17 General Dropshipping Store Examples!


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You should start a Shopify store and sell kids toys, no jewelry, no dog beds, no camping equipment. Actually why not just sell the lot and whatever else comes to mind!

That’s the beauty of a general store, there are no limits to what you can sell. You simply see a product you believe will be profitable and add it to your store.

You don’t have that luxury with a niche or one product store. It’ll look a little out of place if you start selling camping gear in your baby products store.

What is a General Dropshipping Store?

A general dropshipping store is a store that sells a variety of unrelated products online from multiple different categories and niches. There’s no branding or theme to most general stores and they often sell random impulse buy products.

Most general dropshipping stores focus on trending products and sell these products until the trend is over and then move on to the next hot product. For this reason, most general stores aren’t sustainable in the long-term and can be difficult to turn into a valuable asset.

This is not always the case, as some people can pull it off but it’s common for general stores to have a short life span. At the same time, the biggest online stores in the world are also general stores, so it’s worth considering if you have big dreams.

How to Create a Successful General Dropshipping Store

Making a profitable general dropshipping store is completely different from a one-product or niche dropshipping store. I have an article on niche dropshipping store examples that may be worth reading. The branding is much less important with a general store so focusing on other factors will be key. There are three steps you should aim to achieve with a general store;

Finding Products

Finding impulse and trending products is what general stores are all about. This means, being constantly on the lookout for winning products by doing product research.

You will find most general stores focus on products that are unique, have a wow factor and/or solve a problem. Because general stores mainly focus on Facebook advertising, products need to grab people’s attention and stop them in their tracks whilst scrolling through their Facebook feed.

Testing Products

Once you have found products you deem as potentially profitable, general stores become a game of constantly testing new products. Many products won’t make the cut after you have tried multiple ad variations, ad spends, target audiences and offers.

The ads that do make money will require testing to find the optimal way to be profitable from a product and then squeeze all money out of it that you can.


You won’t really be gaining much free organic traffic so creating ads is important. This requires writing compelling ad creatives, taking high quality lifestyle images and making video ads.

Who Should Start a General Dropshipping Store?

In my opinion, general stores are a great introduction to anyone just starting out in dropshipping.

The number one reason is you can use a general store as a testing ground to help your find profitable products. Once you find profitable products you can then create a niche or one-product store based around a specific product.

It’s extremely difficult to find a single product to base an entire store around, however, if you do it can be very lucrative. Not to mention it’s a lot of work setting up one-product stores only to see them fail and close them back down again. General stores are the perfect way of finding those winning products.

The other advantage for beginners is it’s very difficult to create your first store, and with a general store, everything doesn’t have to be perfect. If you mess up some aspects you can still make money. It’s also a great way to learn product research and Facebook ads before you jump into a branded niche or one-product store.

Why You Should Look at Examples of General Dropshipping stores?

If you tried to create a general dropshipping store without ever seeing one, odds are it would fail. Why? Because how do you know what works and what doesn’t work. People succeed and fail with these types of stores every day, so learn from them. If you’ve never seen one before, how do you know?

  • Which is the best layout?
  • Which Shopify theme is best for your store?
  • What kind of images and videos work best?
  • How to structure your descriptions and product pages?
  • Which offers and sales work best?
  • The best type of ads to run?
  • Which apps are best?

I’ve included some general stores doing it all right and I’ve included some which need some improvement. This is important as it tells you what you should be doing and what you should be avoiding. Often you can gain more from seeing where stores go wrong so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Examples of General Dropshipping stores

1. Next Deal Shop

Next deal shop has been around since March 2017, which is a good indication they are having some success. They have a wide range of products but appear to focus on home and garden products.

  • They are powered by Shopify and use a custom theme.
  • The products appear to be the products you’ll find on AliExpress
  • They are using several apps including pushowl, recover lost cart and product reviews.
  • Stock over 1,500 products.

It’s a very good store with many of the typical features and the familiar look you’ll find with most general stores.

Home page of general dropshipping store Next Deal Shop.

2. Buymorex

This store is a great example of the right way to do a general dropshipping store. Their store is simple looking but all their love has been put into their product pages. This is the right move with general stores as this is where you will be sending all your traffic with your ads.

They show lifestyle images of the products in real-life situations and list the benefits of the products at the top of the page and have the specifications down the bottom.

