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I’ve always been skeptical of most online product research tools. They tend to offer lists of products that aren’t quite right for dropshipping, often with steep price tags. However, Dropispy is a little different.

For starters, it’s inexpensive for the value it offers which is very different to most dropshipping tools on the market.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through everything about Dropispy: what it does, its unique features, some alternatives, its pricing structure, and – most importantly – whether it’s a worthwhile tool for someone just starting out in dropshipping.

I contacted the Dropispy tool and asked if they could offer any discount codes for my readers and they nicely accepted. Click this link and use the code HUSTLE30 for 30% off for your first 3 months.

What Does Dropispy Do?

If you’ve been in the dropshipping space for a while, you’ll know one of the most common and effective strategies for dropshippers is to see what’s working and replicate their success. That’s exactly what Dropsipy is the best at.

Dropispy tracks ads on social media platforms and provides a ton of useful data that shows you what to sell and what to avoid selling. This way you can see which are the best-performing ads so you know what’s trending and declining in popularity.

This way you essentially have a blueprint as to what is currently working as opposed to hoping your business will work.

Dropispy homepage showing how to find winning products.

Dropispy Features

While Dropispy may not boast the extensive feature set of alternatives like Sell the Trend, which offers a wide array of features. I’ve found that Dropispy’s selection of tools, though fewer in number, tend to be more effective and relevant for practical use.

Personally, I prefer a toolkit with fewer useful features that I’ll actually use, rather than a ton of tools that might go unused.

List of Dropispy features

Ads Database

Ads Galore Dropispy stands out with its extensive collection of dropshipping ads, reportedly adding more than 20,000 daily. This provides a considerable amount of data for understanding current market trends. How relevant and efficient these ads are, however, entirely depends on your individual strategies and market niche.

Shop Analysis

A Close Look at Shops Dropispy’s ‘Shops’ section offers a peek into thousands of dropshipping stores, presenting data like store ranking, daily page views, and bounce rates. It also provides details on the eCommerce platforms used, which might be insightful, although the usefulness of this feature could vary based on what you personally find valuable.

Competitor Store Strategies

Competitive Analysis Dropispy includes a feature for understanding your competitors’ strategies. This can be beneficial if your business model is driven by competition. But for those who focus on originality and unique value creation, the practicality of this feature might be limited.

Social Media Ads Analysis

Spotlight on Social Media Ads Dropispy’s tool for spying on social media advertisements offers access to numerous ads daily. This means you get a wide perspective on advertising tactics across various platforms. Just bear in mind that copying successful ads doesn’t necessarily equate to gaining the same results.

Product and Market Research

Product Research Aid Dropispy also provides a product research feature. You can search for products and view their pictures, potentially saving time in research. Again, this feature’s effectiveness would depend on the specificity of your product niche.

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Dropispy Alternatives

Adspy vs Dropispy

Adspy website homepage

AdSpy is a tool designed for digital marketers and businesses to track and analyze the advertising strategies of their competitors. It primarily focuses on social media ads, providing insights into various aspects of ad campaigns like targeting demographics, ad spend, engagement rates, and more.

Comparing AdSpy to Dropispy, both tools offer insights into advertising strategies, but they cater to slightly different needs. Dropispy specializes in the dropshipping domain, offering an extensive database of dropshipping ads and store analyses.

AdSpy, on the other hand, has a broader focus, catering to a wider range of digital marketing needs beyond just dropshipping. It provides a more general view of social media advertising, making it suitable for businesses looking to understand and compete in the broader digital ad landscape.

Minea vs Dropispy

Minea website homepage

Minea is more focused on product trends and influencer marketing within the eCommerce space. It helps users track trending products and the influencers promoting them.

While it’s valuable for product discovery and understanding influencer marketing strategies, it doesn’t have the same depth in ad spying or competitor store analysis as Dropispy. Minea is more suitable for businesses that are heavily reliant on influencer partnerships and trending product insights.

Unispy vs Dropispy

Unispy website homepage

Unispy offers a broader approach. It’s a tool that’s more generalized in terms of ad spying, catering to a wider array of eCommerce businesses and digital marketing campaigns.

UniSpy provides insights into various advertising strategies across different industries, not just limited to dropshipping. This makes it a versatile choice for businesses looking for a broader view of the digital advertising space, but it may lack the dropshipping-specific insights provided by Dropispy.

Dropispy Cost

One of the critical aspects of any tool is its pricing structure, and Dropispy is no exception. Through my experience with Dropispy, I’ve found its pricing to be quite reasonable, especially considering the breadth of features it offers.

Free Plan

For those curious about what Dropispy has to offer, the Free Plan is a starting point. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to get a feel for how the spy tool functions. This plan allows for unlimited searches, which is great for basic exploration.

However, it’s worth noting that several advanced features like ads filtering, access to recent ads, and the Shop Spy tool are not available in this tier. This limitation makes the Free Plan more of a trial or introductory experience rather than a full-fledged solution.

