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I initially used Zendrop over two years ago and my experience was good, but not great. I wrote a review about Zendrop and gave my honest feedback. Since then, I have had a number of people email me and tell me their experience with Zendrop has not been overly positive.

So I decided to investigate and re-write this article to provide my readers with a re-viewed, review. I was an affiliate for Zendrop, however, I decided to remove myself from the Zendrop affiliate program so you can be sure the information I provide in this article is unbiased.

There are NO Zendrop affiliate links in this article. Therefore, there is zero incentive for me to promote or criticize it. Hopefully, as a beginner at dropshipping, you will be able to make a more informed decision whether Zendrop is worth your money or a waste of your money.

Spoiler Alert, I do not believe Zendrop is worth it and you’ll discover why as you read the article.

What is Zendrop?

Zendrop website homepage

Zendrop was originally named Silk Road but has since had a name change.

Zendrop is a specialized platform designed to address the challenges dropshippers encounter when sourcing products from China. It offers a comprehensive solution encompassing product sourcing, order fulfillment, branding, and more.

It’s designed to simplify a large part of the dropshipping process and is typically targeted toward beginners who are inexperienced and require assistance getting their business started.

Zendrop is an online business, they do not have a physical location. Many beginners assume they are located in China and the USA and have multiple warehouses around the world. They act as a middleman between suppliers and dropshippers.

Dropshipping Essentials Members Area

How Does Zendrop Work?

Dropshippers can connect their Shopify store with Zendrop and run their entire dropshipping business from one platform. They can choose whichever products Zendrop has stocked and import them directly to their Shopify store.

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As orders are made from your Shopify store, you can then go to your Zendrop dashboard and fulfill orders as they come in. The entire process is relatively simple once you understand how to navigate the dashboard and utilize all the features.

Zendrop Shipping

Shipping and logistics are one of the most important parts of a dropshipping business. Long shipping times can cause a poor customer experience which can result in low customer retention rates, poor reviews and even chargebacks.

Expensive shipping fees can affect your margins and make a profitable product, unprofitable. It’s important to make sure your supplier can provide fast and inexpensive shipping.

Why is Zendrop Shipping so Expensive?

The shipping with Zendrop is comparable to the costs of AliExpress shipping. Whilst some of the products offer reasonable shipping costs, I found others so expensive that making a profit is impossible.

It depends on the supplier and the shipping options they can access. If you check the shipping option for random products on AliExpress, you will see the same significant disparities between shipping costs as you’ll find on Zendrop.

Does Zendrop Ship Worldwide?

Yes, Zendrop ships to most countries around the world including the UK, Australia and Canada. Below is a list of the countries Zendrop ships to and the estimated shipping times. Be aware that according to many user reviews online, the shipping times were longer than stated on the Zendrop website.

CountryStandard Shipping TimesExpedited Shipping Times
Australia6 – 12 daysNot Available
Austria7 – 15 daysNot Available
Belgium7 – 15 daysNot Available
Brazil25 – 35 daysNot Available
Bulgaria10 – 20 daysNot Available
Canada7 – 15 days5 – 10 days
Croatia7 – 15 daysNot Available
Cyprus10 – 30 daysNot Available
Czech Republic10 – 20 daysNot Available
Denmark15 – 20 daysNot Available
Estonia10 – 20 daysNot Available
Finland7 – 15 daysNot Available
France6 – 12 days4 – 11 days
Germany6 – 12 days5 – 10 days
Greece7 – 15 daysNot Available
Hungary7 – 15 daysNot Available
Ireland7 – 15 daysNot Available
Italy7 – 15 days5 – 10 days
Kuwait10 – 30 daysNot Available
Latvia20 – 35 daysNot Available
Lithuania15 – 30 daysNot Available
Luxembourg7 – 15 daysNot Available
Malta20 – 30 daysNot Available
Mexico12 – 22 daysNot Available
Netherlands6 – 12 daysNot Available
New Zealand7 – 15 daysNot Available
Poland7 – 15 daysNot Available
Portugal7 – 15 daysNot Available
Romania10 – 20 daysNot Available
Saudi Arabia10 – 30 daysNot Available
Slovakia20 – 35 daysNot Available
Slovenia7 – 15 daysNot Available
South Africa 10 – 30 daysNot Available
Spain7 – 15 days3 – 7 days
Sweden7 – 15 daysNot Available
Switzerland7 – 15 daysNot Available
Thailand10 – 30 daysNot Available
Turkey10 – 30 daysNot Available
United Arab Emirates10 – 25 daysNot Available
United Kingdom5 – 10 days3 – 9 days
United States7 – 15 days5 – 12 days
Zendrop Shipping Times

