USAdrop Review (2024) What I Like & Loathe!


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I didn’t have high hopes when I decided to review USAdrop. I’ve been critical of other similar dropshipping suppliers Spocket and Salehoo (Click the links to read my honest opinion) which I believe take advantage of unsuspecting beginners trying to start a dropshipping business.

So I decided to take a deeper dive and test USAdrop for myself.

Spoiler alert, USAdrop is one of the better options for beginners looking to create a dropshipping business. However, it’s not for everyone, there are some aspects I don’t like and I would not recommend it as a long-term solution for dropshipping.

I don’t want anyone to pay for a USAdrop membership only to find out it’s not the right choice for their business. I suggest you read the article first and then decide.

Check out USAdrop here for more information!

What is USAdrop?

USAdrop is a dropshipping platform that offers various services including; product sourcing, fulfillment, inventory storage, quality control and logistical solutions for eCommerce merchants. The platform is designed as an all-in-one solution for drop shippers.

USAdrop is an alternative to platforms such as AliExpress, which are a goldmine in terms of products but are fraught with problems as it’s created for consumers, not drop shippers. USAdrop is designed specifically for dropshipping which means many of the problems of AliExpress are reduced.

How Does USAdrop Work?

USAdrop operates in a similar way to how a dropshipping agent based in China would work. I have several articles on dropshipping agents listed below if you’re interested.

The main differences are USAdrop is targeted toward beginners who are just starting off their Shopify dropshipping business. An agent usually won’t work with anyone fulfilling less than 20 orders per day.

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However, because of this an agent will offer a more personalized experience and offer services such as, product development and customization, private labeling options, supplier evaluations, inventory management and much more.

For many beginners, these services will not be required in the beginning stages and USAdrop will fulfill the needs of many looking to start their dropshipping business.

USAdrop Pricing

Below is the pricing structure for USAdrop. They have a free plan which has its limitations including only 3 quotes per month and you cannot access the current winning products, instead, you are limited to past winners only.

The Professional and the Premium Plan offer much more in terms of additional monthly quotes, current winning products, faster sourcing time, unlimited orders and much more.

USAdrop pricing for basic, professional and premium plans
USAdrop pricing for each plan

Although you do receive a lot of benefits and advantages with the paid plans, the free plan will be more than adequate initially to find whether USAdrop is right for you.

If you do start having success with USAdrop, you will need to upgrade because of the unlimited orders but also because of the custom branding feature which includes custom packaging, thank you cards, logo stickers and more.

How to use USAdrop

USAdrop is relatively easy to use even for beginners. I’ll give you a quick rundown on how to actually use USAdrop if this is your first time.

How to use USAdrop – Step by step

1. How to Connect your Shopify Store to USAdrop

After you’ve signed up to USAdrop, you will need to connect your Shopify store. To do this, click on “My stores” in your account section. You can then click “Add Shopify store” and enter your Shopify store.
Then log into your Shopify account and click on the “Install app” icon and your Shopify store will be connected to your USAdrop account.

2. Sourcing Products

There are two main methods you can source products from USAdrop. Firstly, you can head to either the “Winners”, “Super Deals”, “POD” or “USA Warehouses” section of USAdrop to search for products listed on the USAdrop website which you might be interested in selling.
If USAdrop does not stock a product you want to dropship, you can let their team of agents source the products for you.
To do this, search for a product you’re interested in on AliExpress, then head to the “Orders” section of the USAdrop website and paste in the URL link of the product you want sourcing and the three countries you plan to sell to.
They will then send you a quote within 1 to 3 days of the product price shipped to each of the countries you requested.

3. Importing Products to your Shopify Store

Once you have chosen the products you want to dropship, you can then upload them to your Shopify store. Click “Import product” on the product page and you will have the option to edit your product name, description, images and variants. Once you click “Import to store” and enter your Shopify store, it should be imported into the product section of your Shopify store.

4. Fulfilling Orders

Any orders made on your Shopify store can easily be fulfilled by heading over to the “Orders” section of USAdrop and either clicking “Pay” to fulfill single orders or “Fulfill all orders” to fulfill all the orders at once.

USAdrop Shipping Times

The shipping times USAdrop is claiming appears to be one of the big selling points of their platform. So let’s have a look at how fast they really are.

Typically, the shipping times with USAdrop from China to the USA are 7 – 15 days and 5 – 8 days for high quality products. If you’re shipping from their USA based warehouse the shipping times will be 2 – 5 days.

