How to Contact AliExpress Suppliers for Dropshipping?


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This is a topic I was confused by when I first started researching dropshipping, the good news is that it’s a relatively simple process and I’ll guide you through the process of contacting AliExpress suppliers if you’re planning to dropship.

Most drop shippers will use a service such as Dsers, Dropified or Spocket’s AliScraper which acts as a middleman between you and the seller on AliExpress. These services are helpful as they have several additional features to assist in sourcing products easily, however, you will still need to communicate with the supplier.

Do You Need to Contact AliExpress Suppliers if You’re Dropshipping?

Consider this, you dropship a product from AliExpress to your customer for $40 which you only paid $14 from the AliExpress supplier, that’s a healthy profit margin. However, you don’t bother to notify the AliExpress supplier that you’re dropshipping!

The supplier will include the invoice for $14 with the package to your customer. That customer will then realize that they paid $40 for a product that they could have gotten for $14 themselves if they had gone directly to AliExpress themselves.

From their perspective, they will feel ripped off and assume you scammed them. This will usually result in complaints, bad reviews, chargebacks, negative Facebook feedback scores and an overall bad customer experience.

It’s essential you contact suppliers and make it abundantly clear that you are dropshipping and they must not include any invoices or marketing materials which can identify the AliExpress supplier as the original seller of the product. This is often referred to as “Blind Dropshipping”.

How to Contact AliExpress Suppliers if You Plan to Dropship?

It’s straightforward to contact AliExpress sellers to notify them that you are dropshipping. First, you have to make sure you are logged into your AliExpress account.

You can then click on the product you plan to dropship. You’ll then be taken to the product page as well as some company information. If you then scroll over the company name, a dropdown menu will show the seller’s rating, feedback scores and a “contact now” link.

How to contact AliExpress suppliers
“Contact Now” on AliExpress

You can then type in your inquiry to dropship in the search bar. Many suppliers will have an FAQ section to reduce the number of inquiries they receive but I suggest you send them a message with your intentions to dropship.

Message inquiry on AliExpress
Contacting AliExpress suppliers

The objective of dropshipping from AliExpress is to give the perception that the product was shipped from your business as opposed to the Aliexpress supplier. This means the package should not only be shipped without any promotional materials or invoices but the bill of laden (BOL) should also be removed from the package.

When a customer orders from your website, they expect the product is being shipped domestically. If instead, they receive their order a few weeks later with Chinese writing and a Chinese business name, expect a lot of customer complaints.

Dropshipping Essentials Members Area

Example of a Message to an AliExpress Supplier for Dropshipping

Below are two examples of initial messages you would send to a supplier for the first time. Don’t send a list of questions on your first message or you run the risk of them ignoring you completely. Save all your questions for when you have some back-and-forth communication.

Example message to an AliExpress supplier for dropshipping
Example message to an AliExpress supplier for dropshipping
Example message to an AliExpress supplier for dropshipping
Example 2 message to an AliExpress supplier for dropshipping

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Message Template for Dropshipping Suppliers on AliExpress

A brief message introducing yourself and your intentions to work with them is all that is required for your first message. Below are basic templates you can use and alter to fit your business needs.

Message Template 1.

Hi, Please do NOT include any invoices, marketing materials or vouchers of any kind. I require this item to be Blindly Dropshipped. Thank you very much.

Message Template 2.


My name is (your name) and I am very interested in dropshipping some of your products. I am planning on dropshipping goods to the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. I hope we can build a long-term and profitable partnership together. Thank you

Message Template 3.


I am looking to expand my current dropshipping business and I believe your products would be a great addition to my store. Can you please Blind Dropship all the products that I order from you? Please do not include your company name on the package, any marketing materials or any invoices stating the actual price I paid for the item. Thank you

Questions to Ask AliExpress Suppliers about Dropshipping

The questions you ask the supplier on AliExpress will vary depending on your business, below are some general inquiries you may require. Remember, do not ask too many questions initially as you run the risk of being ignored or only one or two of the questions will get answered.

  1. Do you accept dropshipping?
  2. Can you blind dropship? (Explain to the supplier what you want as some suppliers may not understand what blind dropshipping is)
  3. What are your expected processing and shipping times?
  4. What is your returns and refund policy?
  5. Can you create a VIP link for me if I make consistent sales?
  6. Are you negotiable on the product price once I increase my daily orders?
  7. Can you put my business details on each order I make?
  8. How much inventory do you have on hand if I scale my business?

How to Contact a Supplier on AliExpress for a Hidden or VIP Listing?

A VIP link is a hidden listing for a product that is only visible to you, other shoppers will not have access to this link. It provides special privileges and benefits such as faster shipping and processing times, lower product cost and priority orders.

For more information, I have an article on VIP links and how to use them.

Most suppliers will only offer a VIP link to drop shippers who are ordering a consistent number of daily sales. So how do you go about communicating with sellers to obtain a VIP link?

Send them an email stating the number of orders you’re currently making as well as the product cost you want and the shipping times you require. Be clear that you are talking with other suppliers to negotiate the best terms and you plan on scaling your business once you make your final decision.

This will ensure the supplier provides the best possible offer. If they assume you plan on scaling your business they are far more likely to negotiate on price and potentially give you access to premium shipping lines.

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