For more information and estimated shipping times to more countries, I suggest you check out Zendrop’s Terms and Conditions.

Where Does Zendrop Ship From?

Zendrop acts as an intermediary between Chinese suppliers and dropshippers where most of its products originate from various regions in China. They do have some US shipping options for pro and plus users, but these are rather limited.

While a small number of products ship from the US, Zendrop primarily offers US shipping for bulk orders. Personally, I would not bulk order from Zendrop as I would want to deal with Chinese manufacturers myself and negotiate the best possible deal for myself.

It’s uncertain whether Zendrop actually holds any inventory within the USA. It’s a known practice for some AliExpress suppliers to claim US shipping when, in reality, they’re dispatching from China. You can delve deeper into this in my article titled “Where does AliExpress ship from?

Zendrop is a digital business. The idea that they’d maintain warehouses stocked with thousands of unsold products makes no sense.

Even if Zendrop does stock some items in the US, it’s crucial to recognize that this inventory is not only limited but also ever-changing. So, if you establish a selling pattern based on US stock, you might soon find it depleted and be left with China as the primary shipping source. Relying on such limited stock isn’t conducive to scaling a business.

In my opinion, it’s more strategic to source products in bulk directly from Alibaba or collaborate with a China-based agent. By directly procuring in bulk, not only can you potentially secure better prices than Zendrop, but you can also use a US-based fulfillment center for distribution.

Another viable approach is to partner with a Chinese agent. They can streamline product sourcing, negotiate prices on your behalf, and manage individual dropshipping from China. Benefits here include global shipping (as opposed to just US-based shipping) and access to premium shipping routes, ensuring faster delivery times than what’s typically seen with AliExpress and Zendrop.

I have several articles describing this process in more detail if you’re interested.

Zendrop Pricing

Zendrop provides three pricing plans: the Free, Pro, and Plus.

While Zendrop isn’t completely free, they do offer a basic Free plan. Under this plan, you only pay for the products you sell. However, its features are limited and cap you at 50 orders per month. This is a solid choice if you’re keen on testing the waters without shelling out cash upfront.

Note: You’ll need to link your Shopify store to access their dashboard and product catalog.

The Pro plan is $49 per month or $399 if you go for the annual subscription. You will be forced to pay for this plan if you start making sales from the free plan as 50 orders per month will not be adequate.

Besides unlimited monthly orders, it brings added perks like automated fulfillment, custom branding, and access to US products. This plan is likely the go-to for most paying Zendrop users.

Lastly, there’s the Plus plan, which will set you back $79 monthly or $549 for the year. While it boasts some extra sales tools, they aren’t vital for a standard dropshipping operation. However, if you’ve thrived on the Pro plan, the Plus might be a worthy upgrade.

I found these prices to be far too high for what you receive, I recommend you try the free plan first and see if the products, prices and shipping options align with your business plan. If I was to use a paid plan, I would opt for the Pro plan, I see no reason to use the Plus plan as a beginner.

Zendrop pricing plans

Who Should Use Zendrop?

Zendrop’s primary target seems to be those who are just dipping their toes into dropshipping. These beginners often lack a deep understanding of the business model, and might not recognize the pitfalls of relying on a middleman supplier like Zendrop for the long-term strategy.

I’d be genuinely surprised to see seasoned dropshippers or e-commerce experts turning to Zendrop. They’re usually well aware of the advantages of having fewer intermediaries between them and the product’s manufacturer.

