High Ticket Items to Dropship (over $1,000 each)


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Imagine having a dropshipping store that can provide you with a $500 profit for each sale. If you only made 2 sales a week you would make the average annual income in the US, without having to work 40 hours a week.

In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of extremely profitable high ticket items for a dropshipping business, their average price range and how in-demand each item is. If you’re planning to sell items on the more expensive side, this article will be the ultimate resource for you!

If you are looking for a larger list of high ticket product ideas to sell, I suggest you read this article.

How Much is a High Ticket Item?

High ticket items is a term used to describe any product high in price. Although the high ticket price point is subjective and often differs, in general, any item priced at $200 and above is often considered high ticket.

There is no limit to high ticket either as houses and cars are also in this category.

You may have heard YouTubers refer to dropshipping items over $50 as high ticket. If they’re referring to dropshipping from AliExpress then $50 is on the higher end as most people only dropship low ticket items from AliExpress.

Don’t be tempted to dropship high ticket items from AliExpress, it won’t work out well. AliExpress is best used to dropship impulse buy products.

High ticket items are usually sourced from domestic suppliers in the country you plan on selling to. If someone is making a large purchase online, they expect the red carpet to be rolled out.

You must provide them with the best quality gear, fast shipping times and reliable suppliers. This is something buyers certainly won’t receive if you dropship AliExpress products.

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What are the Best High Ticket Items to Sell?

Let’s be honest, you want to sell whichever high ticket items make you the most money. Does this mean you only sell the most expensive items possible? Hell no, what’s the point in selling a 20k product if it doesn’t sell. However, if it does sell, then go for it!!

The best high ticket items to dropship should be in demand, be shipped relatively inexpensively and be sold at a high enough price point that will provide you with a minimum of 25% profit margin after expenses.

Dropshipping high ticket items is very different to low ticket dropshipping. Low ticket dropshipping is often focused on impulse buys and are advertised on Facebook or TikTok. Because users are on these platforms for reasons other than shopping, advertisers need to sell “unique” and “wow factor” items to capture their attention.

High ticket items are often sold using Google ads as opposed to Facebook and TikTok. You are not just displaying ads to people who don’t necessarily want to see your ads, you are showing ads to people who are searching for the product you’re selling.

Although it is still ideal to sell high ticket items that are “unique” and have a “wow factor” it is not essential. You can sell regular and generic items with Google ads profitably.

This is the criteria for best high ticket items to dropship. Many of these points are preferred but not necessary, don’t be deterred if you’re item does not meet every criterion. If you are looking for some niches to sell instead of individual items, I suggest you check out my article for 300+ high ticket dropshipping niches.

The Size and Weight of the Item

Can you sell the item and ship it to your customer whilst still maintaining a healthy profit margin? In the perfect world, the item would be small and lightweight, however, many high ticket items are on the larger and heavier side.

The country you’re selling to will dictate whether you can ship oversized products. Some countries have far better shipping options and infrastructure making them a more viable option. You may need to use a Freight Broker to organize the best freight option for you.

The advantage of dropshipping large products is you generally have far less competition online.

Can the Item Make a Healthy Profit Margin

As a general rule, a profit margin of 30% after advertising, shipping and any other expenses is the goal with high ticket items. This will obviously vary depending on several factors. If you are selling a $15,000 product, a 30% profit margin may not be a realistic option.

If the product can’t be sold at a price point where it’s making a decent profit margin it may not be worth pursuing.

Which products aren’t able to be sold at a high price point? I’ll give you an example.

If you work with a supplier who accepts everyone as a reseller of their products and does not enforce MAP (minimum advertised pricing) it will be extremely difficult to make any significant profit. You will end up with an abundance of competition and because of no MAP, it will cause every seller to simply undercut each other.

Ideally, you want to work with suppliers who enforce MAP and put their sellers through a screening process before accepting them.

Personalized Items

Buying online is not the same as making a purchase in person. For some items, this is a more important factor than others.

