Is Wix Good for Dropshipping in 2024?


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There are several choices for website builders for creating a dropshipping store. Shopify is the clear choice for most e-commerce merchants, but how good is Wix for dropshipping?

In this article, I’ll go through each aspect of a dropshipping business and how Wix performs so you can decide whether it’s worth your time and money.

Pros & Cons of Using Wix for Dropshipping

Whilst I go into a more in-depth analysis of using Wix below, these are the main pros and cons of using Wix to build a dropshipping business.


  • Over 800 free templates to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with dropshipping suppliers such as Spocket & Modalyst
  • SEO optimized
  • Templates are very customizable


  • No free plan
  • A limited selection of dropshipping apps compared to other platforms
  • You will need to upgrade your Wix plan as your scale your business
  • Fewer tools and analytics for dropshipping compared to other platforms

Overall, if you have your heart set on Wix, it is a viable option for dropshipping, however, I find it hard to recommend Wix when Shopify exists. If you are against using Shopify for whatever reason, then Wix would definitely be my next choice for building a dropshipping business.

Whilst there are some advantages and disadvantages to Wix for dropshipping which I discuss below, Shopify performs a little better in most areas making it a superior choice.

Can I Do Dropshipping with Wix?

Wix is an e-commerce website builder which means they support dropshipping. Keep in mind that Wix was not initially built for e-commerce but added e-commerce to their platform later. Whilst Wix is more than adequate for dropshipping, it won’t be as fully optimized for e-commerce compared to Shopify or WooCommerce.

That being said, Wix provides everything you need to build a successful dropshipping business. This includes templates, apps and a ton of features to manage and optimize a dropshipping store.

How to start a dropshipping business with Wix

I would say that dropshipping on Wix is viable for small to medium businesses (SMBs). As you start scaling your dropshipping business, you may need to consider moving your business to a platform that can work with your growing business.

It’s very common for merchants to start working with Wix and eventually transition to Shopify or BigCommerce as their business expands. Wix is limited with advanced features such as inventory management options, analytics and a smaller selection of dropshipping-related apps compared to other website builders.

Is Wix Free for Dropshipping?

No, dropshipping on Wix is not free, there is however a 14-day money-back guarantee. The lowest tier plan is US $17/per month which is limited in its features and upgrading plans will be required as your scale your dropshipping business.

Wix did have a free plan which they have recently removed. Whilst the free plan was beneficial for beginners looking to learn the basics of Wix dropshipping, it was very limited and upgrading would be needed for anyone taking their business seriously.

Be aware that the Wix monthly prices shown are for a yearly subscription which needs to be paid in full when you purchase the plan. You can sign up to Wix on a month-to-month basis which you can find here.

Wix pricing plans for an ecommerce business

Is Wix Good for Dropshipping?

Wix will have everything you need to build a dropshipping business fast, easy and relatively affordable. Let’s go through each of the required steps to see how good Wix is for dropshipping.

1. Is it Easy to Build a Dropshipping Website with Wix?

Wix is definitely one of the easiest website-building platforms to use. It uses a drag-and-drop interface which makes it very simple to use and the themes are customizable without requiring and coding skills.

You’re given two choices for designing your store, you can use the Wix editor or the Wix ADI.

Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) will build your dropshipping store for you based on a series of questions you’re given. You can still edit the store it creates for you.

If having an AI design your store for you doesn’t appeal to you, you can use the Wix Editor. This option will provide more control for creating your vision and is still relatively simple and straightforward to use.

2. Does Wix have Good Templates for Dropshipping?

Wix has hundreds of free templates you can choose from. No matter which dropshipping niche you’re selling in, they should have a template that will be optimized for your store type.

The percentage of traffic from mobile devices was 58.99% in 2022, meaning you have to use a theme that is optimized for mobile. All Wix templates are mobile responsive and will automatically adjust from desktop to mobile.

Wix online store templates

3. Does Wix have Good Dropshipping Apps?

Most Wix dropshipping platforms such as Spocket, Syncee, Modalyst and CJ Dropshipping will integrate with Wix. These apps can connect to your dropshipping store making importing products and order fulfillment fast and easy.

There are also hundreds of apps that can be found on the Wix App Market that can help you boost conversion rates with upsells and cross-sells, bundles, adding scarcity and urgency and the list goes on.

Dropshipping apps on the Wix market

4. Is Wix Optimized for SEO?

Wix is fully optimized for SEO and comes with a plethora of SEO features such as the ability to edit structured data markup, meta descriptions, URL structure as well as many more features.

Wix also has an SEO Wiz feature that gives you a step-by-step checklist with suggestions to ensure your dropshipping store gets indexed and ranks in Google SERPs quickly.

5. Is Wix Good for Managing a Dropshipping Store?

Wix enables you to run and manage every part of your dropshipping business. This includes;

  • Managing shipping, setting shipping rates and printing shipping labels
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Managing Inventory
  • Send automated notifications to customers
  • Handle returns and refunds
  • Analyze metrics for split testing
  • Market your store with SEO, social media campaigns, lead generation and much more.

Dropshipping on Wix is not automated, however, the tools and services Wix provides will streamline the process with order fulfillment, customer interactions and inventory management.

Which is Better for Dropshipping, Wix or Shopify?