  • Using Shopify and a custom theme.
  • 561 products with an average price of $25.
  • 31k monthly visitors.
  • Exclusively using Facebook ads.
  • Been around since 2019.
Home page of general dropshipping store Buymoreex

3. Skytrendy

A more professional-looking general store from the home page but is lacking in some areas. They appear to exclusively dropship from China from their shipping times. Some of the images are of low quality and the product descriptions are basic.

  • Powered by Shopify and using the Portland Turbo theme.
  • 90 products with an average price of $33.
  • LED strip lights are their best-selling products.
  • They’ve been around since 2018.
Home page of general dropshipping store Skytrendy

4. Until Gone

This is a large general dropshipping store that appears to be making a killing. They have a huge variety of products including larger items most dropshipping stores don’t stock. If you have grand plans for your store, this may be the store to take note of.

  • Unlike the other stores on this list, this store is powered by BigCommerce.
  • They are averaging over a million visits a month.
  • 97% of their traffic comes from the US.
  • 64% of their traffic comes from Facebook.

A store this size is purely focused on stocking huge amounts of hot products at cheap products. This means they are just using the product descriptions and images they came with which makes for a lower customer experience.

Home page of general dropshipping store Until gone

5. Burke Decor

Burke Decor is not fully a general store but they have a very wide range in the home products from decor, garden, kids, candles and stationery. They’ve branded their store really well and given it a luxury feel which enables to charge a premium price.

  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • Over 4,000 products with a high average price point.
  • They use an abundance of apps including LOOX, bold upsell and Instashop.
  • Professional Images
Home page of general dropshipping store Burke Decor

6. Life Booster

This general store has only been around since mid-2020 but appears to be doing well. They are mainly focused on selling low-priced impulse buy products which is a common theme among many general stores. Their shipping times and product selection suggest they are exclusively shipping from China.

  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • Using LOOX app for their product reviews.
  • Stock 352 products with an average price of $23.
  • Good choice of impulse buy products.
Home page of general dropshipping store Life Booster

7. Dude Gadgets

A general dropshipping store that is focused on selling a wide range of random products targeted towards men. Most of the products are typical AliExpress products and gadgets which are great for gifts for men. Not the prettiest looking website in the world but they’re obviously doing well as they’ve been around since 2016.

  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • 298 products with an average price of $29.
  • Teeth whitening is their best-selling product.
  • 70k Instagram followers(They may be fake followers)
Home page of general dropshipping store Dude Gadgets

8. Sibling Gadget

Another standard general dropshipping store in many ways. Their store is focused on trending impulse buy products from AliExpress. Their product pages are are the standard images and descriptions you can get from suppliers in China.

Like many general stores, their success lies in picking and running ads for the right products. Things to take note of:

  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • They stock 800 products with an average price of $32.
  • They’ve been around since early 2019.
  • They offer free shipping for orders over $30.
Home page of general dropshipping store Sibling Gadget

9. Phonebibi

This general store mainly sells phone and car accessories as well as some quirky gift type products. Their website isn’t branded or themed in any way but they have put more work into their product pages than many other general stores.

They’ve been around since 2016 so they are obviously making a decent profit which surprises me as many of the products are not cheap. Things to take note of:

  • Powered by Shopify and were initially using the Brooklyn theme but now use a custom theme.
  • They’re using LOOX and Wheelio Spin apps.
  • 787 products with an average product price of $20.
  • No real logo or home page.
Home page of general dropshipping store Phonebibi

10. Wishingoal

This is a better example of a general dropshipping store that has put the work into their store rather than just copying and pasting a bunch of their supplier’s information across. They’ve got great images and videos showing their products in use and how they work so the customer isn’t left feeling confused about their products.

Their actual website is basic looking but with general stores that isn’t a huge issue. Their work has been put into their product pages because this is where they are sending all their paid traffic.

  • Currently receiving around 250k monthly visitors.
  • Using Shopify with a custom theme.
  • Exclusively using Facebook ads.
  • 816 products.
Home page of general dropshipping store Wishingoal

11. ZZ Sales

This store sells most of the trending hot AliExpress products and their site looks like your standard general dropshipping store in many ways. It’s very salesy and spammy looking with huge sales labeled everywhere, countdown timers, sales popups and discount coupons.

