Is Jewelry Good for Dropshipping? How to Guide!


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Jewelry appears like the perfect product to dropship. It’s small, uncomplicated, does nothing and is expensive for what it is. As opposed to products with moving parts that can break or have multiple functions which increase returns and refunds as well as customer service issues.

At the same time, the most profitable dropshipping products often solve a problem, have a unique quality or feature about them and are usually not found in most retail stores. None of this really applies to jewelry.

In other words, jewelry is not your usual dropshipping product, however, it can be a very profitable dropshipping niche. However, you may have to use an alternative strategy compared to the usual tactics taught by most dropshipping gurus.

In this article, I’ll give you my opinion on how I would go about creating a jewelry dropshipping business and explain to you how profitable jewelry dropshipping can be. With an example that will blow you away!

Can You Dropship Jewelry?

Jewelry can be dropshipped from China or by domestic suppliers who offer a dropshipping service as part of their business. The majority of dropshippers prefer to use AliExpress or Alibaba for jewelry because of the lower product cost.

AliExpress has millions of pieces of jewelry and you can find just about anything you can think of. Try typing in the most obscure keywords and chances are something will pop up and you can dropship it. The beauty of jewelry is it’s small and lightweight making it ideal for shipping from China.

You can dropship jewelry from the USA or any other country that has suppliers willing to dropship. However, in general, they will often be more high-end jewelry products which will require you to build more of a luxury store if you want to sell the goods at high enough profit margins.

For more information, I suggest you read my article on How to Dropship Luxury Products!

I wouldn’t recommend this as a beginner as it requires a certain level of trust for a customer to purchase an expensive piece of jewelry online. Most consumers would rather purchase expensive jewelry from a brick and mortar store. A physical store is more trustworthy and they can try the jewelry on first.

Is Jewelry a Good Niche for Dropshipping?

There are multiple reasons why jewelry is a good niche for dropshipping:

  • Profit margins can be very high.
  • Products are small which keeps shipping costs low.
  • There are endless pieces of jewelry to sell.
  • The return rate for low-cost jewelry products is low.
  • They don’t require much persuasive copywriting, the images do all the selling.
  • Large savings when purchased in bulk from Alibaba.
  • It’s an evergreen niche.
  • Large sales increase during Q4.

Unfortunately, if you want to dropship jewelry, it’s not all good news. There are some downsides you should be aware of first:

  • It’s competitive.
  • Customers can’t try on the jewelry. You can expect the return rate to be higher with high-end jewelry.
  • During a recession, there will be a decrease in sales.
  • Depending on the type of jewelry you’re dropshipping, paid advertising can be difficult.
  • A lot of the quality of AliExpress jewelry is hit and miss.

Is Dropshipping Jewelry Profitable?

There are no pricing rules when it comes to jewelry and the prices are whatever the customer is willing to pay.

If I plan to buy a regular product such as a kitchen appliance, a dog bed or a kid’s toy, I have a rough estimate of product price depending on the quality. However, if I see a necklace in a shop, I don’t know whether it’s $20, $200 or $2,000. My point is jewelry can be extremely profitable as there is no reference point as prices vary drastically.

Just for a little experiment, I typed “Mens Lion Bracelet” into AliExpress to see what I could find. I found this stainless steel bracelet with two lion heads. It cost $7.82 to have it shipped to the United States.

Jewelry listed on AliExpress

I then searched on Alibaba and found what looks to be the same product for $1 when you buy it in bulk. There may be additional shipping costs the supplier is not showing but I couldn’t imagine these bracelets costing more than $5 each in a bulk order.

Jewelry listed on Alibaba

I then decided to do a Google search for online jewelry stores selling the same product in the United States and found two stores. One selling the item for $104.99 and the other for $149.99.

Men's silvery bracelet
Men's silver lion bracelet

Although these stores don’t appear to be dropshipping, this is an example of how profitable jewelry can be. Usually, a good markup for dropshipping products is 3x the product cost, these bracelets are 20x the product cost.

For more information, I suggest you read my article on Dropshipping Profit Margins – What you should expect!

How Do I Start a Jewelry Dropship Business?

The best way to start dropshipping jewelry is to open a Shopify store and start testing products from AliExpress. This allows you to monitor the demand for specific items from various audiences before transitioning into bulk orders.

Most jewelry related products are low cost and often the shipping can be the most expensive part of the cost. For this reason, dropshipping individual products from China simply does not make sense long-term.

By purchasing in bulk from Alibaba, you pay for one batch to be shipped to your country and your profit margins will be higher. Your customer will receive faster shipping which also means a higher customer return rate.

I would start a jewelry dropshipping business targeting a passionate audience who has an interest in a topic. For example, religion, dogs, star signs, cars, sports, family or custom jewelry. There are endless interests to target but the more passionate the interest the better.