Premium Plan

Priced at $29.90 per month or $14.90 per month on the annual subscription, the Premium Plan is the best value choice in my opinion. It unlocks all of Dropispy’s features, including advanced filters and the coveted shop spy tool. With a monthly allocation of 150,000 credits, this plan is suitable for most dropshippers.

Business Plan

For larger businesses or those with extensive research needs, the Business Plan, priced at $249.90 per month, is the most suitable. It offers the same full access to all features as the Premium Plan but with a significantly higher credit limit of 1.8 million per month. For most dropshippers this plan is not required and is an unnecessary expense.

How Do the Credits Work with Dropsipy?

A unique aspect of Dropispy’s pricing is the use of credits for certain actions (30 credits for listing ads, 10 credits for ad details and Shopify view, and 15 credits for listing domains). This system helps prevent abusive usage while offering flexibility.

Unused credits roll over to the next month, which is a thoughtful touch. And if you happen to exhaust your credits, additional ones can be purchased in increments of 50,000 and 100,000, ensuring you never hit a roadblock in your research.

Dropispy pricing plans and free trial

Dropispy Coupon Code

I hounded the Dropispy team for a coupon code for my readers and luckily they agreed. If you use the code HUSTLE30, you’ll receive a 30% discount for the first 3 months you use their tool through this link.

Dropispy Reviews

It’s one thing to take my opinion and advice, but what do the actual users of Dropispy think of the tool? I went to Trust Pilot to attempt to get some user reviews. All reviews on Trust Pilot should be read with a skeptical mind as businesses can buy fake 5-star reviews and competitors can write fake 1-star reviews.

According to Trust Pilot, they’ve received 81% 5-star reviews and 16% 1-star reviews. If they are all genuine reviews, that is an overall positive rating.

Dropship reviews on trust Pilot

Let’s take a look at recent positive and negative Trust Pilot reviews about Dropispy. A user having a poor experience claiming to be unnecessarily charged for nothing and another with a good experience and who would use Dropsipy again.

If you want to use Dropsipy but you’re concerned about whether they’re a legit company, I suggest you pay for a single month first before committing to a yearly subscription.

Negative Dropsipy review on Trust Pilot
Positive Dropsipy review on Trust Pilot

Dropispy Pros and Cons

Pros of Dropispy

  1. Extensive Ad Database: Dropispy offers a large classified database of dropshipping ads, which is continuously updated, providing fresh insights into current market trends.
  2. Detailed Shop Analysis: The platform allows users to analyze thousands of dropshipping stores, offering valuable data such as store rankings, page views, and bounce rates.
  3. Competitor Strategy Insights: Users gain access to the strategies of competitor stores, which is crucial for understanding market dynamics and improving one’s own business approach.
  4. Social Media Ads Insight: With its wide database of social media advertisements, Dropispy is a valuable tool for understanding and crafting effective social media marketing strategies.
  5. Product Research Tool: The platform facilitates efficient product research, allowing users to quickly find and evaluate potential products for their dropshipping business.
  6. Affordable Pricing: Dropispy is known for its competitive pricing, making it accessible to both beginners and established dropshippers.
  7. Credit Rollover Feature: Unused credits can be carried over to the next month, providing flexibility and value for money.

Cons of Dropispy

  1. Limited Features in Free Plan: While the free plan offers unlimited searches, it restricts many advanced features, limiting its usefulness for in-depth research.
  2. Credit-Based System Can Be Limiting: The credit system, while preventing abuse, can be restrictive, especially for users on lower-tier plans who may run out of credits quickly.
  3. Learning Curve: New users may find the platform overwhelming at first, with a learning curve to fully understand and utilize all its features effectively.
  4. Potentially Overwhelming Data: The vast amount of data available can be overwhelming and time-consuming to sift through, especially for those new to market analysis.
  5. Generalized Data: While extensive, some of Dropispy’s data may be too generalized, potentially missing niche-specific trends crucial for certain dropshipping businesses.
  6. Additional Costs for More Credits: Users who exhaust their monthly credit allowance need to purchase additional credits, which can add to the overall cost for heavy users.
Dropshipping Essentials Members Area

Conclusion – Is Dropispy Worth it?

The main thing I love about Dropipsy is its amazing value for money. For what it provides in terms of competitor analysis and sourcing unique trending products, you won’t find a better value dropshipping tool.

Dropsipy is ideal for beginners to dropshipping who want to find proven products that are ideal for dropshipping without spending $100 per month or more. Tools such as Sell the Trend are more comprehensive but also far more expensive.

In summary, Dropispy’s effectiveness depends on your specific needs and ability to navigate its comprehensive tools. It’s a powerful resource for those who can fully utilize it, but less suitable for those seeking a simpler, more niche-focused tool. Carefully consider your business’s requirements and your capacity to leverage such a tool before deciding.

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