Shopify is the most popular website builder for dropshipping and e-commerce merchants, so it begs the question, are you better off using Shopify instead of Wix for dropshipping?

You can’t go wrong with using either Wix or Shopify for dropshipping, they are the two best choices in my opinion and the differences between each is relatively small.

When it comes to built-in sales features for dropshipping, Shopify has more in-depth features that will make running and optimizing a dropshippinng business easier. This includes inventory management, marketing features, payment gateway choices and shipping options.

There are also many more dropshipping apps and integrations on Shopify compared to Wix. Shopify has thousands of apps in their marketplace while Wix has a fraction of that. This is one of the most important reasons to choose Shopify over Wix. If you still want to use Wix, it’s best to decide which apps you will require before using Wix.

Wix does have a much better selection of free templates to choose from compared to Shopify. Shopify currently only has around 10 free themes to choose from whilst Wix has hundreds of free templates. You will likely find a template suited to your dropshipping niche on Wix.

You can see some examples of free Shopify themes in my articles Debut theme examples, Impulse theme examples and best one product Shopify store themes.

Both Wix and Shopify as easy to use, SEO-friendly, good value for money and I have found the support on both platforms to be fast and helpful.

Personally, when it comes to dropshipping I would choose Shopify every day. Whilst Wix is still the next best choice, in my opinion, Shopify marginally outperforms Wix for most areas of a dropshipping business but the sales features and app store is where Shopify shines.

I can’t really come up with any major reason to choose Wix over Shopify for a dropshipping business. If one comes up, I’ll edit this article.

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What is the Best Dropshipping App for Wix?

When it comes to dropshipping apps, there are several choices on the Wix market that you can integrate your store with.

Wix Dropshipping AppWhat is the App
SpocketSpocket is a dropshipping platform that acts as a third party between suppliers and merchants and streamlines the dropship process.
CJ DropshippingCJ Dropshipping is similar to AliExpress but it is entirely built for drop shippers as apposed to consumers making it far more reliable with faster shipping.
ModalystModalyst connects sellers with creators to dropship print-on-demand products using the Modalyst platform.
DSersDSers allows you to easily source the best AliExpress suppliers as well as import and manage hundreds of products on your store.
SynceeSyncee is a middleman between retailers and suppliers. It has thousands of products to dropship and automates much of the process.
Wix Dropshipping Apps
Wix dropshipping apps

In addition to integrating a dropshipping platform into your store, there are many Wix apps that you should consider that increase conversions for your dropshipping store.

Wix App for Increasing ConversionsWhat Does the App Do
PrivyPrivy is an email & SMS marketing software. This Wix app is essential for your dropshipping business as email marketing has the best return on investment (ROI) compared to any other form of online marketing.
Visitors AnalyticsVisitor Analytics is a free Wix app that will provide all the essential analytics you need to keep track of. It’s vital to monitor these analytics for optimizing all your stores metrics.
Site BoosterSite Booster will improve your SEO and help drive some free organic traffic to your dropshipping store. It will list your website on all the major business directories which you can monitor and edit from a single dashboard.
PoptinPoptin will allow you to add several popups and notifications including email signup forms which can increase conversions.
AppSellAppSell will increase conversions and average order value (AOV) by offering customers upsells and cross-sells with frequently brought together for your dropshipping products.
Wix apps for optimizing a dropshipping store

Can you dropship on Wix with AliExpress?

You can use apps such as DSers which is on the Wix marketplace to upload products and dropship from AliExpress.

Which dropshipping suppliers are on Wix?

There are several dropshipping suppliers on Wix including Spocket, Modalyst, Syncee, CJ Dropshipping, Doba, Printify, Printful and many more.

Can you dropship on Wix instead of Shopify?

You can Dropship using Wix as an alternative to Shopify. Whilst Shopify is the most popular option for online merchants, many successful e-commerce and dropshipping stores opt for Wix instead of Shopify.

Does Wix support dropshipping?

Wix supports dropshipping and provides templates, tools, features and apps which are all designed to create a successful dropshipping business.

Is Wix dropshipping profitable?

Wix can definitely be profitable for dropshipping, however, the e-commerce platform you use won’t determine how profitable you are. It’s far more about the strategies and tactics you use and how you execute them.

Final Verdict – Should You Use Wix for Dropshipping?

Wix has everything you’ll need for a dropshipping business. It has an abundance of free beautiful templates, marketing features, SEO optimized, and easy to use. But there is one problem, there is a slightly better website builder called Shopify.

Shopify does just about everything just a little better than Wix and with the pricing being similar, it’s hard to make an argument for choosing Wix. However, there are a few reasons why you might choose Wix over Shopify for dropshipping.

The first is that Wix has hundreds of free templates to choose from, while Shopify only has 10 free themes. If you’re looking to create a unique website design and you don’t want to pay for a template, Wix is a better option.

If creating a blog is a large part of your e-commerce strategy, Wix would be a better choice. While you can create a blog on both platforms, Wix has far more features for creating a professional blog.

The last reason is that the majority of drop shippers use Shopify and they use free themes. This makes dropshipping stores easier to identify and consumers typically avoid dropshipping stores if they identify one.

With Wix, you can create a unique store design that does not have the usual dropshipping store look. This can be an effective way of standing out from dropshipping competitors and reducing the chances of customers recognizing your dropshipping business.

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