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Shipping times are often one of the biggest issues for dropshipping businesses, especially those based in Australia. Knowing your supplier is based in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, is a massive advantage.

Customers based in Sydney will likely receive their orders within 1 to 3 days and most other major Australian cities will have fast shipping times.

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Below is a list of suppliers who ship their goods directly from their Sydney warehouse. Many have physical locations or showrooms you can visit if you are in the Sydney area.

List of Sydney Dropshipping Suppliers

1. WeDropship

Wide range of products from furniture, home tech and electric scooters from global brands such as Xiaomi, Segway, and Vasagle.

Supplier type: Dropshipping

Products: Various household products including furniture, pet supplies, appliances, home decor, clothing and more.

Shipping: Ships Australia wide

Features: No MOQs, 24 to 48-hour processing times.

2. Factory Fast

Factory Fast is one of the largest marketplaces for dropshippers in Australia. They are more of a general store business stocking products from just about every niche you can think of.

Supplier type: Wholesale and dropshipping

Products: Huge selection of products from many categories

Shipping: Australia-wide shipping

Features: Bulk purchasing and no MOQ

3. Colour Blocker

Colour Blocker supplies thousands of products from a range of different categories for dropshippers to access. There are no monthly fees and they offer fast shipping.

Supplier type: Dropshipping and wholesale

Products: Kitchen and cookware, home and living, electronics, giftware and much more.

Shipping: Australia-wide shipping

Features: Small MOQs and bulk whoelsale

4. Dody

Founded in 2012, Dody is a Sydney-based supplier that stocks general products from many niches and categories.

Supplier type: Wholesale and dropshipping

Products: Large selection of products from categories such as outdoors, home and garden, automotive accessories, industrial, personal care and more.

Shipping: Ships Australia-wide from their Sydney warehouse excluding some remote areas.

Features: Fast support and hassle-free returns.

5. Groovy Gadgets

Supplier of gadgets, speakers, novelty items, toys and much more. They’ve been around since 2002 and they dropship internationally.

Supplier type: Dropshipping, wholesale, distributor.

Products: Gadgets and gifts with a focus on electronics and toys.

Shipping: All orders are dispatched within 1 to 2 days.

6. Code Ice Prints

A print fulfillment and delivery service allowing giclee art prints sent directly to print buyers. You can dropship their products on any of the major online marketplaces.

Supplier type: Dropshipping

Products: Art printing services

Shipping: Australia-wide shipping using Australia Post

7. Bespoke Baby

Bespoke Baby is a supplier of everything baby-related. Their catalogue includes; gifts, nursery wall art, baby clothes, carriers and more.

Supplier type: Wholesale and dropshipping

Products: Baby and kids clothing and products

Shipping: Orders are delivered between 1 to 10 days Australia-wide. Check out Bespoke baby shipping information here.

Features: Blog and affiliate program

8. Stealth Sports

Stealth Sports operates as a supplier in the fitness equipment industry, offering a range of products through both dropshipping and wholesale avenues. Their inventory encompasses various fitness-related items, including weights, MMA gear, and products suited for Karate and Boxing.

Supplier type: Dropshipping and wholesale

Products: Stealth Sports supplies anything fitness related from weights, MMA gear, Karate and Boxing products.

Shipping: 3 to 6 days shipping within Australia. They also ship internationally for a fee.

9. Aroma Therapy Clinic

An Australian-owned business that has been around since 2000. They stock a large range of products in the health niche including; air fresheners, essential oils, lotions, soaps, gift packs, face masks and more.

Supplier type: Wholesale and dropshipping

Products: Essential oils, skin lotions and many natural health items.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $100

Features: Money back guarantee and customer support

10. Dear Jane Medical

Dear Jane Medical is an Australian-based company founded in 2009. They offer dropshipping services for medical equipment. Their 4 main categories of products are diagnostic, medical, patient care and physiotherapy.

Supplier type: Wholesale, distributor and dropshipping

Products: Large selection of products within the medical and health niche.

Shipping: Orders arrive within 1 to 5 business days. 5 to 10 Business days for WA regional areas, far North QLD and most of NT outside of Alice Springs and Darwin. 1 to 2 days for dispatch.

11. Blue Seas Tackle Co

Blue Seas Tackle Co launched in 2016 and specializes in fishing-related goods.

Supplier type: Wholesale and dropshipping

Products: They have a large selection of fishing supplies from rods and reels to clothing and accessories.

Shipping: Australia-wide shipping

Features: Blog

12. Canvas Camp

Based in NSW and supplying Australia with high-quality luxury canvas tents. Canvas Camp offers either pre-purchase stock as a reseller or a dropshipping service.

Supplier type: Dropshipping and wholesale

Products: Canvas tents, stoves, awnings, accessories and more

Shipping: Free shipping on orders over $200 and products will be delivered in 3 to 10 business days Australia-wide.

Features: Blog and reseller support.

13. Surfboards Direct

Surfboards Direct provides a huge selection of different surfboards from longboards, standup paddleboards, bodyboards and more. They offer wholesale and dropshipping services.

Supplier type: Wholesale, dropshipping and affiliate

Products: Surfboards, books, accessories and more.

Shipping: Delivery times vary between 2 to 7 days Australia-wide.

14. Bondi Beach Tea Co

A supplier of multiple hand-crafted teas and tea accessories, from organic wellness, to detox and weight loss teas. Dropshipping is a minimum of 32 packets of tea.

Supplier type: Wholesale, private label and dropshipping

Products: Hand-crafted tea blends

Shipping: Shipping times vary between 4 to 8 days. Check out Bondi Beach Tea’s shipping policy here.

Features: Huge selection of tea with private label options

Best Dropship Supplier in Sydney (My Pick)

The optimal dropshipping supplier in Sydney will largely hinge on your intended sales niche. Several prominent suppliers in Australia, like Dear Jane Medical and Colour Blocker, operate from Sydney and may present solid options.

For those exploring high-ticket dropshipping, Surfboard Direct and Canvas Camp stand out with their extensive product ranges and niche-specific items. Essential factors to weigh include pricing, shipping rates and durations, business longevity, and geographical location.

If you’re a Sydney-based business that offers dropshipping, feel free to email me and I can add you to my list (No charge).

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