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There are certain products we’ve all seen for the first time and wanted right away. That is the kind of product you want to sell and hopefully, you’ll find it in this article.

With so much competition online these days it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Selling something unique is one of the best ways to find cracks in the market.

Before I wrote this article I decided to Google what other websites were recommending unique products to sell online. I wasn’t having much luck.

I found products such as jewelry, shoes, water bottles, coffee machines, fitness equipment and so on. Don’t get me wrong, consumers want these products and they sell, although you will face an abundance of competitors and differentiating yourself will be difficult.

For some more niche ideas, I have an article on over 400 profitable niches to sell online.

Why Should You Sell Unique Products Online?

The obvious reason you should sell unique products is less competition. It’s as simple as if fewer people think about selling it then fewer people will actually sell it. The next big one is you ideally want to sell products that aren’t easily accessible at most shopping centers.

You can provide the best customer experience possible for your online store, but that won’t compare to the experience of buying it from a brick-and-mortar store. Depending on the type of product it is, most consumers would rather touch, feel and see a product in person before they purchase it.

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This is why apparel is the most returned product online. It can be hard to know how it feels, fits and whether it even looks good on you just by looking at an image on a screen and on a model for that matter!

For this reason, it’s always best to sell unique products online that are not easily found at most shopping centers. If a consumer can buy a product at their local department store, why would they buy it from you? They get less of a buying experience, they have to wait for delivery, returning the product is more of a hassle and it can often be more expensive.

The next big advantage to selling unique products is advertising can be far more effective if you plan to advertise on any of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok or Instagram. Selling on these platforms is known as “interruption marketing”.

People are not usually on such platforms to make a purchase so it’s your job to interrupt them and stop them in their tracks. Unique products with some kind of wow factor or unique selling point are often the thing that will stop a person from scrolling through their social media feed and taking notice of your ad.

Always consider what will pique someone’s interest and curiosity when deciding on a product to advertise. You will find the click through rate (CTR) on these types of products will be far higher.

How to Find Unique Products to Sell

I’m going to assume if you’re reading this article you want to find unique products that everyone else is not already selling. If so, don’t use product research tools.

You will find some unique products using these tools, however, the problem is other people are often using these tools too. This means other people will also be selling them.

I have used several product research tools and from my experience, Sell the Trend is the best and the only one I use.

I hate to break it to you but the best way of finding unique products to sell is to use your brain. Look at all the people in your life and what they’re doing and you’ll be surprised at the ideas you come up with:

  • What sports and hobbies are they interested in?
  • What makes them happy?
  • What problems do they have and what products would help their problems?
  • What do they have around their house?
  • What have they spent money on in the past?

For example, I have a friend who is soundproofing a room in their home. I then looked into this and found since real-world issues have arisen, more people are working from home and trying to soundproof parts of their houses.

I then realized to do this they need specially designed wall panels called acoustic panels. On Google trends, acoustic paneling has been in high demand since early 2020. This is why I included it in my list, it is a unique product most people wouldn’t consider selling and people are searching for it online.

The 40 Best Unique Products to Sell Online in 2023!

1. Underwater Scooters

Underwater scooters have propellers enabling users to travel on top or underwater at faster speeds.

There are many different varieties to sell which vary in price from a few hundred all the way up to several thousand.

2. Pet Rehab Equipment

Pet products can be a competitive niche but rehabilitation equipment is far less competitive.

There are many different products to sell with rehab products and people are always willing to spend a lot of money on their pet’s health.

3. Earthing/Grounding Mat

Earthing mats have grown in popularity in recent years and make a great unique product to sell.

They are supposed to mimic the electric currents of the earth and help users to connect with the earth.

4. Canvas Tents

Glamorous camping or glamping has taken off and with that, luxury canvas tent sales are increasing.

These tents can be huge with multiple rooms and are often used as accommodation for many holiday destinations.

Check out my article for more info on selling luxury items online.

5. Infrared Sauna Blanket

The health benefits of saunas are becoming well known to the general public and therefore they are becoming more popular.

The problem is they are big and expensive which is why sauna blankets make a top alternative.

6. Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Indoor vegetable gardens make it possible for households to grow vegetables and herbs on their kitchen tops.

This product has a wow factor and can really stand out to audiences.

7. Human Body Teaching Models

Teaching props can be a very unique product that can be sold online or to businesses.

This can include a range of products from skeletons and anatomy for medical and teaching purposes.

8. Backyard Wind Turbine

Wind turbine generators turn mechanical energy into electrical energy helping power homes.

This could be a profitable product if sold to homesteaders and preppers or anyone trying to live off the land.

9. Pet Urns and Caskets

Pet products are evergreen as there are constantly new pet owners and pets passing away every day.

I would only sell a product such as this online if I could provide very fast shipping. People are not going to wait several weeks for you to ship their pet urns from China.

10. Hydrofoil Board

A hydrofoil board is almost like a futuristic surfboard. The bottom section is in the water whilst the upper section hovers above the water.

Products in the hobby and sports niche can be profitable as the audience is very passionate and only want the best equipment, this also ties into a person’s status and ego too.

11. Wooden Beehive

These wooden beehives are a great product to build a brand around.

There are many different kinds of wooden beehives with some you can simply turn a tap on and pour honey directly into a jar.

12. Home Golf Simulator

Golf simulators can be a well sought-after product for a man cave and golfers really love their golf meaning they don’t mind spending a lot of money on a must-have product.

This is a smart option for high ticket items as they often go for over 10k each.

13. Robot Lawn Mowers

I think everyone hates cutting lawns and this is the ultimate problem-solving product to sell.

Simply charge these up and let them take care of the rest.

14. Zorb Ball

A very unique product in a very unique niche.

