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The beauty of dropshipping from China is product costs are low which makes for healthy profit margins, but the obvious downside is long shipping times. It’s difficult to build a sustainable dropshipping business if you have to make customers wait a month or two or three!

Shipping appears to be the number one reason dropshippers are moving over to CJ Dropshipping. CJ claims to have faster shipping times and this is true compared to AliExpress. However, are they fast enough to make dropshipping from China a viable business? Check out CJ’s shipping times and cost below and you can decide.

Check out CJ’s home page here or download the CJ Shopify app here.

Shipping times

Does CJ Ship Worldwide?

CJ claims to have warehouses in 30 countries which is a real bonus if you’re looking to ship worldwide. The shipping times and prices using domestic warehouses will obviously be better but there will be limited stock options and inventory making it difficult to scale.

The biggest advantage of this is you can find gaps in the market that most dropshippers haven’t considered yet. Dropshipping is generally used to target the main English speaking countries, the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Having access to warehouses in countries most dropshippers haven’t targeted really provides an opportunity to test products in markets that haven’t yet been exposed to certain products.

Many of the countries that haven’t been targeted by dropshippers are also countries that are much cheaper to advertise to. This really is one of the best features of CJ and one that will be taken advantage of eventually.

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How Long Does CJ Dropshipping Take to Ship?

The shipping times from AliExpress can be long, expensive and unreliable which is a deal-breaker for most people dropshippers and why they often make the move to CJ. For more info, I have an article on whether CJ Dropshipping is better than AliExpress.

With CJ Dropshipping, the shipping times from China to most countries are between 7 to 17 days using CJ’s transit methods. They also have warehouses in 30 countries, if you’re shipping domestically from one of these warehouses, shipping times can be 3 to 7 days, depending on the country.

For a customer, waiting 17 days isn’t ideal, though it’s fairly reasonable. Many of the cheaper shipping methods with AliExpress can take up to 60 days. Although longer shipping times are not as big of a deal as many people make it out to be, there is a limit to that. If people are waiting over a month for a product, you’ll be dealing with a lot of unhappy customers.

One of the main reasons CJ’s popularity has grown so fast recently is their shipping lines stayed reasonably consistent in terms of pricing and times during the pandemic.

CJ Dropshipping Shipping Times Worldwide

The shipping times below are based on an ordinary package weighing 500 grams. These times may vary depending on your product’s size and weight.

The estimated shipping times will also vary depending on the method you choose. Although there are faster shipping methods to choose from, I have listed the option which are the best value overall in terms of prices and times but there may be better choices depending on your business needs.

The processing times are not included in the estimated shipping times. I have more on processing times below.

Check out CJ’s home page here or download the CJ Shopify app here.

CountryShipping MethodEstimated Shipping Times from China Warehouse
Australia CJPacket YT Ordinary9 – 19 days
Canada CJPacket Ordinary10 – 20 days
FranceCJPacket Ordinary6 – 12 days
GermanyCJPacket Ordinary8 – 15 days
ItalyCJPacket Ordinary10 – 18 days
MexicoCJPacket Sensitive12 – 17 days
New ZealandCJPacket Special Line7 – 15 days
SpainCJPacket Ordinary7 – 15 days
UKCJPacket Ordinary7 – 12 days
USACJPacket Ordinary7 – 15 days
CJ Dropshipping Shipping Times

Shipping times will be significantly faster if you ship using a domestic warehouse to the country you’re shipping to. Not all countries will have CJ warehouses located in them so be sure to check first.

CJ Dropshipping does have a shipping policy regarding delayed orders, damaged orders, delivery country limits and more. It may be worth reading if any of these issues are of concern to you.

CJ Dropshipping Shipping Cost

The shipping costs are using the overall best value shipping carrier. There may be more affordable carriers to choose from but the shipping times could be longer.

The cost is also for an ordinary package weighing 500 grams, these shipping costs may vary for your product’s size and weight.

The total shipping costs include the shipping and service fees. The service fees are for labor duties such as packing, dispatch and product quality inspection.

CountryShipping MethodTotal Shipping Cost
AustraliaCJPacket YT Ordinary$10.90
CanadaCJPacket Ordinary$11.24
FranceCJPacket Ordinary$8.41
GermanyCJPacket Ordinary$7.71
ItalyCJPacket Ordinary$8.94
MexicoCJPacket Sensitive$10.71
New ZealandCJPacket Special Line$10.98
SpainCJPacket Ordinary$8.41
UKCJPacket Ordinary$7.79
USACJPacket Ordinary$9.56
CJ Dropshipping Shipping Cost

Check out CJ’s home page here or download the CJ Shopify app here.

CJ Dropshipping Shipping Calculator

The above shipping times and costs are a quick guide so you can decide whether CJ Dropshipping is a viable option for you. If you want exact numbers based on your location and the type of products you’re sending, I suggest you check out the CJ Dropshipping Shipping Calculator here.

You can select from a bunch of options including the platform you plan on using, the country you want to ship from and ship to, the type of package you’re sending and the shipping options available to you.

Which Shipping Method is Best for CJ Dropshipping?

One of the main reasons many dropshippers are drawn to CJ is they have created their very own shipping line “CJPacket”. It’s by far the best choice if you want fast and reliable shipping at a decent cost from China.

There are other options to choose from if you want express shipping such as USPS, DHL and PostNL but they will cost a fair bit more. These shipping carriers are definitely a viable option if your margins make sense and you’re trying to provide a premium customer experience.

There are multiple CJPacket options to choose from depending on the types of products you’re dropshipping, the countries you’re dropshipping to and whether costs or shipping times are your preference. Some of the CJ Dropshipping shipping methods are;

  • CJPacket Ordinary
  • CJPacket Sensitive Pro
  • CJPacket Sensitive
  • CJPacket LiqueUS Pro
  • CJPacket YT US
  • CJPacket Pure Electricity
  • CJPacket Liquid US
  • CJPacket Liquid Line
  • CJPacket Postal
  • CJPacket MY Sensitive
  • CJPacket YT Ordinary
  • CJPacket Fast Line
  • CJPacket YT Euro
  • CJPacket Oversize
  • CJPacket Eub
  • USPS
  • PostNL
  • DHL

Does CJ Dropshipping Provide Tracking Information?

CJ uploads tracking information to a user’s Shopify store within 24 hours of a customer’s purchase. Using an app called TrackiPal will help reduce your rolling reserve, reduce chargebacks and gain credibility in the eyes of your payment provider.

For a guide on how to get your tracking number, CJ Dropshipping has a step by step guide here.

CJ Dropshipping Processing Times

The shipping times listed above do not include processing times so be sure to take this into account when listing estimated shipping times on your website.

CJ is processing thousands of orders a day so the processing times will vary. Usually, processing times will be anywhere between 1 to 5 days and one of the biggest reasons for the large disparity in processing times is whether the product is stocked in one of CJ’s warehouses.

There is always the chance that processing times could fall out of this 1 to 5 day window. The most likely reason for this is either human error or during Q4 when sales are ramping up before Christmas. Always be prepared for these unusual circumstances.

If you need some more info on CJ, I suggest you read my article How does CJ Dropshipping work?

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