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You may have seen Joe Verschoor’s YouTube channel which is about his experiences with high-ticket dropshipping. He also has a dropshipping course called V-Commerce Academy which is a step-by-step guide on creating your own high ticket dropshipping business.

I saw Joe’s YouTube videos and was impressed with his content as it seemed legitimate and accurate, which is more than I can say about some other dropshipping YouTubers.

I then reached out to Joe, I went through the V-Commerce Academy course and decided I wanted to do a full review. I also asked if it was possible to receive a discount for my readers, luckily he obliged.

If you click this link and use the discount code DROPSHIP15, you’ll receive 15% off the V-Commerce Academy.

Although I am an affiliate for this course, this review is very unbiased. I’m honest about what I like, what I don’t like, what improvements I would like to see and who should and should not buy this course.

I have removed myself from other affiliate programs when I don’t believe they are worth the money for my readers and I’ve written many negative reviews of dropship resources that have ended up costing me money.


V-Commerce Academy is among the better high-ticket dropshipping courses available, and it’s also one of the more affordable options in its category. However, there is a degree of frustration, as it comes close to being the best value dropshipping course online, which would make it an undeniable choice for anyone looking to invest in such training.

While I recommend this course, I feel it could benefit from a few additional lessons, and some of the existing lessons could delve deeper into their content.

Apart from those critiques, this course remains a solid option for those seeking a high-ticket dropshipping course without wanting to pay the $2,000 or more that is often required for comparable alternatives.

Pros and Cons

What I like

  • Well taught and easy to follow instructions
  • Better value for money than other dropship courses available
  • In-depth content that covers the process thoroughly
  • No rambling or fluff throughout the course
  • Several pricing options are available
  • Great support and coaching calls available
  • The course is a tax right-off


  • Minimal content on SEO
  • Mostly focused on the US
  • Content is not targeted towards advanced dropshippers
  • No lessons on building a social media presence (If this is important to you)

Access the course features here:

V-commerce Masterclass Course

Consulting: Course Creation and Landing Supplier Service

What is V-Commerce Academy?

V-Commerce Academy is a step-by-step high-ticket dropshipping course taught by Joe Verschoor. Joe has been involved in high-ticket dropshipping for several years himself and still generates a considerable monthly income from his own stores.

What separates this course from many other dropshipping courses online is its focus on expensive products sourced from domestic suppliers or manufacturers.

This is quite different from the more popular form of dropshipping centered around low-cost, trending products from China. Although both are technically dropshipping models, the business approach differs significantly.

The dropshipping method taught in V-Commerce often involves selling products priced at $1,000 or more, necessitating very different tactics to make sales in this higher price bracket.

As you’re sourcing expensive products from suppliers within your country, building relationships with those suppliers becomes far more crucial – a key focus area in this course.

Another major component is the traffic acquisition method, which primarily relies on Google ads as opposed to Facebook and TikTok advertising more commonly used for low-ticket dropshipping.

V-Commerce Pricing – Is it Worth the Money?

One of my biggest gripes when reviewing several high-ticket dropshipping courses is the exorbitant costs involved. Most of the available courses in this space come with price tags of $2,000 or higher, which I believe is simply too expensive.

V-Commerce Academy stands out as a much more reasonably priced option, offering several membership tiers that make the course affordable for most people looking to break into the high-ticket dropshipping industry.

Here are the monthly and lifetime subscription options: The monthly plan is $60/month, while lifetime access is available at either $500 or $1,000, depending on the level of support you require.

If you’re fully committed to making high-ticket dropshipping a success and can afford the investment, then the “Lifetime Elite” option at $1,000 could be great value. This tier includes access to a dedicated Discord server and 5 mentorship calls. Compared to other courses that can cost twice as much, this represents superior value.

Check out the pricing options and what’s included here.

V-Commerce Pricing
V-Commerce Pricing

If it’s in your budget and you require additional assistance with setting up your dropshipping business, V-commerce offers a consulting service. This includes a fully built professional website, 3 Amercian-based suppliers with consultation or both.

For many beginners to dropshipping, contacting and persuading suppliers to partner with can be intimidating. This is the first time I’ve seen someone offer this kind of service and I’m sure many people can benefit from it.

Check out all consulting, website build and supplier approval services here.

V-commerce pricing for consulting
V-commerce pricing for consulting and landing suppliers

V-Commerce Academy Course Content

I’ve gone through high-ticket dropshipping courses that contain more lessons and overall content than what’s offered in V-Commerce Academy. If you’re specifically looking for a course with hundreds of lessons spanning hundreds of hours of material, this may not be the ideal option for you.