Zorb balls are often used as a sport or fun activity. They are reasonably high priced and often sold in multiples.

15. Work Vehicle Storage

This can be a profitable niche to pursue as vehicle storage is very common yet not overly competitive.

Providing a simple storage solution for family cars or shelving for work vans.

16. Self Cleaning Litter Box

An auto-cleaning pet litter box is a unique and problem solving product.

As well as being self cleaning, many of these litter boxes connect to a phone and monitor a cat’s health.

17. Water Purifying Cube

Water purifying cubes are supposed to filter and clean a water supply.

These can be used to clean fish tanks as well as farm animal’s drinking water.

18. Egg Incubators

Egg incubators are devices that regulate temperature to the ideal conditions for eggs to hatch.

There is not a huge market for incubators but they may be worth selling if related to your niche.

19. Reaction Light System

A light reaction system is a fitness tool to increase reflexes, agility and cardio.

A unique high ticket product that is small and lightweight for shipping.

20. Ice Plunge Tub

There are a lot of plunge pools currently on the market.

They vary from inflatable plunge tubs for under $100 all the way up to $15,000 for the best of the best.

21. Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels can be folded up and used to charge small appliances and generators.

The panels can be targeted towards any audience in the outdoor niche such as, camping, fishing and survival.

22. Humidors

Humidors are storage containers for cigars, cigarettes, tobacco and cannabis. They are used to keep the optimal humidity level.

They can range from small boxes all the way to large cabinets.

23. Dementia Clock

A dementia clock assists the elderly with memory issues by speaking the date and time as well as giving medication reminders.

Any problem solving product targeted toward a health issue such as this is often very profitable.

24. Inflatable Bubble Tent

Bubble tents have increased in popularity in recent years. If you don’t believe me, check Google trends because even I was surprised!

These tents are simply big clear domes that people often use for special events or even accommodation.

25. Car Umbrella

A car umbrella can be used to reduce the heat on a car or even help prevent hail damage.

There are many different variations and prices you can sell them for.

26. Wi-Fi Weather Station

Wi-Fi weather stations provide an array of detailed information regarding temperature and weather.

This can be a product targeted towards weather nerds or even gardeners, etc. as certain plants require specific conditions to flourish.

27. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are heavier than usual blankets and are supposed to reduce anxiety and stress.

There are different types and weights which can be sold.

28. Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t exactly unique but it is a unique product to sell online. I recommend selling high-end luxury alcohol as it just is not viable to be shipping beer for example.

For more information check out my article on How to dropship alcohol.

29. Mannequins

A product not many people would consider selling as an online business.

The issue would be shipping as they are relatively large which means this niche may not be viable in some countries.

30. Vertical Garden Bed

Vertical garden systems are self-watering and can often be used outdoors or indoors.

They are an easy way to grow edible greens without the need to own a garden.

31. USB Baby Bottle Heater

USB baby bottle heaters are a unique product that is growing in sales on AliExpress but I am yet to see them in any brick and mortar stores.

This solves a problem and is a product just about every postnatal mom could use.

32. Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen

I had never seen an inflatable projector screen until recently and realized there were a bunch of ads running for them which means people are buying them.

They vary in size a lot and can be as big as any cinema screen.

33. Portable Tanning Equipment

There are multiple tanning products and equipment that can be sold such as beds, booths, lights and spraying products.

These products are often used for special events and shows which is why portable products may be a profitable choice.

34. Gun Safe

Gun safes have been steadily increasing in demand over the past 20 years with all the media coverage around gun incidents.

They can be sold as large safes that can hold multiple guns of various sizes or small safes for a handgun.

35. Multi-Use Diaper Bag

A very common product with a very unique feature many moms could probably use.

It is designed as a regular diaper bag but can also be used as a portable cot or change table when on the go.

36. Prospecting Supplies

Metal detectors are expensive products and gold prospectors are willing to pay a premium price because they want the best possible equipment.

There is an abundance of other products and accessories that can be sold in this niche.

37. USB Heated Clothing

Clothing can be a tough niche to break into due to the level of competition. USB heated clothing is certainly a unique way of standing out from the crowd.

There are multiple pieces of clothing you can sell from jackets, gloves and scarves.

38. Survival Kit

A survival kit is a product most people don’t think to sell yet a product most families would need/want.

There are many different types of survival kits to sell from first aid, outdoors, home, car, office and more.

39. Aquaponics Fish Tank

Aquaponics fish tanks combine as a home for fish and growing green edible plants.

The root system is in the tank which helps clean the tank water whilst also helping feed the plants above.

40. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are specially designed wall panels that are used to absorb sound and mitigate much of the noise.

They are primarily used for soundproofing rooms. According to Google trends, acoustic panels are in high demand for the last few years making them a top product to sell.

More Unique Products to Sell Online

Products to SellUnique Products within the Niche to Sell
Unique Food Products to SellSous Vide
Chocolate Fountains
Fondue Sets
USB Food Warmer
Unique Health/Beauty Products to SellLED Skin Therapy
Magnetic Eye Lashes
PEFM Machine
Car Vanity Mirror
Unique Baby/Children Products to SellChildren’s Luggage
Water Trampoline
Rubber Sole Walking Shoes
Mud Kitchen
Unique Digital Products to SellWebsite Themes
Resume Templates
Kids Audiobooks
Nutrition Plans
Unique Hobby/Sports Products to SellIce Fishing
Model Trains
Unique Pet Products to SellCustomized Pet Art
Heated Pet Beds
Pet Treadmills
Wireless Dog Fence
Unique Clothing Products to SellBarefoot Shoes
Sheepskin Ugg Boots
Unique Furniture/Home Decor Products to Sell3D Wallpaper
Outdoor Sunrooms
Electric Canopies
Table of Unique Products to Sell

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