From my standpoint, I wouldn’t direct anyone toward Zendrop, given there are superior alternatives out there. But if you’re leaning towards giving it a go, I’d suggest it’s best suited for dropshipping newcomers who aren’t too tech-savvy. Even then, I’d advise using Zendrop for a short stint – say, a month or two.

Why? Because Zendrop simplifies the entire dropshipping journey. Everything – from sourcing products to handling shipments – is consolidated on their platform, offering beginners an easier learning curve.

Though I feel the drawbacks of using Zendrop overshadow its perks, it’s undeniable that there’s some value for novices. For anyone fitting this profile and looking to try Zendrop, I’d caution against committing to their annual subscription. Stick to the Pro plan, but keep it brief, ideally no longer than a couple of months.

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Who Should Not Use Zendrop?

For those deeply committed to mastering dropshipping and e-commerce, I’d advise steering clear of Zendrop, and here’s my reasoning. Zendrop essentially simplifies the process for newcomers, streamlining steps that one should intimately understand.

A budding entrepreneur in e-commerce should be deeply engaged in:

  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Establishing and negotiating with these suppliers
  • Product research
  • Coordinating shipping
  • Order fulfillment
  • Managing inventory
  • Crafting a brand identity … among other key tasks.

Zendrop handles these for you, but I’d argue that anyone running a thriving dropshipping business could manage these tasks more efficiently on their own.

From my experience, I know I can source better suppliers, obtain superior products at a more cost-effective rate, and secure quicker, more economical shipping than what Zendrop offers. So, the question looms: Why would I part with $49 each month?

Consider this: if your rivals are retailing identical products, yet they’re directly sourcing, how will you compete?

Zendrop Pros (What I Like)

1. Ease of Use

I really do like the fact that Zendrop makes dropshipping easy. Many of the confusing tasks such as product and supplier sourcing as taken care of.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard and navigation of the Zendrop platform are perfect with an easy-to-use interface that makes the user experience simple for beginners.

3. Product Sourcing

Zendrop has a product sourcing feature that enables you to request a product that the Zendrop platform does not already stock. They will try and source the same or a similar product you are looking for.

4. Free Trial

There is a free plan with Zendrop, however, be aware that you will need to connect your Shopify store to access it. Both Pro and Plus plans do come with a 7-day free trial.

5. Features

Zendrop has a decent number of features for dropshippers including branding, bundles, chargeback management, automated fulfillment and trending product finder. Be aware many of these features are only available on the higher tier plans.

Below is a list of features that come with the Zendrop paid plans.

List of Zendrop features that come with the paid plans.

Zendrop Cons (What I Don’t Like)

1. Product Pricing

I found product prices were similar to or slightly higher than you typically get on AliExpress when you combine product and shipping costs.

2. Shipping

Shipping prices and times vary drastically between products. In some countries, the shipping times were far too long to build a business. I also found the shipping prices high with some products that making a profit after shipping expenses was virtually impossible.

3. Price

Whilst there is a free plan, you’re forced to upgrade as the free plan only allows 50 orders per month which is less than 2 orders per day. When you consider CJ Dropshipping is free and you only pay for the products, it’s hard to justify $49 and $79 per month.

4. Support

I did see a lot of complaints online about Zendrop support, however, I can only judge from my own experience. I found the responses to my emails reasonably fast but I found the support unhelpful and rude at times.

5. Product Variety

Probably my biggest gripe is the product selection on Zendrop. I know what makes a good dropshipping product and the majority of Zendrop products are not ideal, especially if you want to build a brand. They are products that are only suitable for general stores which is my least favorite store type, I believe you should build a niche or one-product store.

Below is a screenshot of pet products on Zendrop. Each product will have a shipping price which is shown on the product page when you click on each product.

Zendrop pet products
Zendrop Products

Zendrop Reviews – What Do Users Think?

When searching for Zendrop reviews, chances are you’ll stumble upon feedback on Trust Pilot and the Shopify app store. On Shopify, Zendrop boasts an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, while on Trust Pilot, it’s slightly higher at 4.8 out of 5.

Now, you might wonder, how genuine are these reviews? Well, the only ones who can vouch for their absolute authenticity are the folks behind Zendrop. But, it’s worth noting that generating fake reviews isn’t challenging. There are many platforms out there where one can buy heaps of fake 5-star reviews.