If I buy a fire pit for my backyard online, as long as I see an image of it and I know the specifications I am reasonably satisfied. If I buy a more personal item such as a sofa or a bed and bedding, I would rather buy it in person as I want to know if it’s comfortable and I want to feel the material before purchasing. These types of products are still sold online but they are not as popular online and they have a higher return rate.

You can’t offer the same buying experience online with certain products and this is especially important with high ticket items.

Can the Item be Purchased Locally?

You may have heard that if you can buy it at your local shopping center you probably can’t dropship it. This is true for low ticket dropshipping and is only partially true for high ticket.

Let’s say you sell a regular household item such as, an outdoor kitchen. Most people will have a store within driving distance that sells outdoor kitchens. But that store might have 5 or 10 different outdoor kitchens to choose from.

Being an online dropshipping store with no inventory, you can stock hundreds or even thousands of different variations of an item if you can source them. You can provide far more choices for customers than most physical stores.

A retail store can only stock what they can fit in their store and what they can afford to purchase. Yes, they get the product at a lower price than you, but you have no overheads in terms of paying for the premises, employee wages, etc.

Does the Item Have Brand Loyalty?

Are consumers loyal to a specific brand within the product you are selling? With some products, consumers only want to buy the brands they know and trust.

Often these are bigger well known brands and such brands will not approve you as a dropshipper to sell their items, and even if they did, you would not be able to compete against the big guys!

Examples of items with brand loyalty are phones, fridges, headphones, gaming systems and cameras. People know these brands and it’s very hard for a new brand to break into the market and gain trust from buyers.

Think about how many brands you know that sell TV’s, now think about how many brands you know that sell office chairs…

Is the Item in Demand?

Are people even interested in the product you’re selling? First of all, head to Google Trends and type in the item followed by the country you plan to sell to. This is important as some items may be popular in one country but not another.

If you check the demand for the past 5 years and the trajectory is heading down, you may want to reconsider your product idea. Check out the nosedive the term “paintball” has taken since 2004, it’s obvious this would be a bad idea for a product to sell.

Google trends showing search volume for paintball

The next thing to do is check the monthly search volume for your item. Head to KeySearch, with this link and use the discount code DSDISC for 20% off. It is by far the best value keyword tool out there at $17 a month and does what many of the $70 a month tools do. I have a full review of KeySearch here.

With this tool, you can research how many monthly searches each item you want to sell is receiving. Always check alternatives to your keyword as many people will type in different variations and remember, your keyword could be typed in for purposes other than purchasing.

Best High Ticket Items to Sell Online

Outdoor Sunroom

Outdoor sunroom

Outdoor Sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes to fit most people’s needs. They even have specially made versions that can fit onto balconies.

The average price is between $2,000 and $5,000 but the larger versions are being sold for up to 10k each.

Slightly seasonal item but they do sell throughout the year.

“Sunroom kits” receive 18,000 monthly searches.

Electric Golf Scooter

Electric golf scooter

Electric stand-up Golf Scooters are priced between around $2,000 to $4,000.

A high ticket item such as this is a great option as golfers are often willing to spend big for the best quality gear. A large percentage of people who play golf are people with money and are often retired, this market is often among the wealthier groups of people to target.

The term “electric golf cart” receives 27,100 monthly searches.



Home Saunas have been steadily growing in popularity since around 2016 as more information is being known about the potential health benefits.

There are many different kinds, from infrared saunas to outdoor barrel varieties with domes.

A good example of a professional store selling high-quality and unique saunas is Secret Saunas.

Saunas vary in price anywhere from $1,000 up to $8,000.

The term “home sauna” receives 49,500 searches a month.

Gun Safe

Gun safe

A Gun Safe is a profitable high ticket option if you’re targeting the US market.

Gun safes average in price from between $500 to $2,000 but can go into the thousands depending on their size.

This is a simple product to sell that will have little customer service and returns.

“Gun safe” receives 310,000 monthly searches.

Metal Detector

metal detector

You can buy cheap Metal Detectors for $100 and the best brands with the best features can be sold for $5,000+.

A relatively small and lightweight product to ship, however, they can be complicated and having some knowledge will be a big advantage.