If you’re selling to the USA and fast shipping is your number one priority then USAdrop definitely has some fast shipping times. Many dropship suppliers claim to be shipping from the USA when they’re not but USAdrop appears to be telling the truth.

Many of the products in the USA Warehoused section have 2 – 5 day shipping times. Other products have 4 – 7 day shipping times but these are generally POD (Print on Demand) products so are most likely being shipped from a different location within the USA.

If you’re not using USA warehouses and are sourcing from China instead the shipping times will obviously be significantly longer. The good news is that the shipping times will still usually be faster than AliExpress.

The reason for this is that AliExpress sellers usually use AliExpress Standard Shipping which is the best value option. However, USAdrop has access to superior shipping lines because of the large order volume they provide and faster processing times. They use YunExpress, Yanwen Express, FedEx and UPS which are faster and cost efficient.

USAdrop Products

When it comes to sourcing products on the USAdrop website, you have four options.

1. Winners

In the winner’s section, you can choose to view “Past Winners”, “Last Month’s Winners” and “Last Week’s Winners”. However, you’ll only have access to the past winners if you’re on the Free Plan, if you’re on the Professional Plan you can use last month’s winners and if you’re on the Premium Plan you have access to all the winners.

2. Super Deals

Super Deals are usually low cost products USAdrop has excess inventory of and are often valued around $1. This cost does not include shipping and you will have to contact an agent to confirm the shipping cost.

3. USA Warehoused

These are all the products currently located in the USA you can sell that will provide fast shipping. The shipping times will still vary as some of the items are located in a warehouse and others are coming from POD suppliers.

I would avoid selling any of the POD products listed in the USA warehoused section. The reason is these products are listed from POD sellers who are working with other POD companies such as, Printify and Printful. Meaning, you are buying from other dropshippers who are marking up the price, it would make more sense to go directly to the POD company yourself and cut them out.

4. POD (Print on Demand)

These products are different from the POD products listed in the USA warehoused section as they are from suppliers based in the USA who are essentially dropshipping themselves. The POD products in this section of USAdrop are customizable items from suppliers based in China.

Dropshipping Essentials Members Area

Are USAdrop Products Cheaper than AliExpress?

I tested whether USAdrop products are cheaper or more expensive than AliExpress. I compared several exact versions of the same product.

I found the prices varied drastically and whilst many were similar in price to AliExpress, some USAdrop products were more expensive whilst others were cheaper than AliExpress. Here are some examples:

Above is a screenshot of the same Halloween slippers. From AliExpress the slippers cost just over US $15 shipped whilst the USAdrop price is US $25.99.

Bear in mind that USAdrop offers 4 – 7 day shipping and AliExpress is 26 day shipping. This is still a large discrepancy and not a product worth dropshipping from USAdrop. The recommended Shopify selling price for the slipper according to USAdrop is $42. Trust me, nobody will purchase these slippers for US $42!

Above is a magnetic charging case for US $9.57 on USAdrop whilst the same charging case is listed for $15.05 on AliExpress. These are both being shipped from China but it is considerably cheaper on USAdrop.

These examples suggest there are definitely some products with the potential to be dropshipped profitably but you will have to shop around and see if the product can be sourced at a lower cost. I compared several other products and found most products were similar to AliExpress in price.

Product Sourcing with USAdrop

In my opinion, sourcing products with USAdrop is the number one reason to use their platform. This way you can source the products you actually want to sell instead of only selling the products they have in stock.

Head to the sourcing section of USAdrop and copy and paste the URL of any product from AliExpress. USAdrop does not source products from AliExpress themselves, they will source the product from a supplier based in China who stocks the same product.

This often means they can source the product at a lower cost than you will receive from AliExpress. Below are a couple of examples of products I requested quotes for with USAdrop.

The AliExpress version of the portable blender below was US $9.98 with 4-week shipping to the USA. USAdrop quoted US $8.88 shipped to the USA and only US $7.02 shipped to the UK. Typically they would offer faster shipping than AliExpress suppliers.

The next example is children’s building stones. Including shipping, this item costs just US $19.07 to the USA and USAdrop quoted US $13.92.

Using USAdrop can be a very effective strategy if you’re building a one-product store or any store with a small inventory. It enables you to potentially find the product at a lower cost where you can fulfill your orders through the USAdrop platform and it means you don’t have to deal directly with AliExpress suppliers who can be very unreliable.

Another advantage is USAdrop does offer a one-on-one consultant for high volume sellers and can offer specialized services and free storage in their warehouses.

Here’s a quick tip; if you start scaling your business in excess of 20 orders per day, you would be better off working with a private dropshipping agent company in China. You will receive better product prices and more benefits than you will receive with USAdrop.

