The Most Popular Dropshipping Products & Niches in 2023!

If you’re looking to start your own dropshipping business, it’s important to know which products have been the most popular to dropship in the past. Knowing what a winning dropshipping product looked like in the past few years will give you the necessary information to help you select a winning product right now.

AliExpress has removed some of the product analytics which has made it more difficult to research which has been the most popular option for dropshipping.

However, since I’ve been dropshipping since 2016, I’ve seen which products have really taken off. I could have made this list 10 times longer but these products will provide you with an effective criteria for what you should look for when deciding on your own winning product.

What are the Most Popular Dropshipping Products?

Unfortunately, not all products are smart choices for dropshipping, especially if you’re dropshipping from China. There are several factors to make a successful and profitable dropshipping product which I’ll cover below.

Here is a list of the most popular dropshipping products from 2021 and 2022.

  • Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
  • Portable Blender
  • Print On Demand Products
  • Glow in the Dark Collar
  • Plush Donut Pet Bed
  • Solar Phone Charger
  • Magnetic Eye Lashes
  • Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment
  • Weighted Blankets
  • Teeth Whitening Products
  • Pregnancy Pillow
  • Portable Baby Bottle Warmer
  • Bluelight Blocking Glasses
  • Battery Powered Tent Light
  • Laptop Table
  • Massage Gun
  • USB Heated Clothing
  • Novelty Lamps
  • Interior Car Lighting

What do the above products have in common to make them uber popular for dropshipping?

  1. Problem Solving – The product solves a problem of some kind whether it’s pain relief, related to improving appearance or simply the comfort of a beloved pet.
  2. Accessibility – When most of these products were taking off in popularity, they were difficult to find in retail stores. Since their popularity online many retail stores have started stocking many of them.
  3. Optimal Size – These products aren’t large or heavy as it can be difficult to profitably dropship oversized items from China.
  4. Unique – Each item is unique or has unique features in some way. The products have some kind of wow factor that has made them popular with their target audience.
  5. Brandable – The majority of the products have the potential to be branded into a one-product store which increases its perceived value.

I regularly search through the vast library of Shopify stores looking at the top performing stores and the most popular products and niches. I have noticed the success of one dropshipping product more than others.

Since 2020, portable blenders have been the most popular dropshipping product with multiple versions being sold. Blendjet was the first store to take advantage of their popularity and there is now a plethora of eCommerce stores dropshipping portable blenders.

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Buying popular products from a mobile device online.

What are the Most Popular Dropshipping Niches?

When it comes to popular eCommerce niches, Fashion and Accessories are always at the top and for good reason! It’s the most popular category of products sold online in just about all countries.

Dropshipping clothing is possible but problematic. The main issue is returns and refunds are a frustrating aspect of dropshipping and clothing is the most returned niche.

For my opinion on dropshipping in the fashion niche, I suggest you read my post Is Clothing Good for Dropshipping?

Watches, jewelry, baby products, beauty, pet supplies and kitchen gadgets are the most popular dropshipping niches. These niches are popular due to their large target audience and because they often have many product variations which can’t be found in retail stores.

Electronics is also a very large and popular eCommerce niche which includes a variety of smaller niches. However, it is another niche that can be problematic for dropshipping which is why it’s not overly popular among dropshippers.

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The main issue for this is China has a reputation for selling inferior electronic equipment which simply do not work as promised. Even if the electronics are high quality, you often need certifications from the supplier and bulk orders are likely to have trouble going through customs.

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How to Find Popular Dropshipping Products?

You can use AliExpress to search for products and click the “orders” button to filter them by order count to find the most popular products to dropship. Alternatively, using a product research tool such as Sell the Trend will provide product popularity as well as trends, competition level and much more.

It can be a little misleading to only use AliExpress to search for popular dropshipping products. Yes, the products have a lot of orders but that may not necessarily make them viable dropshipping products.

There are a ton of product research tools to use which will help you find popular products to dropship that are also not saturated. I’ve used a large percentage of the tools and Sell the Trend is the best option if you want the most useful information to help you find products likely to be profitable.

The other option to confirm the popularity of a dropshipping product is to use Google Trends. It is a free tool tracking the current trend of your product and which products are popular right now.

Google trends showing a graph of the popularity of dropshipping since 2017
Google Trends shows demand for dropshipping over the past 5 years.

Which Popular Items Should You Dropship

You may be thinking, is it worth trying to dropship products already shown to be popular?

It really depends on a few factors:

How much competition will you be facing with popular products?

Competition is inevitable, however, sometimes you will have so many copycats all trying to sell the same product that it will be hard to break into the market.

Is the product evergreen?

Is the product a trend that will likely die out or is it a product that consumers will require for years to come?

Are there new buyers entering the market daily?

You will have new buyers of popular products entering the market daily in niches such as, pet supplies and baby products as people are continuing to buy pets and have babies. You won’t have the same number of new daily buyers selling laptop tables for example, once someone buys one they aren’t likely to buy a new one anytime soon.

Can you sell the popular product from a different angle?

Many popular products can have a complete resurgence in sales if you can manage to sell to a different target audience by marketing the product from a different angle. For example, depending on how you market a popular product such as, the portable blender, you can target people who want to lose weight, health-conscious gym goers, convenience for office workers or moms who want to blend up baby food simply or on the go.

Can you improve on stores already selling the product?

You can sell popular dropshipping products by improving on the status quo. Most dropshippers simply copy what is already being done therefore thinking outside the box can differentiate you from your competitors. For example, a creative video ad that goes viral can instantly make you stand out!

Popular Dropshipping Items Right Now

I have seen a significant shift in dropshipping and it appears more entrepreneurs are no longer using AliExpress as their preferred dropshipping platform. Because of this, there has been a change in the type of products which are popular right now.

The popularity of dropshipping low cost, inferior products is becoming less prevalent. Online retailers are now realizing the importance of selling quality products if they want to build a long-term and sustainable dropshipping business.

Dropshippers are preferring to purchase high quality products in bulk from Alibaba instead of dropshipping from Alibaba. Therefore you may notice the popularity of specific dropshipping products change in the coming years.

Homesteading and off-the-grid living are popular niches right now. Products such as, portable solar panels, generators and sustainable garden supplies are currently in high demand and would make suitable items for dropshipping.

If your goal is to find a list of products with high demand and relatively low competition, I suggest you read my article on 100 unsaturated dropshipping niches.

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