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I regularly check out the newest and most successful eCommerce stores online. I want to see what they’re selling, how they’re branding their stores and how they’re advertising products. I like to stay up to date with the latest tactics and I want ideas to implement into my own stores.

If there is one common denominator I’m starting to see more and more, it’s branded one product Shopify stores. They are popping up everywhere and it’s not hard to see why. For some of the best examples, check out my article what is the best one-product store (ranked).

Creating a profitable store based around a single product has a lot of advantages. The biggest problem with a one product store is they fail regularly in the early stages. The two most common reasons I see one product stores fail is:

  1. The branding isn’t right. Don’t assume because you found a great product with a hungry audience of buyers it’ll sell.
  2. Selling the wrong product. Even if you nail every part of your store, optimize your ads and set an attractive price. If you’re selling a boring product, the rest is a waste.

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What Makes a Profitable One Product Store?

I have certain criteria I follow when it comes to a one product store. It doesn’t mean every product I choose has to meet each point but it’s essential to review the following list of criteria when selecting a product.

  1. Uniqueness – It can be a regular household product but it needs to be a different or unique version. For example, you may sell a unique kids toy, pillow or kitchen gadget. It’s best if the product can’t easily be found at regular brick and mortar stores.
  2. Brandable – All products can be branded although certain products are much more difficult to build a brand around. Some products already have brand loyalty and others don’t have as much of a need for branding.
  3. Profitable – Can the product be sold at a high enough price point where you can pay for the product, shipping, ads and any additional costs and still make a profit? If the only way to make it profitable is to sell it for a price above your competitors, you’re going to struggle.
  4. Size – How large is your product? If you’re dropshipping from China, you can’t sell anything too large or heavy as the margins won’t make sense with the high shipping costs. If you plan to dropship from domestic suppliers, large and heavy products can still be profitable.
  5. Audience – The product needs a hungry audience of buyers. This usually means a product that either solves a specific problem or a product that has a passionate market. Think about sports, hobbies, music, cooking, parenting, religion and the list goes on.
  6. Marketable – Can you advertise the product on your preferred advertising platform? For example, Facebook is the most popular advertising platform for dropshippers, however, Facebook has very strict rules in place for what products can be advertised and how you advertise them.
  7. Evergreen – The product needs to be evergreen and not too competitive. I’m not interested in selling overly saturated products or short trending products that die out at some point.
  8. Simple – Ideally you want products that aren’t too complicated with minimal moving or delicate parts. Complex products will have more returns and refunds due to breakage and can require customer service due to not understanding how to use the product correctly.
  9. Minimal variations – The more variants the more problems you’ll have. Not to mention if you make a bulk order, you will need to order a bulk amount of each variant which increases your risk and you’ll have to constantly manage inventory as specific variants sell out.

Some of these criteria are more important than others and nothing is set in stone. If I have a gut feeling about a product that isn’t meeting all of my criteria, I still give it a go.

I am often still surprised with the products I have seen people make money from. An average product can be perceived as far better than it actually is if it’s branded right. If you’re undecided whether you should sell a single product, read this article for a guide on one product or multiple products.

Top 30 Product Ideas for Your One Product Shopify Store

1. Wall-Mountable Bike Rack

This bike rack is a space saver as the bike can be turned on an angle to take up less space. It can be used in the home or the garage.

The rack has a 360 degree rotating hook which can be used to turn the bike onto whichever angle required.

You can make good margins on this product as it can be shipped to your customer for around $10 and easily sold for $50.

2. Multi-Functional Selfie Stick

These selfie sticks have up to 6 different uses and can be used as a regular selfie stick or as a tripod. They’re even small enough to fit in your pocket!

Definitely aimed towards the younger market and have many upsells with any phone-related accessories.

There are different types but generally sell for around $10 shipped.

3. Self Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box solves a gross and smelly problem. Not to mention is targeted towards a very passionate audience in cat owners.

