is accurate. It’s obvious to me that Trevor Fenner does high ticket dropshipping and the information he provides is from his own experiences.

Another point I like is that Trevor Fenner teaches the entire course. Most courses I’ve taken have different instructors teaching different modules. I never liked this approach as people buy courses because they trust that person and resonate with their teaching style.

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What I Don’t Like About eCommerce Paradise

If you’ve made it through this review, you’ve likely gathered that I regard this course highly and see it as a viable choice for anyone wanting to start a high-ticket dropshipping business. However, I do have a few gripes worth mentioning.

My biggest dislike about the course is some of the lessons are from 2019 and 2020. Whilst most of this content is still relevant today, I would like to see an update so students know the information provided within the lessons is still accurate.

There are updated lessons that clarify some of the information that is older such as the recommended Shopify theme, Google Merchant Center and Google Analytics.

eCommerce Paradise update lessons
eCommerce Paradise updated lessons

Another aspect of eCommerce Paradise I don’t like is the price of the additional services. If you’re looking for a hands-off approach and have eCommerce Paradise manage services such as Google ads management, link building, SEO or have a fully built custom store, you will pay a premium price.

Whilst most people will not require these services it would be nice to see affordable options for those who do need them.

eCommerce Paradise coaching and services
eCommerce Paradise coaching and services

The only other potential downside some people may encounter with eCommerce Paradise is the number of lessons may be overwhelming for some. This is getting very nit-picky as I would rather a course opt for more content rather than less.

Should You Buy eCommerce Paradise?

While I’m broadly positive about this course and would recommend it, it’s important to recognize that it might not suit everyone.

For individuals on a tight budget, the $997 course fee could represent a significant portion of your savings. It’s crucial to remember that the course fee isn’t the only expense you’ll face.

You’ll also need to budget for potential additional costs, including Shopify memberships, themes, keyword research tools, business emails, phone numbers, addresses, virtual assistants and advertising expenses.

Realistically, you should prepare to spend an additional $1,000 on top of the course fee to give yourself a genuine shot at success with this business model. If spending $2,000 is beyond your means, this course may not be the right fit for you.

eCommerce Paradise is best suited for those who can afford the financial outlay and can dedicate the necessary time to thoroughly learn high-ticket dropshipping. This business demands a considerable time commitment and is far from a quick path to wealth.

If you’re prepared to devote at least 20 hours per week to studying the course material and applying what you’ve learned, this investment could indeed be worthwhile for you.

In summary, if you have the time required, the money to invest and the motivation to give this business some real work, I think eCommerce Paradise is the right choice to help you succeed with high ticket dropshipping.

Check out eCommerce Paradise here

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