Is Debutify’s Free Theme Worth It? NO!!


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Clearly, the team at Debutify is doing something right because their theme looks professional and is packed with a ton of add-ons and features, it’s no wonder it has become one of the most popular Shopify themes!

However, the price of Debutify has gone up considerably from when it first hit the market and may be a little out of many beginner’s budgets. So I wanted to know if the free version of Debutify was any good and whether it’s worth using without upgrading to the higher priced plans.

Click here to check out Debutify’s 14 day free trial!

Is Debutify a Free Theme?

Debutify theme is not a free theme but it does have a free plan. The three paid plan options all come with a 14-day free trial where you receive access to their top tier plan during the free trial.

Basically, for 14 days you receive VIP treatment for free. You will have access to the top tier enterprise plan which means priority support and more importantly, you can use as many add-ons as you want!

Clearly, this is a ploy to entice you to not only signup for a paid plan but also a higher paid plan. It will make it even more difficult to downgrade plans after you’ve already installed a bunch of high converting add-ons to your store. It’s like flying first class for 2 weeks and then being told you’re being downgraded to coach just as you had gotten used to it.

I have a full review of Debutify if you’re interested.

Can I use Debutify for Free?

You can use the Debutify theme for free forever on their free plan which is designed for beginners. However, on the free plan, you receive basic support, no add-ons and you don’t have access to 1-click integrations.

Most paid themes do not come with a free version so it is a bonus that you can actually use Debutify for free forever if you decide. However, if you decide to use Debutify for free and not upgrade to the higher plans you will:

  • Do not receive ANY add-ons to use throughout your store
  • Do not have access to live support
  • Do not have any priority email, live or phone support
  • Do not have any development support

So the answer is yes you can use debutify for free but you will be very limited. Succeeding in eCommerce is already tough but having a disadvantage over your competitors will only make it harder. It’s like a game of survival in the wilderness against your competition but they have supplies and you have nothing.

Is the Free Version of Debutify Theme Worth it?

If you do not plan to upgrade to either of the paid versions of Debutify theme in the future then the free version is not worth it. It is far too limited in terms of add-ons and support to make it profitable long-term.

One of the biggest keys to success in eCommerce is gaining advantages over your competitors which is what draws a lot of people to Debutify. No other theme is packed with as many add-ons as Debutify (Booster theme is a close second). If you’re not taking advantage of the add-ons you may as well use a different theme. If you’re interested I have a review of the Booster theme.

Let’s take a look at the pricing plans below. You get no add-ons with the free plan and only 5 add-ons with the starter plan. I do not believe the free or starter plans are worthwhile and you may be better off finding an alternative until you are in a position to afford the pro plan.

Debutify themes pricing plans

Having limited support with the free plan is not ideal but not a deal breaker, by far the biggest problem is no add-ons. They will be an essential key to your success and you will be sacrificing too much for the money you will save.

The add-ons will not only improve conversion rates, increase average order value and provide a better customer experience, but some of these will also be essential depending on the products you sell and the countries you plan to sell to.

For example, the age check, automatic geolocation and custom currency add-ons may actually limit what you sell and who you can sell to. Click here for a full list of Debutify’s add-ons, I believe there are at least 15 of the add-ons that will be an important factor in building a profitable eCommerce business.

In my opinion, the free version of Debitufy is only worth it if you want to test the theme for a prolonged period of time before upgrading to a paid version. If you only want to test it for a short period of time you are better off with a 2-week free trial of the enterprise plan.

Click here to check out Debutify’s 14 day free trial!

Is Debutify the Best Free Shopify Theme?

Debutify is a beautiful theme but if you only plan to stick with the free version you are better off using one of the Shopify free themes such as Debut, Dawn or Sense. You will have better support, the themes do not require downloading and installation plus the free themes on Shopify look amazing.

Another thing to consider is the free Shopify theme will most likely run faster than a free Debutify theme. As apps are added to each theme you will notice free Shopify themes slowing down whilst Debutify will maintain its speed as their apps are pre-built for their theme.

If you simply don’t have the budget for a paid theme but free themes are a little restrictive, I suggest you check out Theme Forest for some Shopify themes that are affordable. Many themes come with several built-in apps and are generally priced between $30 and $100. However, they will have a fraction of the add-ons that Debutify comes with on their higher plans.

If you’re building a one product store, I suggest you read my article on the best one-product Shopify theme.

How Do I Cancel the Debutify Free Trial?

I hate it when websites give you a free trial to use their service but you have to put your credit card details in first. They make it difficult to remove your card details and will automatically start you on their paid subscription as soon as the free trial has ended without asking if you’re happy to use their service.

I’m happy to say that Debutify is not one of the platforms that perform this unethical business practice.

With Debutify, you can have full access to their top tier plan on the free trial without any credit card details. Once the 14 day trial is over, you will automatically be dropped down to their free plan if you do not sign up for one of their paid plans before the trial is over.

If you want to cancel one of Debutify’s paid plans, I suggest you check out this article. It’s a simple process that can be performed in a few steps within the Shopify dashboard.

Summary – Should You Use the Free Debutify Plan?

My final piece of advice is don’t waste your time with Debutify’s free theme and don’t waste $21 a month for the starter plan, 5 add-ons simply won’t be adequate. The free Shopify themes will have more functionality than the free version of Debutify.

Debutify is probably the most feature packed Shopify theme available and the plethora of add-ons will undeniably increase conversions so why waste your time using a plan with no or limited add-ons?

If you have a lot of confidence your store will succeed and you have the budget, go right for the pro plan. Otherwise, use a more affordable theme until you are generating income and then transition into the pro plan.

There are 55 add-ons available and you really need to have access to the majority of them to make Debutify good value for money. The pro plan will cost you $59 a month but it will be well worth it if you have 30 add-ons all helping you to make more money.

Many of the add-ons are actually paid apps on the Shopify app store. It may actually save you money each month by simply opting for the pro plan instead of paying monthly app costs to the Shopify app store each month.

Click here to check out Debutify’s 14 day free trial!

Is Debutify's free theme worth it?

Debutify is one of the most popular and feature packed Shopify themes available for eCommerce businesses.

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