This is a high ticket product as it can sell for anywhere from $100 up to $300 depending on the variant you want to sell.

A perfect brandable product and ideal for a one product store.

4. Trace and Draw Projector

The trace and draw projector is a great kids product to dropship especially during Q4.

It’s not something I have seen in shops yet and will really stand out as a unique kids toy.

You can have this product shipped for around $12 leaving a bit of room to make a decent profit margin.

5. Foldable Dog Pool

These foldable pools can be used for pets or even kids. They are a good option for those who want to bath their pets or simply don’t want to have a pool set up in their yard all the time.

The price ranges from $10 to $20 shipped depending on the type and size of the pool. I’ve seen them being sold for anywhere between $30 and $100.

6. USB Heated Clothing

USB heated clothing has grown in popularity over the past few years.

There are jackets, gloves and scarves which can be targeted towards buyers in colder climates.

The heated jackets are around $20 and can be sold for at least $50 depending on how you brand them.

7. Bike Turning Signal

This product is a USB remote-controlled indicator for bikes which can easily solve a potentially dangerous problem for cyclists.

Found on AliExpress for $5 to $10 which means creating a one product store around these can be very profitable, if branded correctly.

8. Dementia Clock

This clock is specifically designed to assist people living with dementia. It clearly states the day and times as well as notifications for medication times and many more features.

Available on AliExpress for between $15 and $40 and I have seen them being sold for over $100.

Only work with reputable suppliers when buying anything electrical as many of the products can be of lower quality.

9. Absorbent Floor Mat

These super absorbent bathroom mats are modern looking and can be targeted towards the elderly or parents as a safety product.

Sold for around $10 to $15 on AliExpress and can sell for at least 3 times that price if marketed well.

10. Pregnancy Pillow

There are multiple different pregnancy pillows currently available to sell with a consistent demand for these pillows in the past few years.

Even though they have some competition, because it’s an evergreen product, new sellers can enter the market today and still be profitable if they brand their store correctly.

11. Pet Sofa Protector

Pet related products are evergreen and sell really well, the problem is, sometimes they can be quite competitive.

These sofa protectors aren’t too competitive yet and will make a great product to build a one product store around.

Selling for around $20 shipped which means you’ll want to sell them for around $50 ideally.

12. Hail Proof Car Covers

I have no idea if this car cover actually protects from hail but if you can prove to your customers it actually works, you’ll make a killing!

Testing and social proof would be a must. Maybe drop some golf balls onto the roof from up high. (Don’t blame me if your car gets some panel damage in the process!!)

13. Automatic Fishing Rod Holder

The days of finding a V-shaped stick to hold your rod are gone. These fishing rod holders will also automatically pull back your rod as your fish bites to help catch them.

This is a very handy product aimed at a passionate audience in fishermen. A video ad showing the product in use will go a long way in helping your conversion rate.

14. Baby Sleeping Bag

These are cute, they solve a problem and are targeted towards moms, the most passionate market of buyers there is.

Selling for around $13 shipped on AliExpress, they could be sold for $35 to $50 making a very healthy profit margin.

Be sure to include safety information with the product.

15. Toy Storage Bag

These toy storage bags double as a play mat for kids and an easy clean-up and toy bag. Moms will love these at it reduces mess and is perfect for small toys, such as lego.

They generally sell for around $15 to $20 on AliExpress and are often sold for $50.

16. Pet Cooling Mat

I have one of these and my dog loves it during summer. Big dogs especially struggle in some climates and keeping them as cool as possible is important.

Depending on the type of mat you buy they generally sell on AliExpress for between $5 to $20.

17. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have been consistently growing in popularity for several years now. They are meant to reduce anxiety, stress and increase sleep.

The blankets can be a high ticket item as the better quality ones can go for up to $100 on AliExpress.

18. Reaction Training Lights

Reaction training lights are designed to improve fitness, reflexes, peripheral vision, cognition and motor skills.

