Debutify Theme Review (2024) – Why Users Aren’t Happy!!


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I HATE seeing people getting ripped off and I have written several bad reviews for products and tools I believe are taking advantage of people. Debutify is one of the most expensive Shopify themes on the market so I decided to take a deeper look so my readers know whether it’s worth the high price tag or another scam.

I have recently written an article on whether Debutify’s free theme is worth using, spoiler alert, don’t bother with Debutify’s free theme. It’s very limited and you might as well use one of Shopify’s free themes instead. However, the paid versions are packed with features and I will focus on them in this review.

Click here if you want to check out Debutify theme and access their 14-day FREE trial.

Debutify Pricing

Below is Debutify’s current price if you sign up for their yearly plan. This means if you sign up for a year instead of their month-to-month plan you will save 25%. It sounds like the better value decision except you need to be realistic and know there is a relatively good chance your eCommerce business could fail in the early stages. Something to consider.

Debutify’s pricing on the yearly plan

This is Debutify’s pricing plan if you pay month to month. If you’re not extremely confident your business will succeed in the long term, this plan may actually end up saving you money.

In my opinion, the Free and Starter plans are not worth it. With the free plan, you get no add-ons and only 5 add-ons with the starter plan. You need the add-ons if you want to compete, 5 add-ons won’t cut it.

The Enterprise plan is actually the best value plan but only worth the investment if you’re planning to start multiple stores, which is unlikely if you’re a complete beginner.

Is Debutify Worth the Money?

The big advantage Debutify has is the abundance of add-ons you can use. Debutify is exactly that, a beautiful theme, but without the add-ons, you might as well use a more affordable theme.

Don’t underestimate how vital some of these add-ons are to your business. They can increase your conversion rate, average order value, repeat customers, provide a better customer experience, build more trust and the list goes on.

Essentially, add-ons can make you a lot more money each month and this is only enhanced when you scale your business. With the abundance of competition in eCommerce, it’s hard to compete without features to make your business stand out and add-ons can help achieve such an outcome.

If you want to find out whether Debutify is value for money, I suggest you decide which add-ons you will require first. I have created a table below with all the add-ons Debutify provides, the functionality of each add-on and the alternative on the Shopify app store.

I suggest you add up the monthly cost for each Shopify app you will require to work out whether Debutify will actually save you money.

