Single-Product Shopify Themes 2024 (Best Choices)


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One-product stores are very popular for an important reason, they work. Therefore, you need a theme that is tailored to a single product. The good news is that Shopify has many free and paid themes that are perfect for one-product stores!

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What to Look for When Choosing a Single Product Shopify Theme?

Selecting a theme specifically designed for single-product stores is more beneficial than a regular multiple-product theme. Such a theme can improve the customer experience, highlight your product’s features and benefits, enhance your brand and ultimately boost sales.

Usually, single-product stores put substantial emphasis on the homepage. These homepages are typically long and incorporate a range of elements including benefits, testimonials, tutorials, social proof, and often direct purchasing options.

This is different from multiple-product Shopify themes, which pivot more towards individual product pages and easy navigation. In these themes, the goal is to simplify the discovery of a diverse product range rather than focusing intently on a single offering.

Below are a few things to consider when choosing a single product Shopify theme.

1. Product Showcase

Since the entire site is dedicated to a single product, the theme needs to excel at spotlighting that one item. Look for themes with large image areas, comprehensive product galleries, and video integration to create a more immersive, engaging showcase for your product.

2. Storytelling Capability

Single-product sites often involve a storytelling aspect to engage customers, explaining to them why they should buy the product. Look for a theme that supports this kind of narrative-style presentation.

3. CTA Optimization

The conversion process should be as straightforward as possible. Look for direct and clear call-to-action prompts.

4. Upselling and Cross-Selling Features

Even though it’s a single-product store, there might be different versions, sizes, or related accessories available. Themes with upselling and cross-selling capabilities can help drive up average purchase values.

5. User Experience and Simplicity

User experience is key when it comes to eCommerce stores. Customers must be able to navigate your site easily – finding necessary information, browsing images, adding products to the shopping cart, and checking out with no hassle. Make sure the theme you choose is intuitive and straightforward.

6. Responsive Design

Today’s consumers shop from a variety of devices – from desktops to smartphones. The theme you choose should adapt seamlessly to all screen sizes and provide a consistent experience across various platforms. Always preview how the theme looks on different devices before settling.

7. Customizability

You need a theme that will support your brand identity and make your product shine. Choose a theme that allows for high levels of customization – from color schemes and fonts to homepage designs and product image displays.

Best Single Product Shopify Themes

Below are my picks for the best themes to build a store around a single product. I chose themes from different price points, various features and alternative design and layout options. This way you can choose a theme that best suits your specific product and the goal of your business.

1. Booster Theme

The Booster theme is designed to enhance sales and comes with numerous user-friendly features to enhance your store’s functionality.

Despite its feature-rich nature, the theme is fast-loading, ensuring a smooth user experience.


  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Upsells/Cross-sells
  • Geo Personalization
  • Cart Countdown
  • Sticky Add to Cart
  • Inactive Tab Message
  • Facebook Messenger Integration
  • Quick Buy
  • Shipping Estimator
  • Direct to Checkout
  • GEO Language Detector

These are just a handful of the features provided by the Booster theme. While not exclusively designed for single-product stores, it can easily be adapted to fit one-product stores. The theme comes with several variations, allowing you to select the perfect fit for your niche and store type.

Booster theme demo stores
Booster theme demo stores

There is a surprising amount of customization you can do to this theme which is why it can look great for a one-product store and can be changed if you decide you want to add a few additional products or variants.

Below is a store called Hismile, a Booster theme example of a single-product store. Hismile has implemented GIFs, examples of the product being used in real-life scenarios, reviews and you can purchase the product directly from the homepage without having to navigate to the product page.

Booster theme example of a single-product store

If you purchase all the apps included in this theme it will cost you over $3,300 a year. It’s unlikely you would purchase all of them but even if you plan to buy a couple of them it may be better value to purchase the Booster theme instead.

If money was no issue this would easily be my pick, however, money is an issue for most of us. Check out my full review of Booster theme here.

Best for: Booster theme is best for those who want a theme packed with features that can increase conversions. Single-product stores with additional upsells would benefit from using Booster theme.

Price: $399

Click this link to check out Booster theme. Don’t get it confused with a different Shopify theme called Boost. I contacted Booster theme for any discounts for my readers, you can use the code “DSHUSTLE” for $20 off.

2. Motion Theme

Motion theme homepage

The Motion theme offers an excellent choice if you’re just launching a single-product e-commerce store with an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality. It has an elegant design that effectively highlights a solitary product, allowing for various layout options to construct a compelling brand narrative around the featured item.

It provides a responsive design and seamless user experiences across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops which ultimately should increase sales.

Beyond its visual appeal, the Motion theme places a strong emphasis on performance optimization, resulting in fast-loading pages that sustain visitor engagement throughout the browsing experience.

While it’s not exactly a bargain, the theme’s design and feature set offer reasonable value for entrepreneurs looking to establish a professional Shopify store.

Motion Theme Example

It’s important to see how a single-product website looks and functions before you make a purchase. Below is Clear Rear, a Shopify store currently using the Motion theme.

You can scroll through their homepage and clearly see how effectively they’ve implemented each section. It showcases the benefits and addresses any concerns the consumer has with multiple CTA buttons throughout.

Homepage example of a single prodyct store using Motion theme

Best for: Ideal for stores looking to build a brand and create a modern and professional single-product store.