  • Using Shopify and Debut Theme which is a free theme.
  • 810 products with an average price of $29.
  • They’ve been around since April 2020.
  • They ship from China and some products from the USA.
Home page of general dropshipping store ZZ sales

12. Woowlish

This large general dropshipping store has been around since early 2019. They’ve obviously has some success and this is due to their product pages which are very descriptive and have a large number of images, videos and GIF’s. Their products are the standard AliExpress products you see on most general stores.

  • Using Shopify and a custom theme.
  • They’ve been around since early 2019.
  • 2396 listed products.
  • Stock mostly impulse buy products from China.
Home page of general dropshipping store Woowlish

13. 7 Second Smile

This store was sold in November of 2020 and is still going reasonably strong. Although it isn’t getting the same amount of traffic it was during Q4 last year it is still getting an average of 50,000 visits a month in the last 6 months.

They have really done a great job of this store and are a great example of a store that you can learn from. Things to take note of:

  • They use Shopify and use their own custom theme.
  • In the past, they have primarily used Google ads for their advertising.
  • They have 634 products in their store.
  • They have put a lot of work into each product page.
  • Countdown timers to add urgency and scarcity.
  • Shipping is stated as 2 to 4 weeks due to high demand. This is a typical line for dropshippers who are dropshipping from China.
Home page of general dropshipping store 7 Second smile

14. Wikipedeals

A fairly typical general store in many ways. Their website doesn’t look great but that doesn’t really matter as they are obviously making money. They have done a great job with their product pages with persuasive product descriptions and custom images and videos. Features to take note of:

  • Powered by Shopify and using a custom theme.
  • Using LOOX, Klaviyo and currency converter apps.
  • They stock 85 products with an average price of $35.
  • They’ve been around since mid-2019.

This store has put its attention where it should go, into finding trending products and creating great product pages and ad creatives.

Home page of general dropshipping store Wikipedeals

15. Duvely

This store seems to be having some real success with around 124k monthly visitors and they’ve been around since September 2020. Their website has the usual countdown timers and sales popups but doesn’t look as spammy as some other general stores. Their product pages are descriptive with some good lifestyle images.

  • Powered by Shopify and using the Debutify theme.
  • Exclusively using Facebook ads.
  • Using LOOX, Klaviyo and Adroll advertising apps.
  • 632 products with an average price of $32.
Home page of general dropshipping store Duvley

16. Motrendy

Motrendy has been around since focusing on home, gift and sporting relating products. Their success lies in finding profitable products and regularly testing new products with ads. Motrendy has a basic looking website without any real branding but as with other general stores, puts all their work into their landing pages and ad creatives.

  • Powered by Shopify and a custom theme.
  • Long shipping times mean they may be using a cheap Chinese shipping service.
  • Free worldwide shipping for orders over $30.
  • Appear to be doing all their advertising through Facebook.
  • 669 listed products.
Home page of general dropshipping store motrendy

17. New Amazing Trends

This general store must be doing something right because they have been around since mid 2019. Like most general stores all their work has been put into their landing pages any little into the actual website.

Their homepage gave the impression of a high-end tech store but scrolling down was the typical trending AliExpress products. Also, this store was a little strange to navigate and some of the products were difficult to find. Saying all that their product pages were great which is the most important aspect of a general store.

  • Powered by Shopify and using the Booster theme.
  • Currently receiving 139k monthly visits and 58% of that is from Brazil.
  • Most of their traffic comes from Facebook ads.
  • Using Klaviyo, Reconvert upsells and FB Track apps.
Home page of general dropshipping store New Amazing Trends


Is theft wrong? That depends on what you’re stealing. If you’re just stealing aspects of some of the best stores and using it to create your own store, then stealing is a great idea.

The whole idea of looking at other stores is to help you create the very best general store you can. There’s a reason why some general stores succeed and others don’t and it’s important for you to learn this before jumping straight in.

The best dropshipping sites have nailed the whole process and have built a long-term and sustainable business. Others have simply created a Shopify store with a free theme, added a bunch of trending products using their supplier’s images and descriptions and ran some basic Facebook ads, hoping to make sales. These stores can make sales initially but may struggle to sustain sales long-term.

Because of the extra competition, dropshipping has these days, doing the same as everyone else just won’t cut it!

Your goal should be to stand out and make your store better than what’s already out there.

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