USAdrop vs Zendrop

Zendrop is the most similar to USAdrop in terms of the service offered. They both source their products from manufacturers and suppliers based in China and often at a lower cost to AliExpress. Whilst neither platform is better than the other, it really depends on your business needs.

The other similar alternative to USAdrop is CJ Dropshipping which offers many of the same features but no monthly fees. The product pricing will differ so it may be worth checking both platforms first.


In terms of pricing, both offer a free plan which are limited. Zendrop has 2 tiered plans which cost $49 and $79 per month. Whilst USAdrop has 2 plans which cost $19.99 and $30.99 per month.

The product pricing varies on both platforms, however, USAdrop appears to have a slightly lower product cost overall.


Zendrop has more products available on its platform compared to USAdrop. However, many of the products on Zendrop are not ideal for dropshipping, they would be much better suited to a general store selling random products.

USAdrop products often change as they bulk buy current trending products and stock products other sellers are currently selling.


Zendrop has more in terms of features with Zendrop academy, product bundles and additional private labeling options. It really depends on which features your business requires to know whether it’s worth the extra monthly cost.

The most important feature they both provide is the ability to source products from China which many dropshipping platforms do not offer.


USAdrop has a US-based warehouse that can provide very fast shipping, however, that’s only if you want to dropship products currently stocked in their US warehouse.

If you’re dropshipping from China, Zendrop has the option of express shipping to several countries but it will cost extra.

USAdrop Pros and Cons


  • USA based warehouse
  • The ability to source products not already stocked
  • Product pricing is very reasonable
  • Plans are lower cost than other alternatives
  • Easy platform to use and navigate
  • Private labeling options
  • USAdrop is responsible for refunds if the product arrives to your customer defective.
  • You can run your business entirely from the USAdrop platform instead of dealing with multiple AliExpress suppliers.
  • Many services and features including; custom branding, bulk fulfillment and video shooting.


  • Fewer products than similar dropship companies
  • Many of the USA warehouses products are POD suppliers listing their products
  • Product pricing is reasonable but also varies meaning you’ll have to price check with other suppliers
  • The free plan is limited
  • USA-warehoused products have limited stock which changes regularly, making it difficult to scale
  • They only integrate with Shopify.


Is USAdrop free?

There is a free plan with USAdrop although it offers minimal features, only 3 product quotes per month and access to a limited number of products to dropship.

Does USAdrop only integrate with Shopify?

Shopify is the only eCommerce platform USAdrop currently integrates with.

What is USAdrop’s refund policy?

Refunds for subscriptions may be considered in certain situations but are often dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

How do you download the USAdrop app?

Once you add your Shopify store on the USAdrop website, you’ll be taken to Shopify which gives you the option to install the USAdrop app.

Is USAdrop legit?

USAdrop is a legitimate business and is one of the best ways to dropship from China without dealing with unreliable AliExpress suppliers, long processing times and poor quality products.

Does USAdrop only ship to the USA?

USAdrop ships to many countries including the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand and many more locations.

Conclusion – Should You use USAdrop?

I was initially skeptical of USAdrop as I thought it was another dropshipping platform like Spocket, which I’m not a huge fan of as you can read in my article here.

However, USAdrop does offer better products than other platforms at lower prices and faster shipping if they have the item stocked in their warehouse.

I would avoid dropshipping POD (Print on demand) products that are already located in the US. These products are from other POD sellers based in the US and you’ll find many of the same products already stocked on other eCommerce websites and Etsy.

The area that USAdrop shines is its ability to source products. They are a team of agents based in China which means they have built up relationships with factories in China. This often provides a lower cost of goods, improved product quality and faster shipping and lead times.

However, this all comes at a cost as you can only source 3 products per month on the free plan which isn’t really enough. You’ll have to upgrade to the premium plan to receive unlimited sourcing quotes.

Overall, I would recommend USAdrop to anyone looking at an alternative to dropshipping from AliExpress. It would mitigate many of the issues associated with AliExpress.

The best use of the platform is the sourcing feature. This way you can source the exact item you want to sell instead of the items they have in stock which many times are not ideal for dropshipping.

I would not recommend scaling your business with USAdrop as you are far better off transitioning into working with a Chinese agent and buying in bulk. Think of USAdrop as a stepping stone in your business.

Check out the USAdrop website here for more information.

USAdrop Review

USAdrop is an all-in-one solution dropshipping platform. USAdrop stocks products, manages inventory and ships goods directly to customers.

Product Brand: USAdrop

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