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I’ve noticed something in the dropshipping community over the past couple of years. Spocket has been gaining traction and many drop shippers are jumping on board.

As a beginner, it can be a little overwhelming to know which Spocket products are best to sell. In this article, I’m going to cover which products I believe are the best products to sell as well as which ones I would avoid.

Many of the products on Spocket are not good for dropshipping simply because some suppliers charge exorbitant prices making them impossible to make a decent profit margin. I want to give you some knowledge before you make the same mistake as many others.

There are several other suppliers to choose from including Salehoo, Zendrop, CJ Dropshipping and Syncee, however, Spocket appears to be leading the charge. If Spocket does not have the products you’re looking for I suggest you check out the alternatives.

Click here to see Spocket’s features, products and FREE trial.

If you want my very honest opinion on Spocket (Spoiler alert, I’m not a fan), check out my review for Spocket’s pros and cons.

How Does Spocket Work?

Many people think Spocket is the supplier themselves and they have worldwide warehouses filled with stock like Amazon. Actually, they work very differently from that.

Spocket is a middleman between suppliers and online retailers but does not hold any stock themselves. Instead, they list the supplier’s products on their platform which online the retailers can then add and sell their products from their store. Spocket takes care of the communication between the two parties.

Spocket has a large selection of products from US and EU suppliers as well as AliScraper which also enables you to import AliExpress products to your store. This really gives you the best of both worlds.

Introduction to Spocket Dropshipping

Should You Dropship Spocket’s Products?

Spocket is best used by beginners because it can be a little confusing and overwhelming working with multiple suppliers without really knowing what you’re doing yet.

When you dropship with Spocket, you have access to a massive database of suppliers who all list their products like an online marketplace. Spocket takes care of all the aspects of the business that may be difficult as a newbie, for example:

  • All the suppliers and products are on a single platform
  • You don’t have to get approved to work with the suppliers
  • You don’t have to find suppliers to work with
  • They handle communication between yourself and the suppliers
  • They vet their suppliers to avoid being scammed
  • Everything is simplified from adding products to your store to fulfilling orders

All this provides an easy way of learning the ropes in the dropshipping world. The problem is that Spocket is a middleman and they are getting in the way of you maximizing your profit margins.

For this reason, my advice would be if you want to use Spocket, use it in the short-term. Dropship Spocket products until you have found profitable products and then transition into purchasing the products from Alibaba in bulk. You can essentially use Spocket to test products with low risk.

AliScraper – #1 AliExpress Dropshipping Product Importer

What Kind of Products are on Spocket?

Spocket has a huge range of products due to the fact that they have a wide range of suppliers from a variety of niches.

When it comes to their AliExpress option you can import just about any product to Spocket. I would avoid importing some products from AliExpress.

  • Fashion products are often sized incorrectly.
  • Some electronic products can be faulty.
  • Avoid any safety products as China’s regulations are often different from other countries.
  • Don’t try to sell large products as the shipping prices will be far to high.

With the US and EU products, Spocket’s largest product range comes in the fashion and home niche. You can still successfully dropship products in other niches but fashion, as well as home decor and garden products, will give you your best selection. For more information on this niche, I suggest you check out my article Is Dropshipping Clothes a Good Idea?

Spocket Products List

These are the main niches you will find in Spocket’s product list. Each of these niches will have a variety of sub-niches you can search through.

  • Men’s Clothing
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Bath and Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Pets
  • Festivals and Parties
  • Automotive
  • Home and Garden
  • Gifts
  • Bags and Wallets
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Kids and Babies
  • Jewelry
  • Tech Accessories
  • Toys
Spocket products list
Spocket’s product list

Spocket’s Premium Products

Spocket has picked a selection of its products to be put in the premium category. Premium products are products that are sourced from their best suppliers, have been discounted and are one of their best selling products.

Because these products have been discounted they usually have a better opportunity to make a higher profit margin. Personally, I found some of their premium products to be a great option for reselling whilst others were no better than the rest.

You will only have a certain number of premium products you can sell and this will vary depending on which plan you’re on.

Simply look for the image of the crown on the product image to find out whether it’s a premium product. You also have the option of filtering by premium products only.

Spocket premium products
Spocket premium products

Best Spocket Products

There are certain things I’d be looking for and certain things I would be trying to avoid to find the best products to dropship on Spocket.

Focus on a Specific Niche

Because many of Spocket’s products are from the US and EU and with high-quality brands the prices will not be as cheap as AliExpress. You will be far better off building a niche store instead of a general store. General stores are often perceived as cheaper products because they specialize in nothing.

Fast Shipping

I would filter Spocket’s products by 4 to 7-day shipping times or less if you’re selling US and EU products. I am skeptical whether the products are actually being shipped from the US or EU if they take longer than that.

This obviously won’t be possible if you are also selling products from AliExpress. If you are selling a combination of domestic products and AliExpress products, make the shipping times clear for the different products.

