What is the Best Niche for Dropshipping? Tested & Ranked!


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This is not going to be one of those articles where I tell you the best niches for dropshipping are the broad obvious ones like fashion, electronics and sports. These will be the sub-niches that you may not have thought of yet but are well worth considering.

I have based each of the best niches for dropshipping on a variety of factors.

  • Is the niche currently trending and in demand?
  • Has the niche been consistently popular for at least 5 years?
  • Is the niche evergreen?
  • Does the niche have some unique “wow factor” products within it?
  • Does the niche have products with high enough profit margins to make it a viable dropshipping niche?
  • Is the niche unsaturated? For more info, I have an article on how to tell if a product is too saturated.

I have used the above criteria to give you my opinion on the best overall niche for dropshipping, the best dropshipping niche for beginners and the best high ticket dropshipping niche. To help me come up with this list of niches I used a few tools to help me.

What is the Best Niche for Dropshipping?

1. Luxury Pet Niche

The best dropshipping niche for 2023 is luxury pet products. The pet niche is evergreen, is in high demand and is very profitable but also competitive, however, successful online pet stores have found unique and luxurious products to target with less competition.

For more info on dropshipping luxury items, I suggest you read my article on How to dropship luxury products the right way.

The pet niche is popular among dropshippers and is the reason why it has become very competitive. By selling regular pet products that can be found in retail stores and copious amounts of other dropshipping stores, it’ll be tough to succeed.

The key is to differentiate yourself from your competitors and sell unique pet products that are unsaturated which your audience has not been exposed to yet. Below are a few examples of successful stores in the pet niche that have found their own profitable sub-niche:

Houndsy – Selling a one-of-a-kind wooden kibble dispenser.

Cat Genie – A one-product store selling an automatic self-cleaning cat toilet. Solves one of the worst problems about owning a cat.

Crown & Paw – Print on Demand store selling customized wall art of owners pets.

2. Barefoot Shoes Niche

Barefoot shoes are continuing to grow in popularity and seem like a lucrative niche for dropshipping. Studies are showing the benefits of barefoot walking and these shoes mimic barefoot walking whilst also protecting your feet.

According to Google trends, the worldwide demand for this niche has been steadily climbing and really took off in early 2022. It is a slightly seasonal product which is why there will always be fluctuations throughout the year.

Google trends search term for barefoot shoes
Google trends search term for barefoot shoes

AliExpress and Alibaba stock a lot of different types of barefoot shoes and would be a great niche to private label and build a brand around. Anything in the apparel niche often has a high return rate and being very clear about sizes and measurements will be important.

It’s hard to know whether barefoot shoe’s popularity will continue for years to come but it appears like a niche that has not fully been taken advantage of yet.

3. Unique Home Decor Niche

Home decor is a very broad niche with many sub-niches you can target for dropshipping. It’s not a niche most dropshippers consider because of how publicly available the products are but stores that have targeted it effectively have been extremely profitable.

The profit margins with home decor can be extremely high if you:

  • Build a branded and luxurious store.
  • Find products consumers may not have seen before that have a wow factor.
  • Have professional high quality photographs taken of the products.

The 2 best examples of dropshipping stores in the home decor niche that have dropshipped the right way are Warmly and Articture. The product images throughout these stores are amazing which increases their perceived value and enables them to charge premium prices.

4. Portable Solar Panels Niche

The portable solar panel’s niche can range from small foldable versions that power devices on the go all the way up to large solar panel kits that can power motorhomes. It’s a niche that you dropship from AliExpress or you can source high ticket solar panel brands from domestic suppliers.

The demand for Google trends shows that it has remained steady and has increased its search volume in 2022 and I believe it’s a niche that will only continue its popularity.

Google trends search term for portable solar panels
Google trends search term for portable solar panels

Most of the online stores selling portable solar panels are outdoor and camping stores. Not many stores are currently focused on building an authority website on portable solar panels and it may be an opportunity worth considering.

5. Nostalgia Niche

People often don’t purchase products out of necessity, they purchase them because of how they make them feel. Nostalgia evokes a real feeling of joy in people and is not a niche most people would consider for dropshipping.

There are many different nostalgic niches you could target for dropshipping. You can sell video game consoles, toys, kitchen appliances, records, home decor and the list goes on.

Profit margins within the nostalgia niche can be very healthy. Often products from a different era are rare and people searching for them will be willing to pay high prices for products that are difficult to source and evoke a strong emotional response.

There is an abundance of very successful YouTube channels based around nostalgia but nostalgia has not really been taken advantage of in the eCommerce space.

6. Electric Scooters Niche

Electric scooters are not a niche you want to dropship from AliExpress. Avoid dropshipping anything high ticket or anything oversized from Aliexpress or you’ll run into problems. Either sourcing quality electric scooters from Alibaba or dropshipping from suppliers based in your own country would be another option.

According to Google trends, the demand for electric scooters is only continuing to climb. There are many different varieties at various price points and accessories which can be sold as upsells.

Electric scooters are not only for the younger demographics, with gas prices increasing worldwide you can expect more people to use an alternative mode of transport such as electric scooters.