List of Debutify Add-ons

Debutify Add-onsWhat the Debutify add-on doesShopify Alternative
Add to cart AnimationIt allows you to choose an animation for your add to cart buttons, such as; shaking or heartbeat.Add to Cart Animator + Shaker
$2.99 per month
Age CheckDepending on your niche you may require this add-on. It verifies a visitor’s age before entering your store.Age Verification 18+ Pop-up
$4.90 per month
Agree to TermsEnables you to add a terms and conditions check box to your store.Termzy ‑
I Agree To Terms
$1.99 per month
Automatic GeolocationAutomatically sets language and currency based on the location of the user. Essential if you are selling worldwide.BUCKS Currency Converter PRO++
Back in StockNotifies customers when specific items are back in stock.Back in Stock & Restock Alerts
From $5 per month
Cart DiscountEnables customers to enter discount codes on the checkout page.Dcart ‑
Discount in Cart
From $5.99
per month
Cart FaviconChanges the favicon to show a product is in the cart.Favicon Counter﹣Count products
Cart GoalProvides the customer with free shipping when the cart total reaches a certain amount.Free Shipping Progress Bar
$2.99 per month
Cart ReminderProvides a reminder banner when you add a product to the cart.Bannerfy ‑ Announcement Banner
$3.99 per month
Cart SavingsShows the amount of savings customers received in the cart.Stock Countdown Timer Bar
Cart UpsellThe ability to add upsells and cross-sells to your cart page.In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell
$19.99 per month
Ability to add products to cart from collection pages.Collections
Add to Cart Button
$4.99 per month
Collection FiltersProvides filters to allow visitors to filter collection pages how they like.Smart Product Filter & Search
From $14
per month
Color SwatchesShows color swatches for each product variant.GLO Color Swatch, Variant Image
Cookie BoxMakes your store GDPR compliant by displaying a cookie box.GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management
$7.99 per month
Custom CurrenciesShows prices in multiple currencies.Currency Converter & Switcher
Customizable ProductsAdd multiple options with each product variant.EZ Product Options & Variants
$9.95 per month
Delivery TimeShows an estimated delivery date.Delivery Timer Estimated Timer
$7.99 per month
Discount SavedDisplays the savings on the product page for items on sale.Discount Saved Message
$2 per month
Facebook MessengerAdds a Facebook chat widget to the store.PingMe Facebook Messenger Chat
$6 per month
FAQAdds a question and answer section which reduces customer service.HelpCenter | FAQ Chat Helpdesk
$8 per month
Gift WrapAllows users to mark a purchase as a gift and leave a special gift message.Giftit: Gift Message, Gift Wrap
$4.99 per month
Inactive Tab MessageDisplays a different page title when the user goes to another tab.Tabs Studio
$3 per month
Infinite ScrollWill load more products on a single page instead of clicking on the next page.Scrollify:
Infinite scroll
$2.99 per month
Instagram FeedDisplays the latest Instagram images to your store.Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed
$5.99 per month
Linked OptionsHides unavailable product variations.Variant Option Product Options
$8.99 per month
Mega MenuProvides multi-level, drop-down menus for easier product searches.Globo Mega Menu, Navigation
$9.90 per month
Menu BarAdds a scrollable menu under the header.Header Bar Pro
Minimum OrderAllows for a minimum order to be set before customers can checkout.Quantity Discount Order Limits
$8 per month
Newsletter Pop-upDisplays a pop-up to get your visitors to sign up so you can re-target them with email marketing.Upsell—Pop Ups—Email Marketing
$19 per month
Order FeedbackCollects feedback from customers which can be used as testimonials.Testimonials Slider & Feedback
$7.99 per month
Order TrackingAllows your customers to track their orders from your store.Parcel Panel Order Tracking
$9 per month
Page Speed BoosterIncreases page speed for improved customer experience and SEO.ROAR:
Page Speed Booster
Page TransitionShows your store logo whilst the page is loading.Logo Showcase ‑ Display Logos
$3.49 per month
Pricing TableShows products in a side-by-side comparison table.Elfsight Product Pricing Table
$5.99 per month
Product Bullet PointsProvides easy-to-digest bullet points on the product page.Bloom:
Better Bullets
$0.99 per month
Product Image CropEnables you to format all of your products to the same ratio.PixPix Image Editor
$9.99 per month
Product SwatchesAllows the ability to create groups and link them as swatches.Product Color Swatches
$10 per month
Product TabsAdds product descriptions to tabs.EasyTabs ‑
Product Tabs
$5 per month
Quantity BreaksProvides discounts when customers purchase multiple products.Wide Bundles ‑ Quantity Breaks
$16 per month
Quick CompareAllows visitors to compare products to make a better decision.Compareder ‑ Product Compare
$4.99 per month
Quick ViewVisitors can view product details before clicking on the product page.qikify –
Quick View
$3.99 per month
Recently ViewedDisplays the most recently viewed products to the visitor.JustViewed ‑ Recently Products
$2.99 per month
Shop ProtectStops images and content being stolen from others users.Shop Secure
$9 per month
Size ChartAdd customizable sizing charts for specific items. Avada: Size Chart, Size Guide
$4.99 per month
Skip CartReduces the steps required to make a purchase and takes customers directly to the checkout page.Sales Rush
Smart SearchProvides search results as visitors are still typing in the search bar.Smart Search Bar
& Filter
$19 per month
Social DiscountGifts customers discount codes when they share their purchase on social media.All In One
Automatic Discount
$9.99 per month
Keeps the add-to-cart button visible when scrolling down the page.Ultimate
Sticky Add-to-Cart
$9.99 per month
Synced Variant ImageVariant changes when sliding through the product gallery.Variant Image Automator
$9.90 per month
Trust BadgeDisplays payment icons on the product page to build trust.Trust Badges Bear
Upsell BundlesAllows customers to buy multiple products in a single purchase.UFE Cross Sell
& Upsell Bundle
$9.99 per month
Pop-up, up-sell that is triggered when a product is being added to cart.Cart Upsell+Free Gifts Monster
$12.99 per month
Wish ListAllows customers to add products to a list they can access later.Wishlist Hero
$4 per month
List of Debutify add-ons and Shopify alternatives. Source:

Click here to check out Debutify theme and access their 14-day FREE trial

Debutify Review – What Users Actually Think!

It’s one thing to listen to my opinion on Debutify, but what are other users saying? I went to Trust Pilot and read through a ton of recent reviews from all different star ratings to get an overall general view from their users.

According to Trust Pilot, 89% of the reviews of Debutify are 5 stars and the rest were a combination of other star ratings. The problem is, I have no idea how many of the reviews are genuine. Debutify could be posting fake positive reviews and Debutify’s competitors could be posting fake negative reviews, therefore you need to take all reviews with a grain of salt.

The biggest complaints I read about Debutify were customer service issues, the price being too high and the theme having several bugs as Shopify was updating its platform, although it now appears the technical issues have been rectified.

Here are a few recent positive and negative reviews of the Debutify theme.