Home Decor Products

Home decor products are another niche that can be sold with high profit margins. Check out this store Atricture which appears to be dropshipping. They have created a beautiful store with amazing images which gives their products a high-end luxury feel.

By creating a store like this, you can sell Spocket’s home decor products with large profit margins.

Fashion Products

If you know anything about fashion, this would be a great niche to get into on Spocket. This includes men, women, footwear, accessories or jewelry. The reason being is that you can charge higher prices for these products if your branding is on point. Consumers are willing to pay high prices for clothing if they love it.

If jewelry is something you have considered selling, I suggest you read my article Is Dropshipping Jewelry Worth it?

The biggest downside to products in the fashion niche is returns and refunds. Buying clothing online will never compare to buying in a standard retail store therefore you will have returns and refunds, which brings me to my next point.

Returns and Refunds

Some suppliers on Spocket will have a non-returnable and non-refundable policy. Don’t work with these suppliers as it will end up causing more headaches for you. There are several print-on-demand suppliers on Spocket and they usually have a no return policy.

Spocket processing times, shipping times and return policy.
Some Spocket products have a no return policy

Worst Spocket Products

It won’t matter how amazing your store looks and how persuasive your marketing is, some products on Spocket are un-sellable!

Some of the suppliers offering their products for dropshipping on Spocket must be delusional with their product prices. Personally, I believe Spocket should screen their suppliers better and remove these guys from their list. It gives an inaccurate view of Spocket’s overall product pricing.

This is a great example of some of the most expensive products to dropship on Spocket. As far as I can see this is an ugly soup bowl for over $200 and you are meant to sell it for over $400. Good luck!

Spocket product prices
Spocket product pricing

If you can manage to sell 6 small cement planters for $475, forget dropshipping, you have a special gift. Don’t let products such as this deter you from using Spocket as there are some great products you can be selling.

Plant box being sold on Spocket.

Compare the prices of products to other online stores to see if the product is overpriced. I would not compare the price to marketplaces such as Amazon as the prices will usually be lower but most consumers know the quality on Amazon is questionable.

Spocket Product Prices

Because Spocket is essentially a middleman between suppliers and retailers, they work with a large number of suppliers. This means that product pricing varies drastically depending on the supplier.

Some products are very reasonably priced and are a viable option to dropship. Other products are simply a complete rip-off and you’ll never make a sale if you try to sell them at a profitable price point.

My advice would be when you find a quality product at a low enough price point, then see who the supplier is. You can then click on the supplier on the product page and you’ll be taken to that supplier’s other products.

This is an effective way of finding more winning products all within the same niche.

How to find the supplier on Spocket.
Spocket supplier products

I wouldn’t take too much notice of the retail price on each product, this is just a suggestion price from Spocket and can be changed to whatever you please. The real price is whatever a consumer will pay for the product.

To maximize profits with Spocket products I would recommend building a branded dropshipping store. With a branded store you can focus on a specific niche and create a store designed around that niche. This really adds perceived value to your products and means you can charge premium prices.

The good news is that Spocket’s main product selection is in the fashion and home decor niche. These niches are also some of the best to build a brand around. Check out my article for 3 examples of stores that nailed their branding and make huge profit margins.

How to Add Products from Spocket to Shopify?

As you’re shopping for Spocket products to sell, simply add them to your import list. Once you have a list of products you plan on selling on your Shopify store, you should customize each product before adding it to your store.

Don’t skip this step as it’s really important to give the product a name and a description.

You need to provide your product with a unique name that fits your store’s brand. Not only will giving your product a unique name make it sound specialized but it will avoid customer’s price checking and looking for the exact product elsewhere at a lower price.

Most shoppers won’t buy a product from you without checking the item description. The description should list all the benefits first and how they will improve the buyer’s life. Features and specifications are best left under the benefits. It’s also important to write unique product descriptions for your SEO.

You then click on the “push to store” button to add it to your store.


Are Spocket’s products any good?

Spocket products come from various suppliers so the quality and reliability will vary. A large percentage of the products on Spocket is print on demand which usually offers good quality products.

Does Spocket ship to Australia?

Spocket does ship to Australia, however, not all suppliers will ship outside the USA so it’s best to filter the results to only receive suppliers who ship products to Australia.

Why are Spocket’s products so expensive?

Spocket products are often expensive because there are often multiple middlemen all taking a piece of the profits before it is listed on Spocket’s marketplace making it tough to make a profit.


The number one factor in determining the success of a dropshippng store is the products you’re selling. Yes, there are other important factors but if you’re selling bad products at a high price, you’ll go broke.

Some of Spocket’s products can definitely make you money whilst others are way overpriced. It’s important to shop around and check prices on other marketplaces before adding them to your store.

If you decide Spocket is not for you there are several similar alternatives you may want to check out. Salehoo, Zendrop, CJ Dropshipping and Syncee are the best options.

Click here to see Spocket’s features, products and FREE trial.

Spocket's Product List

Spocket is a large dropshipping supplier with a large selection of products for online merchants to sell.

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