Given the notoriously low success rate in dropshipping, the probability of a platform in this space consistently earning so many 5-star ratings is questionable. But, maybe I’m underselling them. Perhaps Zendrop genuinely outpaces its competitors.

Here’s a suggestion: sift through those 5-star reviews. Do they resonate as authentic? Afterward, explore reviews with varied ratings to gather a rounded perspective.

From the reviews I’ve read, recurring complaints revolve around product quality, long shipping times, unresponsive support, and refund issues.

Below is an example of a positive 5-star review and a negative 1-star review. I have my opinion as to which I believe to be real but I’ll let you be the judge as to whether they sound like genuine people leaving a review.

Positive Zendrop review
Negative Zendrop review

I want to emphasize: that I can’t definitively classify these co plaints as genuine or fake. It’s always worthwhile to approach these reviews with a discerning eye and a pinch of skepticism.

Conclusion – Is Zendrop a Good Supplier?

While I acknowledge that Zendrop might have certain perks for newcomers to dropshipping, it’s not a service I’d endorse. I find it hard to reconcile with the idea of shelling out $49 a month for a platform that, in my view, offers less than the free-to-use AliExpress.

AliExpress trumps with its expansive product range, comparable pricing, and diverse shipping options. Plus, AliExpress offers a VIP link with a slew of benefits for merchants. For a deep dive into this, check out my article on AliExpress VIP links.

The one big issue with AliExpress is the unreliability of suppliers. If you’re concerned about this, I recommend using CJ Dropshipping, they have a large catalog of reasonably priced products with fast shipping and they are free to use.

To wrap up my thoughts on Zendrop: My intention isn’t to bash, but to guide. I’m wary of anyone potentially being misled.

Let’s be clear: Zendrop isn’t a scam, they are a legitimate business. But I get why they might be tempting to the uninitiated in e-commerce. The problem is I cannot see how you are able to build a long-term and sustainable business using Zendrop.

A similar alternative to Zendrop is Spocket, I have an unbiased review if you want to see if Spocket is worth it for your business.

With already thin margins in dropshipping, introducing another middleman doesn’t seem smart or necessary. I’d genuinely be intrigued if anyone has managed to thrive with them over an extended period.

If you’ve ever dabbled with Zendrop, I’m all ears. I’d genuinely appreciate hearing about your experience, good or bad.

Zendrop FAQs

How long does Zendrop take to ship to Europe?

Zendrop typically ships products to most European countries within 6 to 15 business days, though delivery to more remote European locations might take longer.

How long does Zendrop take to ship to South Africa?

Per Zendrop’s website, shipping to South Africa ranges from 30 to 90 days using their platform.

Is Zendrop free?

Zendrop provides a free plan with limited features. As your business grows, transitioning to a paid plan will likely be essential. With the free plan, your only expenses are the costs of the products.

What is Zendrop’s return policy for paid plans?

With Zendrop’s paid plans, you receive a 7-day free trial. After this period, any refund requests are evaluated by Zendrop on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Zendrop return and refund policy for sold products?

You need to provide a high-quality photo or video of the damaged or defective product within 7 days of its arrival. Zendrop will then determine, at its sole discretion, whether to issue a refund or replace the product.

Where does Zendrop ship from?

Most Zendrop products are shipped from suppliers located in different regions of China.

What is Zendrop’s return address?

Zendrop operates as a digital entity without a physical address, so returns should be directed to the specific supplier that dispatched the products.

Does Zendrop ship to India?

Yes, Zendrop ships to India, however, the shipping times will be between 15 to 22 business days.

Does Zendrop work in the UK?

You can use Zendrop in the UK and they offer shipping from 4 to 8 business days.

Does Zendrop ship for you?

Zendrop works with Chinese suppliers who manage the shipping and logistics side of your business.

Zendrop Review

Zendrop is one of the largest online dropshipping suppliers for merchants to build their eCommerce business.

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 49

Price Valid Until: 2023-12-31

Product In-Stock: InStock

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