  • Modern and stylish design.
  • Flexible layout options.
  • Responsive design for all devices.
  • Optimized for speed and performance.
  • User-friendly customization tools.
  • SEO-friendly structure.
  • Integration with Shopify’s e-commerce features.
  • Dedicated support from Shopify.

Price: $360

Check out Shopify’s Motion theme here

3. Envy Theme

Envy theme homepage for desktop and mobile device

Shopify’s Envy theme is an option to consider if you’re running a single-product store. It offers a modern design and flexible layouts, allowing you to showcase your product prominently. It’s designed to provide a seamless browsing experience on various devices, ensuring accessibility for all visitors. Envy is optimized for speed, which can be essential for retaining visitor engagement.

However, it’s worth noting that Envy comes at a cost, and whether it’s the right choice for your store depends on your specific needs and budget.

It’s important to weigh the benefits of its design and performance against the price to determine if it aligns with your goals as a single-product store owner. Ultimately, the decision should be based on your individual requirements and preferences.

Best for: Suitable for entrepreneurs looking to create a clean and minimal single-product store without unnecessary clutter.


  • Sleek and eye-catching design.
  • Flexible layout choices.
  • Responsive design for various devices.
  • Fast-loading pages for better user experience.
  • Well-suited for single-product stores.
  • Captivating product storytelling options.
  • Versatility in reaching audiences across platforms.
  • Optimized for visual impact and conversions.

Price: $350

Check out Shopify’s Envy theme here

4. Gecko Theme

Gecko theme home page
Gecko theme home page

The Gecko theme is a clean and minimal theme and would be ideal for anyone creating a brand around their product or niche. There is a large selection of pages and sections to choose from making it an ideal choice for a single-product store with the option to expand in the future.

If you want some product ideas for your own one-product store, I suggest you read my article here.

Best for: A good choice for merchants who want an all-purpose theme that can be used for a single-product store with the option to upgrade to a multiple-product store.


  • Megamenu
  • Product variation swatches
  • Lookbook app
  • Instagram shop
  • Optimized product pages
  • Lots of demos to choose from
  • Stock countdown
  • Ryviu free review app
  • Plus much more

Price: $99

With all the different design options, it is a suitable theme for most products and niches. Each demo presents the products in a very high-end and luxurious way.

Gecko theme demos stores
Gecko theme demos

Gecko has over 7,000 purchases and a very high rating which means the people who have purchased it have obviously had a positive experience.

Gecko theme is $99 which is considerably more affordable than paid themes on Shopify and is a viable choice if you’re after a good value theme and you do not mind purchasing from a third-party company like ThemeForest.

Click this link to take you to the Gecko theme

Best Free Single Product Shopify Theme

Dawn theme hoempage

The Dawn theme is my number one choice for a free single-product store for several reasons. Its clean and minimalist design, Dawn places your product at the forefront, ensuring that it grabs the visitor’s attention immediately.

One of the standout features of the Dawn theme is its versatility. It offers a range of style options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your store to align perfectly with your product’s branding and niche. Whether your one product is in the fashion, tech, or any other industry, Dawn provides the flexibility needed to create a tailored and visually appealing online storefront.

Dawn is mobile-responsive, ensuring that your store looks fantastic on various devices, from smartphones to desktops. This adaptability is crucial for capturing potential customers across different platforms.

In addition to its design and layout, Dawn offers excellent functionality. It’s optimized for fast loading, which is essential for reducing bounce rates and improving SEO rankings.

Dawn is a practical solution for entrepreneurs looking to establish a one-product store quickly, effectively and inexpensively. Its combination of style, mobile responsiveness, speed, and integration capabilities makes it a standout choice for showcasing and selling your unique product with elegance and efficiency.

If the Dawn theme is not your ideal choice for free Shopify themes, Spotlight, Sense and Craft would be my next choices for single-product stores. Each has its own pros and cons and will depend on your design preferences.

Free Single-Product Shopify Theme Example

An example of a live single-product store currently using the Dawn theme is Houndsy. This store shows how effective a free theme can be for a high-ticket product that needs to provide trust to the consumer.

Single-product store example using the Dawn theme

Dawn theme’s homepage swiftly provides all essential information about the product. It features a video demonstrating the product in use, outlines its benefits, offers a promotional discount, and includes a Call-to-Action (CTA) button. Furthermore, it addresses any potential queries or worries through a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Check out Shopify’s Dawn theme here

Which Single-Product Theme Should You Choose?

I’ve shared my top recommendations for the best themes for your single-product store. But how do you decide which one suits you best? Let’s break it down.

For beginners who are unsure whether to go with a free or paid theme, I suggest starting with a free one. You can always upgrade to a paid theme once you’ve established consistent sales.

Among the free themes offered by Shopify, Dawn and Craft are excellent choices. They both offer clean, minimal, and stylish designs that enable you to create a professional-looking store without breaking the bank.

If budget is not a constraint, Booster stands out as the most feature-packed theme. Keep in mind that it’s a third-party theme, so you’ll need to install it separately. If you plan to use several Shopify apps, this theme might save you money in the long term.

Motion and Envy themes are perfect for those seeking premium Shopify themes that highlight their products. While they are slightly more affordable than Booster, they offer fewer features and customization options.

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