Google trends search term for electric scooters
Google trends search term for electric scooters

7. Hydroponic Gardens Niche

There are many different types of Hydroponic gardens within this niche to dropship in various price points. There are hydroponic tower gardens, indoor gardens, automated versions and some can also be used as a fish tank.

Hydroponic gardens have many of the factors dropshippers look for in a profitable niche, they have a wow factor, they solve a problem and there are many unique varieties.

Google trends search term for hydroponic garden
Google trends search term for hydroponic garden

The biggest issue you’ll encounter is receiving a lot of questions and customer service may be time consuming. It would be a real advantage to have some knowledge within this niche if you wanted to pursue it.

8. Homeschool Niche

Homeschool is an evergreen niche that increased in popularity during the pandemic and although the demand has dropped since then, homeschooling is consistently searched. Many regular schooling supplies can be purchased at retail stores, however, there is an abundance of unique teaching resources found on AliExpress which can be dropshipped.

I believe this niche would work best if you have some experience or knowledge of the subject. You could create a blog, promote digital teaching resources as well as dropshipping products and build an authority website around homeschooling.

9. Glamping Niche

In case you didn’t know, glamping is a term that means glamorous camping that has become popular in recent years. It’s luxurious camping without having to rough it.

There are a ton of high-end camping products that can be sold within this niche:

  • Hammocks
  • Canvas tents
  • Luxury sleeping mattress
  • Portable cooking equipment
  • Generators
  • Portable solar panels
  • Fire pits
  • Coolers
  • Sleeping bags
  • Portable shower/toilets

Camping and outdoors is a profitable niche for dropshippers and focusing on glamping supplies may be an alternative route worth pursuing. I suggest you read this article for a list of some of the most popular dropshipping products.

10. EMF Blocking Niche

A lot of people are concerned about the radiation caused by phones, laptops and any other devices with a WiFi signal. EMF blocking products are designed to block or reduce the amount of radiation people are exposed to by these products.

I have no idea if the radiation is causing issues or if EMF blocking products even help but people are searching for these products and the demand is slowly increasing. There are a bunch of products including:

  • Phone cases
  • Laptop pads
  • Blankets
  • Sheets of fabric
  • Bed canopies
  • and even underwear

It’s a unique niche for dropshipping but often with these types of niches it can be difficult to know how evergreen they are. New studies could come out claiming EMF products do nothing and your business is over or they could claim radiation is a real problem and EMF blockers are the solution and your business could boom.

What is the Best Dropshipping Niche for Beginners?

As a beginner, it’s best to start off dropshipping in niches with simple products that require minimal customer service. Niches such as apparel and electronics are competitive and have a high return rate making them a difficult niche to succeed with as a beginner.

As a beginner at dropshipping, it can be difficult to know why you are not succeeding sometimes. Choosing a niche that either solves a significant problem or has some distinct visual feature will make it easier to sell.

Some products require very little actual persuasion and the images or videos do most of the selling for you. Basically, you require less knowledge and experience in copywriting and marketing to succeed within some niches and they are often the best ones for beginners.

Below are some of the best examples of dropshipping niches for beginners.

Best Dropshipping Niche for BeginnersNiche Information
LED ProductsThere are a ton of LED products available on AliExpress from bike lights, wall art, car interior, signs and way more. They often have a wow factor which makes them easier to sell.
Sensory ToysSensory toys are growing in demand and are a way of standing out in the toy niche. They can be targeted toward babies or people with disabilities. I have an article on dropshipping toys for more information.
Pet bedsThe Pet bed niche is profitable but also competitive, however, dropshipping specific pet beds can work such as memory foam pet beds for dogs with arthritis.
GPS TrackersThere are a ton of different products within this niche and the popularity of GPS-tracking devices is increasing.
Garden ProductsThere is an abundance of backyard related products on AliExpress that have a wow factor including ornaments, lights and decorations.
The best dropshipping niches for beginners

What is the Best High Ticket Niche for Dropshipping?

The best high ticket niche for dropshipping usually consists of products ranging in price from between $200 and $1,000. This ideal range means the sales volume and profit margins are still relatively high whilst not being too high that the consumer feels unsafe making an online purchase.

These are the high ticket niches that are the best for dropshipping:

Best High Ticket Dropshipping NicheNiche Information
Rooftop TentsVehicle rooftop tents are in high demand and there are so many amazing versions. This could be a very profitable dropshipping niche.
Ice bathsVery popular niche right now and can go from cheap inflatable ice baths all the way up to premium varieties worth thousands.
GeneratorsVery profitable niche but you want to make sure you can find versions you can find at your local retail stores.
Tiny House FurnitureTiny houses are popular right now and furniture and furnishings would be profitable but who knows how long the trend will last.
Acoustic PanelsIf you are not sure what they are, acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels and they would be a lucrative niche as soundproofing is in high demand.
The best high ticket niches for dropshipping


Hopefully, this has helped with making a decision for your dropshipping business. I will update this article if there are any new niches I believe are worth building a store around so this content stays relevant.

Before you pursue any niche I suggest you do your homework first and make sure there is enough demand without being too competitive. Remember that even in a competitive niche there are multiple ways you can still find gaps in the market and succeed.

If none of the above niches appeal to you I suggest you read my article on 400+ niche ideas for dropshipping as well as 300+ high ticket niches.

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