However, I’ve also found that some of those more extensive courses tend to ramble and discuss information that is often unnecessary or irrelevant to actually running a successful dropshipping business.

While I would prefer to see more in-depth content in certain areas of the V-Commerce Academy course, I also found it refreshing to not have to sift through endless lessons trying to find the information I required.

ModulesDescription of Lessons
WelcomeIntroduction to the course.
Getting Started: The BasicsThis section includes lessons on Budgeting and Obtaining Business Credentials which covers initial steps and financial planning for starting a dropshipping business.
Niche Research & SelectionLessons on Niche Selection Overview, Niche Brainstorming & Research, Comparing Niches & Getting Metrics, and Narrowing Down and Choosing a Niche guide through the process of selecting a profitable niche.
Communication (Phone Number & Email)Focuses on setting up business communication channels, including getting a business phone number and setting up a business email with Gmail.
Creating Your WebsiteDetailed guidance on building and optimizing a Shopify website, from starting with Shopify to editing cart and checkout options.
Getting SuppliersCovers finding suppliers, drafting emails, phone communication, dealing with rejection, and understanding MAP policies in the United States.
Google AdsComprehensive module on Google Ads for dropshipping, including setup, campaign structuring, segmentation, and remarketing strategies.
Running Your BusinessOffers insights into managing a dropshipping business, including obtaining reviews, handling abandoned checkouts, understanding sales tax, customer service, product knowledge, and supplier invoice management.
New ContentA comprehensive module on Google Ads for dropshipping, including setup, campaign structuring, segmentation, and remarketing strategies.
The modules and lessons within V-Commerce Academy

What I Like About V-Commerce

Apart from being one of the best value courses in its category, there are several aspects of V-Commerce Academy that I was pleased to see.

First, Joe communicates effectively and teaches the course material in an easy-to-understand manner, making it accessible even for complete beginners.

It’s evident from his teaching style in the course and on his YouTube channel that Joe is not a “fake guru.” He demonstrates a deep understanding of the dropshipping industry and is refreshingly honest about both the benefits and downsides of this business model.

I appreciate Joe’s transparency – unlike many others, he openly discusses the upsides and challenges of the dropshipping model. This balanced approach, where he shares not only his successes but also his mistakes, builds credibility and makes his insights more relatable, especially for those new to the field.

The course covers each aspect of high-ticket dropshipping in-depth, starting with obtaining necessary business credentials like an EIN, sales tax ID, and business bank accounts, all the way through to running and managing your store.

Unlike some courses that pad their content with unnecessary lessons to boast a longer runtime, V-Commerce Academy avoids that pitfall – each lesson provides actionable information you’ll need, without any fluff or filler.

Each lesson also comes with helpful supplementary materials like links to relevant websites and resources such as phone and email templates for contacting suppliers.

Another unique offering is Joe’s consulting service for website creation and landing suppliers, available to newbies who may require extra assistance. This service is separate from the main course, making it an optional add-on rather than a mandatory component.

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What I Don’t Like About V-Commerce

Whilst this is my pick of high ticket dropshipping courses, there are a few improvements I would like to see.

My first gripe is I would like to see more content within the course on SEO. Many beginners may not understand how they can optimize their Shopify store to help rank in the SERPs and drive free organic traffic from Google.

This is a massive topic and could be a course within itself, however, some of the fundamentals of SEO would be beneficial to many newbies to this space. Hopefully, this will be added in the future.

The next improvement I would like to see within V-Commerce is how to leverage social media to help drive traffic and build a brand. I know social media is not a huge part of most high ticket dropshipping businesses but I don’t think it should be avoided either.

With platforms such as Make you can essentially automate your social media as well as many parts of a Shopify store so it won’t take up much of your time.

You can connect your Shopify store to ChatGPT which can write all your social media posts for you and automatically send them directly to each social media platform each time a new product is added to your store.

Considering the value of this course compared to its more expensive alternatives, I believe these downsides of the course are relatively small.


V-Commerce Academy is an ideal choice for beginners looking to learn how to dropship high-ticket products without the $2,000+ price tag that’s common for many courses in this space.

For those with a higher budget who may need extra support and guidance throughout the store-building process, the consulting services offered by Joe can be a worthwhile investment.

While I would like to see a few minor changes or additions made to the V-Commerce Masterclass curriculum, overall it is one of the better courses and service offerings I’ve encountered in this niche.

If you’re considering high-ticket dropshipping as a potential online business venture, I would recommend checking out the V-Commerce Masterclass here or exploring the website building and supplier approval service here.

If you’ve had personal experience with V-Commerce Academy, I’d be interested to hear your honest feedback, whether positive or negative. Getting perspectives from others who have gone through the program would provide valuable insights.

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