They are a high ticket item generally costing between $200 to $300 on AliExpress.

It can be a top product to brand if you source a supplier with a quality product at a low enough price.

19. Kids Fort Builder

I would have loved one of these when I was a kid. This makes a top gift for kids as there are heaps of ways they can make an indoor or outdoor fort.

Available on AliExpress for around $10 to $20 and can be sold for $30 to $40, making an adequate profit margin.

20. Dog Bathrobe

These super absorbent dog bathrobes are a very handy product for dog owners. Anyone who takes their dog swimming or for a bath knows how annoying it is to get a wet dog into their car.

Selling for around $10 to $15 and can easily be sold for 3 times that if marketed correctly. A video ad will go a long way with this product.

21. Night Light Diffuser

Night light diffusers humidify the air, provide a bedside light and you can add essential oils. They are a reasonably popular product on AliExpress so creating a one product store based around a unique looking version could do very well.

Ranging in price from $5 to $20 depending on the type and features.

22. Sauna Blanket

Sauna blankets have been steadily growing in demand for several years now. They are a clever alternative for people who don’t have the money or space for a regular sauna.

You can market this blanket from multiple angles as they have many health benefits you can try to target.

Average for $100 to have them shipped making this a high ticket item.

23. Baby Bottle Warmer

USB portable baby bottle warmers are a product many moms could find helpful. It’s the ideal dropshipping product as it targets a large passionate audience and solves a problem.

Depending on the type, they sell for around $5 to $25 and I’ve seen them being sold for $50 to $75 making a healthy profit.

24. Car Scanner Tool

This car tool can read codes, erase codes, detect faults, change information and much more.

If this is a product you’d like to sell, make sure you only work with a reputable supplier with a quality product. Electrical products from China can sometimes be of inferior quality so always order a sample first.

The average price is around $20 on AliExpress depending on the supplier and variant you choose.

25. USB Food Chopper

This vegetable chopper can be charged via a USB making it portable to take anywhere. It can obviously be targeted towards time saving in the kitchen, moms who need to chop up baby food on the go as well as people with eating difficulties.

Listed on AliExpress for $10 to $15 shipped and can easily be sold for $40. This could be a top product to be sold with the portable blender.

26. Portable Solar Panel

Men especially love these kinds of products. They make for a great gift for a dad/granddad who’s into fishing, camping or any outdoor activity. A 6V portable solar panel with a built-in ultra bright light.

They sell for $20 to $25 on AliExpress and can be sold for at least $50 making a considerable profit margin.

27. Automatic Pet Feeder

There are many different automatic pet feeders that have a variety of features from set feeding times to the ability to actually talk to your pet whilst you’re not home.

They are reasonably competitive, however because they are an evergreen product and there are so many varieties you can sell a variant pet owners haven’t seen before.

Varying in price from $20 and can go up to $100 shipped making them on the higher pricing end of dropshipping.

28. Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are a clever problem solving product for women, teenagers and some guys. Anything related to improving the way people look is generally a profitable option.

These are sold on AliExpress for a few dollars so the profit margins can be very large if you brand them right.

29. Portable Coffee Maker

People who love their coffee can’t live without it no matter where they are! This portable coffee maker is a unique product to sell as your target audience is large and coffee is so addictive!

On AliExpress they vary in price from $15 all the way up to $80.

30. Reusable Diapers

My wife paid a fortune for these several years ago from a website branding them as though they were the creator of the product. That means their branding was spot on.

A sustainable and eco friendly product to build a one product store around. There are a lot of variants with many cute, must have prints!


I believe all these products can be profitable if you focus on your branding. If you put in the work to create your store so it is themed to resonate with your market, it’ll go a long way!

There are many variables and other aspects of your store you’ll need to get right, but how your product is perceived and branded is one of the most important. I have a complete Guide to Creating a One Product Store if you want a step by step approach.

If you decide to go ahead and create a store based around one of these products, I’d love to hear about your experience, good or bad.

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