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I’ve been very critical of high-ticket dropshipping courses in the past. From my experience, the majority of high-ticket courses are underwhelming, especially for the price. They often exclude vital parts of the business and brush over important steps which often leaves you with more questions.

You can read my criticisms of other high-ticket dropshipping courses here.

Whilst Dropship Breakthru is not a perfect course, it is the most comprehensive whilst still being easy to understand. It covers each aspect of a high-ticket dropshipping business in detail, from choosing a viable niche and sourcing suppliers, to driving free and paid traffic to your store.

I will be as unbiased as possible throughout this review and tell you what I like and what I don’t like about this course so you know whether it’s worth your money. As a spoiler, Dropship Breakthru is my pick for the best dropshipping course currently on the market, I do however have a few dislikes so I suggest you read through the article before making your final decision.

You can check out the Dropship Breakthru home page here or you can watch the Dropship Breakthru webinar here.

What is Dropship Breakthru?

Dropship Breakthru is a high ticket dropshipping course created by two guys, Jon Waren and Ben Knegendorf. Both have had success themselves building high-ticket dropshipping courses as well as other online businesses.

Dropship Breakthru is different from most dropshipping courses as the course is not focused on low-ticket, impulse-buy products and does not source from AliExpress/Alibaba or ship from China at all.

Instead, it focuses on dropshipping high-ticket products (Usually over $1,000) sourced from domestic suppliers. This business model is so effective because it enables merchants to sell high-quality branded goods with fast local shipping and healthy profits due to the high product price.

The course is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners looking to create their own dropshipping business. It is broken up into four main sections with the “build phase” and the “grow phase” making up the majority of the course.

It was designed this way to allow drop shippers who already have an established high-ticket dropshipping business to skip directly to the “grow phase”. This is important as growing your business is often the most confusing and neglected part of the high-ticket business model.

Dropship Breakthru Price

As of writing this article, Dropship Breakthru costs $1,997 USD for lifetime access. For this price within the course you’ll receive;

  • Dropship Breakthru Build Phase which is a step-by-step guide to acquiring your suppliers and building your store before launching.
  • Dropship Breakthru Grow Phase which is a marketing strategy to help scale your business.
  • Free Shopify theme
  • 3 x one-on-one coaching calls with Jon Warren.
  • 30 minute on-boarding call.
  • Market verification service where they’ll confirm whether you’re on the right track with your niche.
  • Bespoke Business Action Plan where they help you plan your marketing strategy specific to your business.
  • A ticket to the Annual Dropship Breakthru live event.

Although almost $2,000 is still a lot of money for a dropshipping course, if you’re really serious about dropshipping and you require full support, this may be a worthwhile investment.

The fact Dropship Breakthru offers several coaching calls and marketing strategies specific to your niche is really important. Many beginners require that hand-holding through the early stages of their business as it can be difficult to know if you’re on the right track initially.

Is Dropship Breakthru a Good High-Ticket Dropshipping Course?

Now the most critical part, is the actual course any good? Thankfully I can tell you this is the most comprehensive dropshipping course I have seen. As it should be for the price.

The course is broken up into two main sections, the Build Phase and the Grow Phase. As well as two additional sections; Know Your Number and Sell Your Own Branded Products.

The entire course consists of over 300 video lessons which can seem a little daunting and overwhelming, however, the lessons are broken up into multiple modules.

The Grow Phase

The “grow phase” is broken up into 6 modules, each with multiple lessons;

ModuleWhat’s in the Module
WelcomeIncludes lessons such as; mindset, laws, taxes, and banking as well as, where you will be doing business.
Finding your MarketThe entire process of choosing the right market based on the country you do business and your goals.
Building your WebsiteA step-by-step guide to building your store using Shopify.
Securing your SuppliersHow to call and secure high-ticket suppliers with phone scripts.
Launch your BusinessAll the necessary steps when launching your business with a complete checklist.
Running your BusinessVarious common questions on the day-to-day management of running a high-ticket dropshipping business.
Dropship Breakthru Grow Phase

I found these lessons very informative and easy to understand even for complete beginners. Watching each of the lessons in the “grow phase” is essential as it will make life easier down the track in your business.

It can be difficult to build a profitable dropshipping business if you’re not targeting the right market or you haven’t secured the best suppliers. I have a list of 60 high-ticket dropshipping suppliers if you need some assistance sourcing suppliers.

