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Impulse is a beautiful Shopify theme, but is it really worth $350? Sure it may pay for itself if it generates more sales, so will it really make more sales than a free theme?

Impulse theme is clean and minimal with unique features and is definitely worth it if you’re an established business already generating income. However, as a new business, it is a large investment and may be an unnecessary purchase initially.

To be as transparent as possible, I am not an affiliate of the Impulse theme and I have no reason to promote or criticize it.

Dropshipping stores selling inferior products from China with long shipping times always seem to use free themes such as, Debut. Consumers are more aware of these stores now as they often look generic and familiar which has given them a negative connotation.

Avoiding looking like a generic dropshipping store is one of the best reasons to use a paid theme. You can still make a free theme look unique and trustworthy although a paid theme will make it easier to differentiate yourself from generic stores and your competitors.

Is Impulse the Best Paid Theme?

When it comes to paying for themes, in my opinion, the number one thing you should be looking at is, which features and apps does it come with? Certain themes are better suited toward specific niches but at the end of the day, all the paid themes can look professional with the right images and a little design and branding knowledge.

Some themes come with a ton of pre-installed apps that would otherwise cost you monthly fees at the Shopify app store. Paying an upfront cost for a theme with apps you may purchase anyway may actually save you money in the long run.

If you are looking for a theme that is packed with apps and features to increase conversions, average order value and uses scarcity and urgency to compel customers to buy, the Impulse theme is not for you. Sometimes, included apps in a store can look a little spammy whereas the Impulse theme has a high-end feel.

If you are selling luxury products and want a clean minimal design, an Impulse theme might be your best option. Hopefully, the examples below can help you decide.

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1. Modern Nursery

Modern Nursery is a high-end baby store stocking products from baby toys to nursery furniture. The entire store has a luxurious feel and is an example of what is possible with beautiful imagery and taking advantage of the features of the Impulse theme.

The homepage is long and has unique sections promoting new products and various niches within the store. It is worth checking out if you need an inspiring Impulse theme example.

Modern Nursery is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.
Modern Nursery

2. Air Plant Supply Co.

This Impulse theme example is a store selling air-purifying plants and accessories. Imagery is key with a store dropshipping plants and they have utilized the theme well and included a Pinterest section with high-quality photography.

Air Plant Supply Co has utilized a variety of features from the Impulse theme and created a unique experience to differentiate itself from competitors.

Air Plant Supply Co is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.
Air Plant Supply Co

3. Missha

Missha is a makeup and skincare store that has been one of Korea’s leading cosmetics brands for over 20 years. The Impulse theme has been used effectively for this store with a lot of selling and sales on the homepage as you would expect with makeup.

There are many opportunities for upsells to increase average order value with cosmetics and this store is leveraging several Shopify apps including Popups, Frequently Brought Together and Product Recommendations to do so.

Missha is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.

4. Mad Viking Beard

Mad Viking Beard is a store that knows its target audience and tailors its store as such. They don’t want men to feel any less manly for purchasing grooming products online so they have branded this store in the most masculine way possible.

Impulse theme works for this store as they have some visual sections for blogs and benefits and it all helps build a community around their website. If I had a beard I would shop here!!

Mad Viking Beard is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.
Mad Viking Beard

5. Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap is a Shopify store specifically targeting baby wraps and carriers. It’s an image-heavy website which is what you would expect with various wraps and designs. I personally would like to see the call-to-action buttons a separate color from the rest of the website.

They’ve included many of the Impulse features such as, reviews, a quiz and a blog which all help build trust and improve the customer experience.

Moby is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.
Moby Wrap

6. Madeline Tosh

Madeline Tosh is a hand-dyed yarn store that started off as an Etsy seller and has evolved into a successful company. The store has a clean and minimal look without any unnecessary clutter from other themes.

This store has a much smaller homepage compared to the other stores mentioned. The real hero of the store is the high-quality photography that do most of the selling.

Madeline Tosh is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.
Madeline Tosh

7. Ebonite

Ebonite stocks bowling balls but at the time of writing this, Ebonite is not selling bowling balls on the website, however, provides product and store information. I believe this may change in the future as they convert to sales.

The images and videos on this store are high-quality and relevant. I feel like they have not yet taken advantage of all the features and benefits the Impulse theme has to offer.

Ebonite is an example of a Shopify store using the impulse theme.

Impulse Theme FAQs

Is the Shopify Impulse theme free?

You can build your store with the Impulse theme for free but you will have to pay for the theme if you decide to publish the theme to your store.

Is Impulse a Shopify 2.0 theme?

Impulse is a 2.0 Shopify theme meaning you have access to additional features that make the theme simpler to build, more flexible and customizable.

Is the Impulse theme worth it?

The Impulse theme is worth it for established stores already making an income. It may not be worth the high price tag for beginners who have not yet made a profit.

Is the Impulse theme good for a one-product store?

You can use Impulse theme for a one-product store, however, Impulse is better suited towards stores with large inventories and doing high volume.

How much does the Impulse theme cost?

Impulse theme is a one off payment of $350 USD for a single store.


The Impulse theme is designed best to suit stores in the clothing/fashion, sports, health and beauty niches. You can probably tell I have tried to find stores using the Impulse theme from a variety of different niches to help you decide whether it will be right for you.

Although $350 for a theme is expensive, if it helps your business look more professional and builds more trust within your customer base, it may be worth it. I would be a little apprehensive to spend that amount of money on a brand new store without any guarantees you will succeed.

If you are creating a one-product Shopify business, I suggest you read my article on the best one-product store themes.

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