By selling jewelry within a sub-niche helps you stand out amongst the competition and makes it easier to target specific audiences with advertising. For a complete guide on building a dropshipping business, I suggest you read my article How to Start Dropshipp from Scratch – Step by Step!

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How to Advertise Jewelry Online?

You have several options when it comes to advertising a jewelry business online including Meta and Google shopping ads. These options can work if the jewelry is unique but there is a lot of competition and ad costs can be high.

Because jewelry is a visual product, the most effective strategy for advertising online is to use Instagram influencers to showcase the products. This can be done in several ways including simply sending the item to them for free, offering a flat fee or a percentage of the revenue generated.

Using influencers to advertise jewelry is so powerful because their followers often aspire to be more like them. This makes your product very desirable and is often far more effective than using Meta and Google.

Utilizing micro influencers between 10k to 50k followers is often the most cost-effective method of advertising for anyone on a budget.

Instagram is not the only platform for taking advantage of influencers, you can use TikTok and YouTube influencers. Many micro influencers may never have been approached by eCommerce sellers before and they may be happy to promote your jewelry for a low cost or for a free product.

Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers

It can be a time-consuming task to search for jewelry suppliers that offer dropshipping. The list of suppliers in the USA, the UK and Australia should make it easier for you.

If you need some assistance searching for more suppliers, I suggest you check out my article on The Best Ways to Find Dropshipping Suppliers!

Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

US Jewelry SupplierType of Jewelry
J GoodinWide Range of Jewelry
RC JewelryLarge Selection of High-end Jewelry
Pink TownFashion, Accessories & Jewelry
Wholesale Jewelry WebsiteWide Range of Jewelry
TomadeLarge Selection of Jewelry
Ioka JewelryRings, Earrings, Necklaces & Pendants
OanthanLuxury Jewelry
SilverbeneLarge Selection of Jewelry
SynceeGeneral Products & Jewelry
Brook & YorkLarge Selection of High-end Jewelry
USA Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers

Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers in the UK

UK Jewelry SupplierType of Jewelry
OnecklaceWide Range of Jewelry
Luna TreeHandmade Silver Jewelry
Thomas & GeorgeMen’s Watches and Cuff Links
Wear We MetWatches
ContradoCustom Jewelry
Mama JewelsTeething Jewelry
My JewelsLuxury Jewelry
SpocketGeneral Products & Jewelry
UK Jewelry Dropship Suppliers

Jewelry Dropshipping Suppliers in Australia

Australian Jewelry SupplierType of Jewelry
The Jewelry WarehouseWide Range
Daring DivaFashion & Jewelry
Bella BoutiqueWide Range
Simply WholesaleGeneral Products & Jewelry
I DropshipGeneral Products & Jewelry
PrintfulCustom Jewelry
Australian Jewelry Dropship Suppliers

Best Jewelry Dropshipping Stores

I have used the following jewelry stores as examples because you can learn a lot from them. I do not know if they are dropshipping as part of their business and often it can be difficult to know 100% if they are dropshipping. Many stores use both wholesale and dropshipping for the least popular products.

1. Gwen Delicious

Gwen Delicious is an example of a store that is having success without doing anything too special. As a beginner at dropshipping jewelry, creating a store such as this is very achievable.

The actual store is very simple and congruent which matches the types of jewelry they are selling. They are shipping products from Canada but there would be similar pieces of jewelry that could be found on AliExpress to dropship.

2. 4ocean

4ocean is a store with a very unique angle when it comes to selling jewelry products. By purchasing one of their various bracelets, part of the profits goes to help clean up the oceans.

Now I have no idea how much of the actual cost goes to cleaning up the ocean but I’m guessing they are still making a considerable profit. The bracelets are sold for a minimum of $20 and I would assume they would cost under $1 each to produce.

Playing on the emotions of consumers is a very powerful marketing tactic. Do you know how many people would buy one of these bracelets simply so they can virtue signal to their friends they are doing their part in cleaning up the oceans? A lot!

3. Pura Vida

Pura Vida was launched back in 2010 by two friends who started selling colorful bracelets after meeting two artisans in Costa Rica. The business grew exponentially until they sold a large part of their company for $130 million in 2019. Click here to hear more of the story.

Since then the brand has expanded and sells a wide variety of jewelry and clothing. Their website looks amazing which is due to their high quality and professional imagery. Like 4ocean, they play on the emotion of consumers by donating meals to families in need.


These are my final tips if you plan to create a jewelry dropshipping business:

  • Use Shopify as it’s the best and easiest eCommerce platform.
  • Niche down to a specific and passionate audience of buyers.
  • Dropshipping high priced gold and silver jewelry will be extremely difficult to succeed with.
  • Test first and buy in bulk as soon as possible.
  • Influencers is the best method of advertising jewelry and Pinterest will be the best source of free traffic.
  • Having some knowledge with branding will be beneficial.
  • High quality and professional imagery will do the majority of the selling for you.
  • If you have the budget, use a quality Shopify theme such as Booster or Debutify.

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