When I watched the course module on finding the right market, I was happy to see the course included that the search volume required for a viable niche will differ depending on the country you reside. Many other high-ticket dropshipping courses did not make this clear which is very misleading for beginners.

The demand for a specific niche may be viable in the US, but the same niche may not be viable in New Zealand for example. They also offer a market verification service to help validate whether your niche is viable in your country.

The Build Phase

The “build phase” consists of 12 modules, each with multiple lessons;

ModuleWhat’s in the Module
High-Ticket Marketing IntroductionThe basics and what is required for marketing a high-ticket dropshipping store.
Setting up for SuccessLessons on the best ways you can set yourself up to succeed with your business.
Conversion Rate OptimizationHow you can optimize your store for optimal conversion rate by split testing, compelling offers and implementing reviews.
Content MarketingCreating content people are searching for that provides value and drives traffic to your store.
SEOLessons and tools you can use to help you rank in Google search results for free organic traffic.
Building BacklinksHow you can receive backlinks from related websites which help your SEO.
Customer Multiplier FunnelsCreating funnels to assist you to convert more customers into buyers.
RetargetingHow you can retarget customers who have already shown interest in your products.
Email MarketingA guide on how to use email marketing to build a loyal customer base.
Affiliates & the Dream 100How you can use affiliate marketing to work with people who already have a customer base within your niche.
Google AdsA complete step-by-step guide on using Google ads for marketing your products effectively.
Write Copy that SellsHow you can write unique and persuasive product descriptions that actually convert.
Dropship Breakthru Build Phase

One of the most difficult parts for dropshipping beginners is what to do once your store is up and running. Building a store is futile if you can’t drive traffic and make sales.

After I watched the lessons in this module, I can say Jon focused on providing a large variety of content that will help stores succeed in the long term. From ranking in Google SERPs to copywriting and email marketing.

The only part of the course I would have liked to see more content on is social media. There is limited information on building a community of like-minded people within your niche on various social media platforms.

Whilst I understand social media is not part of the marketing strategy for the Dropship Breakthru course, it can be beneficial for specific niches, branding and SEO.

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Is Dropship Breakthru Better than Dropship Lifestyle?

Dropship Lifestyle is the most well-known high-ticket dropshipping course so it, therefore, is the most obvious comparison to Dropship Breakthru.

Both courses work on the same business model which is dropshipping high-ticket products from domestic suppliers predominantly using Google ads. The price of each course is the same if you only choose the Dropship Lifestyle lowest tier package. Their prices are around 10k for higher packages.

To be clear right away, I do not like the deceptive sales tactics Dropship Lifestyle uses to persuade you to purchase their course. The entire webinar is designed to give you the impression it’s a live event with a ton of people watching when it is all a lie! It’s a recording and the people watching are fake.

For me, this is an instant deal breaker. If someone is trying to deceive me and put on a fake show to convince me to buy their product, I can’t trust them which means I won’t buy anything from them. I was relieved Dropship Breakthru does not do this.

Apart from the sales tactics used to convince you to buy, which actual course is better?

As someone who has been successful with high-ticket dropshipping, in my opinion, it’s not even close, the Dropship Breakthru course is much better than Dropship Lifestyle.

Dropship Beakthru covers each aspect of the business in a lot more detail from setting up your store, sourcing and onboarding suppliers, to advertising and content marketing therefore your store is set up for long-term success.

Comparing this with Dropship Lifestyle, I found I was still left with questions that were not answered after watching some modules. After watching the same module with Dropship Breakthru I felt like I understood the entire process better. Plus any questions I did have could be answered during one of the coaching calls.

If I were to compare the teachings throughout each course, I thought Anton Kraly and Jon Warren were both clear and concise and I have no complaints about their communication skills. They are effective speakers and their lessons were straightforward and easy to follow.

Jon Warren did the vast majority of the teaching throughout the Dropship Breakthru course. His partner Ben only taught a handful of the videos and another instructor, Isaac taught the financial management videos.

Anton also does most of the teachings but several lessons including Google ads and creating your Shopify store are taught by others.

Overall, if you could afford the asking price of almost $2,000, I believe Dropship Breakthru is much better value than Dropship Lifestyle in terms of the course itself as well as the support provided.

I have a complete Dropship Lifestyle review here if you want a more in-depth analysis.

