20+ Best Baby Products Dropshipping Suppliers (USA-Based)


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If you’re looking for the best dropshipping suppliers of baby products based in America, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve scoured the internet and emailed many companies to come up with a list of over 20 suppliers that stock baby products and offer dropshipping. I’ve also provided a few tips for sourcing suppliers for yourself if need be.

If you’re a business based in the USA and you stock baby products and offer dropshipping, send me an email and I’ll add you to the list.

How to Find Suppliers of Baby Products in America?

Apart from the extensive list of baby product suppliers listed below, there are a few other methods for sourcing suppliers based in the USA.

1. Use Google to Source Dropship Suppliers

Google is without a doubt the easiest and most effective way of finding baby suppliers in the USA. However, many suppliers don’t prioritize SEO and may have outdated websites therefore will be pushed down rankings.

It’s important to use various keywords to help find your ideal supplier, for example;

  • Baby products dropshipping
  • Baby products wholesale
  • Baby products distributor
  • Baby products supplier
  • Baby products manufacturer
  • Organic baby clothes dropshipping
  • Baby fashion dropshipping
  • Baby toys dropshipping
  • Diapers dropshipping
  • Strollers dropshipping
  • Baby dropshipping California
  • Baby dropshipping New York
  • Baby dropshipping Colorado
  • Baby dropshipping Texas

Try every variation and search through several pages of Google. Most people won’t bother doing this which allows you to source suppliers other dropshippers may not have found.

2. Use your Competitors to Find Baby Suppliers

You can head to all your competitor’s websites and simply make a list of all the baby brands they stock in their store. Be aware, many of the websites will be physical stores and you may not have the authority to sell some brands as an online-only store. However, if other online-only stores are selling specific brands then you can too.

You can then Google the actual brand or manufacturer and contact them directly. They will then be able to send you the details of their main distributor.

3. Find Baby Dropship Suppliers on Inventory Source

Inventory Source home screen
Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a dropship software with a large supplier network. They have a paid version but you can sign up for free to access their list of dropshipping suppliers.

You can filter the results to only source specific suppliers based on your requirements. This will save you a lot of time rather than sifting through wholesalers of baby products when you only need dropship suppliers of baby items.

For some additional tips, I have an article on ways to find dropshipping suppliers.

4. Import Yeti to Find Baby Suppliers

This is a bonus method if one of your competitors is sourcing baby products from a manufacturer or suppliers in China. Import Yeti is incredibly powerful and best of all it’s free! It can search all the sea shipment records and instantly find where specific stores are sourcing their products from.

Here’s an example, I typed in the search bar “Blendjet” which is a popular e-commerce store and I am then given the details of their Chinese supplier, how many shipments they’ve made and a bunch more data.

Import Yeti home screen
Import Yeti

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Why Baby Products Are Good for Dropshipping?

Baby products are one of the best choices for dropshipping, here’s why;

  1. Baby products are extremely evergreen. People will continue to have babies and new buyers are entering the market every day.
  2. Baby items are a profitable niche to sell on Facebook due to the aging demographic using the platform. Parents and Grandparents are on Facebook more than other social media making it ideal for advertising.
  3. UGC (User-generated content) is powerful. By offering your customers future discounts if they share videos or images on social media of their baby using the product you’re selling, you’re effectively receiving free advertising.
  4. There is a plethora of baby products available to dropship. There are many sub-niches within the baby niche you can branch off from to separate yourself from your competitors.
  5. Baby products have the most passionate audience of buyers in parents. If you can convince a parent that you have a product that can solve a problem for them or a product that can make their baby cuter, it’s an easy sell.

Why Baby Products Are Bad for Dropshipping?

  1. You need to be sure that you’re selling a product that meets all the US safety standards. If you’re working with a legitimate US supplier this should not be a problem but there may be some suppliers sourcing goods directly from China without checking this.
  2. There is a lot of competition when it comes to baby products. Ideally, you want to source products that are not easily accessible from physical store locations. You can’t compete with large department stores that are sourcing products for a lower cost than a drop shipper.
  3. The returns and refund rate is high with baby clothing because of incorrect sizing. You need to have exact measurements for every product clearly labeled in your store.
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The Best Dropshipping Suppliers of Baby Products in the USA

SupplierLocationBaby Products
SynceeUSABaby Toys & Clothes
PrintfulCaliforniaPOD Baby Products
Bambini Infant WearUSABaby Clothing
Kids BlanksCaliforniaBaby/Kids Clothing
SpocketUSAGeneral Baby Products
Bella Luna ToysNew YorkBaby/Kids Toys
Wholesale CentralConnecticutGeneral Baby Products
App ScenicChicagoGeneral Baby Products
My DepotUSABaby/Kids Toys
Silly PhillieBrooklynBaby Gifts
Green DropshipPhiladelphiaHealth-related Baby Items
PrintifyUSAPOD Baby Products
Baby WitOregonBaby Clothing
US DirectUSAGeneral Baby Products
Wholesale2bNevadaGeneral Baby Clothing
Aria KidsCaliforniaBaby/Kids Clothing
HyperSKUUSABaby Toys & Clothes
Giftable WorldCaliforniaPlush Toys
USAdropUSABaby Toys & Clothes
Top DawgUSABaby/Kids Toys
BrybellyIndianapolisBaby Toys & Clothes
Dropship 365USABaby Toys & Clothes
CJ DropshippingUSAGeneral Baby Goods
Manhattan ToyUSABaby/Kids Toys
SalehooUSABaby Toys & Clothes
List of baby dropshipping suppliers in the USA

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