Positive Debutify review
Positive Debutify review
Negative Debutify review
Negative Debutify review
Debutify review on Trust pilot
Issue resolved with Debutify
Bad review of Debutify
A bad review of Debutify
Good review of Debutify
Good review of Debutify
Positive review of Debutify on Trust Pilot
Positive review of Debutify

Debutify Store Examples

You can look at demo stores of Debutify but you can’t beat looking at current live stores using the Debutify theme. I have included some stores who are not necessarily getting everything right in my opinion which gives you a more realistic view of the Debutify theme.

Parc City Boot

Parc City Boot is in the fashion niche and has implemented several Debutify add-ons into its store such as; sizing charts, mega menu, cart savings and product swatches. I would say it’s essential to implement several of the add-ons if you’re in the fashion niche.

The store does not have much in the way of product descriptions although the professional product images are what does the selling. Check out the Parc City Boot website here.

Parc City Boot store is an example of a store using Debutify theme.
Parc City Boot

Gold Cosmetics

Gold Cosmetics are ticking boxes and failing in other areas, in my opinion. They have used the Debutify theme effectively by including a lot of social proof with testimonials, reviews and social media.

Unfortunately many of the product images are blurry and they are using add-ons such as, cart animation shaking, which I find a little unnecessary and spammy, especially in a niche such as cosmetics. You can check out Gold Cosmetics website here.

Gold Cosmetics store is an example of a store using Debutify theme
Gold Cosmetics

Gamer Hats

Gamer Hats appear as if they are a print-on-demand store selling retro gaming clothing. The store only stocked 28 products at the time of writing this and could be a successful store when they fill out this store.

Gamer Hats have implemented several Debutify add-ons to increase average order value. The product pages are the best part of this store in my opinion as they’ve included clever product images and descriptions as well as branded trust badges. Check out the Gamer Hats website here.

Gamer Hats store using Debutify theme
Gamer Hats

Grizz Shopping

Grizz is a large general store stocking over 5,000 products from a variety of different niches. This is the kind of store that really benefits from using Debutify as a slight increase in conversions or average order value can really add up and make it worthwhile.

My guess is Grizz is on Debutify’s highest-tier plan because I can see many add-ons used effectively throughout the store. This is another store that has amazing product pages which is the most important part of an eCommerce store. Check out the Grizz Shopping store here.

Grizz shopping store using Debutify theme
Grizz Shopping

Best Debutify Theme Alternative

There are hundreds or even thousands of Shopify themes to choose from. But when it comes to Debutify alternatives, Booster theme is a common comparison due to the abundance of features Booster theme comes with.

I have a full review of Booster theme here if you’re interested.

Booster theme comes with around 30 built-in apps whilst Debutify comes with 50 on their largest tier plan. The design of both themes is very modern and clean without the unnecessary clutter some themes have.

Booster theme will definitely be the more affordable option in the long run. It will cost you $399 for lifetime access compared to $88 a month on the pro plan when you sign up for the yearly plan.

I reached out to both companies for a discount and Booster theme offered a $20 DISCOUNT if you use this link and use the promo code “DSHUSTLE”.

In the end, you can’t really go wrong with either option as they are two of the most premium Shopify themes on the market. If you’re undecided on which is a better theme for your business, I would suggest looking at the additional features you’ll require and assess the best option your budget can afford.

Is Debutify Worth it?

The biggest gripe I have with Debutify and so do most of the users from what I read is the price. $88 per month for the pro plan is a lot of money for a beginner and I can’t help but feel they would have a much larger customer base if their price was a little lower.

Debutify looks amazing but so do many other themes. The design of the theme can’t justify the high price, the only factor to justify the price tag are the add-ons.

Basically, if you don’t require many of the add-ons that Debutify offers, you don’t need Debutify. If you’re a beginner to eCommerce and are not overly confident in your business yet, Debutify is most likely an unnecessary expense.

For beginners, Debutify may be a better option down the track once your store has proven itself and is making consistent income.

If you do have some experience and are very confident in your store’s success, Debutify is worth the price. Debutify add-ons can:

  • Increase average order value (AOV)
  • Provide a premium customer experience
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Build customer’s trust and loyalty
  • Protect your store from legal issues

For already successful Shopify stores, increasing these factors in your store can impact your store’s profitability in a large way and can pay for itself many times over each month.

Most beginners would be shocked at how much additional income a store can generate with an add-on such as cart up-sell. If a customer is already making a purchase, offering a related item during the purchase as an impulse buy is such a powerful way to increase your average order value.

This is why I do believe Debutify is valuable for some stores but not others. However, I would only recommend the pro or enterprise plans as these come with a plethora of add-ons.

I would not recommend the free plan as you might as well use Shopify’s free themes and the starter plan is a waste of money as it only comes with 5 add-ons.

Click here to check out Debutify theme and access their 14-day FREE trial.

Debutify Theme

Debutify is a Shopify theme packed with a ton of additional add-ons and features to boost conversion rates.

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Product Price: 156

Price Valid Until: 2023-12-31

Product In-Stock: InStock

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