What I Like About Dropship Breakthru

The best selling point of Dropship Breakthru is how comprehensive the actual course itself is. I was curious how in-depth some of the modules would be and I was surprised by how thoroughly they covered them and I learned several things myself.

Personally, I was happy Jon Warren taught 90% of the course. He explains how to perform each step simply and in detail and appears to have a deep knowledge of the business model and importantly he does not ramble (One of my peeves). If he’s a fake guru, he’s the world’s best fake guru!

I also like the fact that Dropship Breakthru is honest about high-ticket dropshipping not being a viable business model in some countries. I’ve heard other courses claim their business model can succeed in any country, which is a lie. There are videos within this course of how you can dropship in the USA whilst residing in a country where dropshipping is unsustainable.

Apart from the course itself, there is a lot more support offered within the price of this course compared to other courses at a similar price. As a complete beginner to e-commerce or any online business, I believe this support is crucial to your overall success.

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What I Don’t Like About Dropship Breakthru

Although I think this is the best dropshipping course available, there were a few points I did not like.

The first is the price, almost $2,000 USD is a large investment. I understand there is a lot of content within the course and it would have taken a long time to complete as well as their own time with coaching calls. Whilst there is value for what you receive it’s still a significant price tag.

The next gripe I have is how they criticize lower-ticket dropshipping to make it appear as if high-ticket dropshipping is the only real route to long term success. Whilst dropshipping AliExpress products is not ideal and may be unsustainable in the long term, successful people dropshipping from China only use AliExpress to test products in the short term.

These stores then transition into buying quality products in bulk from China, building a brand and using local fulfillment centers for fast shipping. So it’s a little misleading to say high-ticket dropshipping is superior because of the product quality and fast shipping. AliExpress is simply a step in the process and there are tons of successful online merchants effectively using it for this purpose.


  • Double Down Guarantee!
  • The most complete dropshipping course available.
  • Tailored and ongoing support, including coaching calls.
  • Best value for money high-ticket dropshipping course.
  • Lessons are comprehensive and easy to follow.


  • The webinar is a little salesy in parts.
  • Limited information on creating a social media presence. (If this is important to you.)
  • The price will be out of many people’s budget.
  • I found their support a little slow to reply to a couple of my inquiries.

Conclusion – Is Dropship Breakthru Worth the Money?

There is one clear reason why you should buy Dropship Breakthru, it covers everything you need to know about a high-ticket dropshipping business in detail. Compared to other dropshipping courses, this is the only course I am aware of that covers the dropshipping business model so broadly and extensively.

The one clear reason why you should not buy this course is the price. If this is out of your budget and you have to go into debt to purchase it, then I suggest you don’t purchase the course. I would hate to see anyone get into any financial problems without a guarantee of success based on my recommendations.

Obviously, Jon Warren is selling a course, therefore, it’s not in his best interest to highlight the negative side of high-ticket dropshipping, I don’t blame him. However, I do think it’s important to be aware that high-ticket dropshipping can be competitive in some niches.

By far the most competitive options are the mainstream niches. If you decide to purchase this course, I suggest you think outside the box and choose a unique niche that is not easily accessible in many retail stores. If the brands you sell can be found at any of the large retail stores, it’s probably not a viable niche.

If you want some ideas, I have a list of 400+ high-ticket products to sell as well as 300 high-ticket dropshipping niches.

The good news is high-ticket dropshipping is still one of the best ways of starting an online business and Dropship Breakthru is the best dropshipping course I know of.

Although I am an affiliate for the Dropship Breakthru course and I will receive a commission if you click the link at the bottom of this article and make a purchase, I also don’t want anyone to feel ripped off. Trust me I know the feeling.

Please feel free to reach out to me and give me your opinion on Dropship Breakthru. I want to hear about your experience with this high-ticket course, good or bad. I am happy to update this article with feedback from my readers and to explore a better value alternative if it may become available.

If you do decide to purchase Dropship Breakthru, I would appreciate it if you use the link below as I will receive a commission (At no additional cost to you) which is what allows me to continue writing free dropshipping content for my readers. I appreciate your support.

You can watch Dropship Breakthru Webinar here or you can check out the Dropship Breakthru website here.

Dropship Breakthru Review

Dropship Breakthru is a high ticket dropshipping course that focuses on selling high priced products from domestic suppliers. It is one of the most profitable methods of making money online for entrepenuers.

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