The search term “metal detector” receives 74,000 monthly searches.

Motorhome Furniture

Motorhome furniture

There are several pieces of furniture on the market for RVs and caravans priced over $1,000. Think about recliner chairs, kitchens, bedding and bathrooms.

Typically, people who own motorhomes are higher income earners making it a great market to target.

“RV furniture” receives 14,800 monthly searches.

Office Pod

Office pod

If you’re looking for maximum profit then soundproofed Office Pods may be what you’re looking for. They are often sold for between $5,000 and $30,000, sometimes higher.

They can be used in office buildings for meetings or for home offices in backyards, etc.

The term “office pod” receives 12,800 monthly searches.

Canvas Tents

Canvas tents

Glamorous camping (Glamping) is continuing to grow in popularity and along with that are luxury canvas camping tents.

Camping tents are often sold for anywhere between $500 to $3,000 and are reasonably small and lightweight for the price range.

“Canvas tent” receives 40,500 searches each month.

Float Tanks

Float tanks

Float Tank’s popularity is largely thanks to Joe Rogan who has endorsed the benefits regularly on his podcast.

Usually, they are used by businesses but more and more households are having them installed in their homes.

Depending on the type, a float tank can sell for anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000.

“Float tank” receives 49,500 monthly searches.

Horse Saddle

horse saddle

Leather Horse Saddles are on the lower end compared to the previous products, although they do still sell for between $500 and $2,000.

They are a much more affordable item to ship if you’re selling to a country with high shipping rates.

Horse owners are passionate people who are happy to pay for the best quality gear.

“Horse saddle” receives 33,100 monthly searches.

Examples of High Ticket Items

High Ticket ItemAverage Price RangeKey Search
Search Volume
Wooden Bathtub$1,000 – $10,00014,800
Chandelier$500 – $2,000673,000
Furnace$1,000 – $4,000246,000
Electric Canopy$500 – $2,0001,600
Pet Washing Station$500 – $2,0002,400
Underwater Scooter$500 – $5,00018,100
Truck Camper$2,000 – $20,00090,500
Gazebo$1,000 – $3,0001,220,000
Gas Fireplace$2,000 – $7,000165,000
Pool Table$1,000 – $10,000450,000
Steam Shower$2,000 – $8,00074,000
WInd Surfer Package$500 – $4,0002,900
Segway$500 – $5,000550,000
3D Printer$500 – $5,0001,000,000
Hydrofoil Board$1,000 – $10,00018,100
Telescope$500 – $10,000301,000
Piano$1,000 – $10,0001,830,000
Electric Bike$500 – $3,0001,500,000
Backyard Playground$1,000 – $3,00022,200
Portable Generator$500 – $3,00027,100
Scuba Gear Package$500 – $2,0001,360
Mink Coat$500 – $5,00040,500
Parachutes$1,000 – $3,000165,000
Bifold Door$500 – $8,000110,000
Go Kart$500 – $5,0001,500,000
Solar Panels$2,000 – $20,000673,000
Motorcycle Sidecar$1,000 – $3,0009,900
Flatbed Trailer$2,000 – $15,00018,100
Mobility Scooter$500 – $5,00049,500
Spa Bath$2,000 – $10,000110,000
Tanning Bed$2,000 – $5,00090,500
Multi-Station Gym$2,000 – $10,0006,600
Home Golf Simulator$2,000 – $20,00040,500
Examples of high ticket items which can be sold online. Sourced from dropshippinghustle.com


If you’re a complete beginner to dropshipping, I would not recommend dropshipping products over $1,000. To sell a $5,000 product online requires the customer to trust you a lot!

Every part of your store must look professional. You need to know about branding, design, marketing and provide the ultimate customer experience. As a beginner, it’s inevitable that you will get elements of your store wrong. Those tiny mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars.

Selling products in this price point has many advantages and as an experienced online retailer, it can be the perfect option for many reasons.

I have an article on high ticket courses if you’re interested and why you may want to avoid most of them as well as a review of Dropship Lifestyle. If you are going down this route, I hope this list has given you some ideas for your next store. Good luck!

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