5 Ways to Find Australian Dropshipping Suppliers & Companies!


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Finding suppliers and companies in Australia who dropship is time consuming and frustrating. Trust me I’ve spent hours doing it!

It is however worth your time if you can manage to find a supplier to work with that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. A top supplier can be the difference between running a successful or an unsuccessful dropshipping business.

If you work with a supplier that is easy to find and approves everyone, you’ll likely be facing a ton of competition. If you work with a supplier that was difficult to find and vetted you before approving you, you’ll likely be facing far less competition.

1. Find Australian Dropship Suppliers & Companies on Google

Google is generally the best way to find suppliers online, however, it’s not always that easy to find them. Many companies have outdated websites that don’t rank very well in Google, therefore you may be scrolling through multiple pages before you come across the right supplier.

Let’s say for example, you plan to dropship in the pet supplies niche. Googling “pet supplies dropshipping” and scrolling through the first few pages of Google may not be enough. You need to try multiple variations to find the suppliers everyone else can’t find.

Try typing these variations into Google:

  • Pet supplies dropshipping
  • Pet supplies wholesale
  • Pet supplies supplier
  • Pet supplies reseller
  • Pet supplies manufacturer
  • Pet supplies distributor

Then after each variation, try typing Australia, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and so on. Go through several pages of Google with each variation. Yes, it’s time consuming, but if you find one good supplier that other dropshippers haven’t yet found, it will be well worth the investment of time.

You may be surprised how many more suppliers you’ll find with this method.

Don’t assume that a supplier doesn’t dropship just because they don’t have it listed on their website. I’ve contacted many suppliers who were happy to dropship although didn’t have it listed on their website. Often they are the best suppliers because nobody has bothered contacting them and you get access to products competitors don’t stock.

Many Australian wholesale suppliers don’t have it listed on their website that they dropship, so it’s always worth asking. Often they don’t want to advertise the fact that they dropship, but they’re happy to partner this way.

2. Find Australian Dropship Suppliers on eBay

The next method for finding suppliers is to use eBay. This is another option to find suppliers that many people don’t bother to explore.

  1. Go to eBay and type in your niche or product into the search bar.
  2. Filter the results for Australia only so you don’t get all the listings from other countries, such as China.
  3. You can then click on each individual product and it will have the seller information on the right.
  4. Click the seller information and you will have all the information for another potential supplier you can contact.
Finding dropshipping suppliers in Australia using eBay

By utilizing these steps you can find more potential suppliers not listed on Google. Often these suppliers haven’t been contacted by other dropshippers and may be willing to collaborate with you.

3. Find Australian Dropship Suppliers via your Competitors

Another option is to use your competitor’s websites to help find their suppliers which you can also use. This is beneficial for other online-only stores as some brands will only work with brick and mortar stores.

Head to your competitor’s websites on the first few pages of Google as these will be your biggest competition. Make a list of each of the brands they are selling on their online store, if other online-only stores can sell these brands, you can too.

Google and contact these brands directly via email or by phone. Let them know you are an online retailer interested in stocking their products and want to know who to contact to become a reseller of their products. They will give you all the contact information you need for their best suppliers to contact.

You may be contacting the actual manufacturer who may be located outside of Australia or the main Australian distributor. Just sound professional and let them know you are a legitimate business (Even if you’re not) and they will point you in the right direction.

Once you have found the supplier you want to deal with, I suggest you read my article on how to get approved by dropshipping suppliers and I have some free suppliers email templates you can use to contact them.

4. How to Find the Best Australian Dropship Suppliers

Sometimes the best of the best dropshipping suppliers may be hard to track down. But let’s say one of your dropshipping competitors is stocking products and brands that you want to sell but cannot find online anywhere.

This may be a last resort but you can order the product from your competitor and when the package arrives, you have a shipped-from sticker with a return address. You can then Google the address to find the company or manufacturer from Australia that sent it.

This option will hopefully be unnecessary but it can be the difference between finding your ideal supplier.

5. The Easy Way to Find Australian Dropship Suppliers & Companies

This method is the fastest and easiest way of finding a ton of Australian-based dropshipping companies and suppliers to work with. You can simply check out the articles below on this website:

22 Australian suppliers of pet supplies

Does Dropshipping Work in Australia?

20 Australian clothing suppliers – Wholesale and dropshipping

List of Sydney dropshipping suppliers

I am constantly adding new suppliers and removing any that are no longer available so the articles will stay up to date. Hopefully, this can become the best resource online for anyone in Australia looking for domestic suppliers and companies to work with.


Don’t assume each supplier is a company or manufacturer with a large warehouse processing thousands of orders. There are many Australian suppliers who are distributors for overseas brands but are running their business from their homes.

They may be ideal to work with but have never been approached about dropshipping yet. A phone call may be all that is required to build a relationship and start running a successful business.

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