100 ChatGPT Prompts for E-commerce & Dropshipping!


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Don’t assume ChatGPT can’t be helpful for e-commerce merchants, it can actually be a valuable ally. But it all comes down to the prompts you give.

Prompts are questions, instructions or phrases you give ChatGPT and the responses can vary drastically based on exactly how you word your prompt. By slightly altering your prompt you can receive a different response which is why it can take some experimenting initially.

You can talk to ChatGPT in a similar way you talk to a real human. As long as your prompt has all the necessary information, you will receive a response that is detailed and sounds like it’s coming from a real human.

The prompts in this article are examples, you need to alter them to suit your business needs to receive an answer that is tailored towards your business and niche.

Dropshipping Essentials Members Area

Product Research Prompts

  1. Niche Selection: “What are 30 profitable niches for my Shopify store?”
  2. Trending Products: “What are some trending products in the camping niche I can sell on my e-commerce store?”
  3. Product Ideas: “I’m planning to start a store in the fitness niche. Can you give me 40 product ideas that are in demand?”
  4. Product Validation: “How can I validate whether a product idea is potentially profitable before adding it to my store?”
  5. Seasonal Products: “What are some seasonal products in the gardening niche that I can add to my store for upcoming holidays?”
  6. Best-Selling Categories: “Which categories or types of products tend to sell well in online stores in Canada?”
  7. Product Pricing: “How can I effectively price my products for maximum profit?”
  8. Product Research Tools: “Are there any free tools or resources I can use to find trending products?”
  9. Unique Product Ideas: “Can you make a list of unique and innovative product ideas for my store?”
  10. Testing New Products: “How can I test new products first to see if they resonate with my audience?”
  11. High-Demand Products: “What are the best products that are currently in an upward trajectory in high demand that I can consider selling?”
  12. Product Research Checklist: “Can you provide me with a checklist when conducting product research?”
  13. Unsaturated Niches: “What are 10 unique niches that are uncompetitive?”
  14. Related Products: “What are 15 related products to the (name popular product)?”
  15. High Ticket Products: “Can you list 20 high-ticket products valued over $1,000 which are in demand?”

For more information, I suggest you read my article on how to use ChatGPT for product research.

Competitor Analysis Prompts

  1. Competitor Analysis: “Can you provide me with a thorough competitor analysis for my e-commerce business?”
  2. Identifying Competitors: “How can I identify my main competitors within my niche in the e-commerce industry?”
  3. Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses: “What are the strengths and weaknesses of (name website)?”
  4. Product and Pricing Analysis: “How can I compare my products and pricing with those of my competitors to gain a competitive edge?”
  5. Differentiation Strategies: “How can I differentiate my e-commerce from my competitors?”
  6. Marketing and Branding: “What are (name website) main marketing strategies”?
  7. Social Media Analysis: “Can you help me analyze (name website) social media presence and engagement?”
  8. SEO and Content Strategy: “How can I analyze my competitor’s SEO and content strategies to improve my own?”
  9. Shipping and Fulfillment: “How can I check my competitor’s shipping and fulfillment methods to optimize my own?”
  10. Discounts and Offers: “What are some unique strategies I can to compete with my competitor’s discounts and offers?”
  11. SWOT Analysis: “Can you guide me through a SWOT analysis to identify opportunities and potential gaps in the market?”

Sourcing & Acquiring Supplier Prompts

  1. Sourcing Reliable Suppliers: “Can you recommend platforms or methods to find reliable suppliers for my e-commerce business?”
  2. Dropshipping Suppliers: “What are some reputable dropshipping suppliers based in the USA that I can partner with?”
  3. Wholesale Suppliers: “How do I find wholesale suppliers for the products I want to sell?”
  4. Supplier Vetting: “What criteria should I use to vet and screen suppliers for my e-commerce business?”
  5. Supplier Negotiation: “What is the most effective way to negotiate better pricing and terms with my supplier?”
  6. Supplier Verification: “What steps can I take to verify that a supplier is legitimate and trustworthy?”
  7. MOQs: “How can I negotiate lower minimum order quantities when working with suppliers?”
  8. Sample Orders: “Should I order samples from suppliers before purchasing in bulk, and how do I do that?”
  9. Supplier Contracts: “How do I create supplier contracts that protect both me and the supplier?”
  10. Overseas Suppliers: “What are some tips I need to know before working with overseas suppliers?”
  11. Sourcing Agents: “What are the fees for working with a sourcing agent in China?”

For more information, I suggest you check out my article on How to get approved by dropshipping suppliers.

Designing an E-commerce Store Prompts

  1. Conversion Optimization Strategy: “Can you provide a step-by-step guide I can use to optimize my e-commerce store for a higher conversion rate?”
  2. HTML Code Snippets: “What kinds of HTML code snippets can you provide me for my Shopify store and how do I implement them in my store?”
  3. Product Page Optimization: “How can I optimize my product pages to increase conversion rates?”
  4. High-Quality Product Images: “Where can I get free images for my e-commerce store that are not copyrighted?”
  5. Effective Product Descriptions: “Can you write my product descriptions if I provide you with all the specifications for my products?”
  6. Simplified Checkout Process: “Can you write me HTML snippet code to streamline the checkout process?”
  7. Mobile Optimization: “How can I ensure my e-commerce store is fully optimized for mobile devices?”
  8. Shipping and Returns Policy: “Can you create a shipping and returns policy for my e-commerce store?”
  9. Urgency and Scarcity Tactics: “What kind of HTML snippet code can you generate to help me create urgency and scarcity for my Shopify store?”
  10. Exit-Intent Popups: “Can you generate HTML snippet code to create exit-intent popups to capture leads before my customers leave my website?”
  11. A/B Testing and Analytics: “How do I perform A/B testing and analyzing data to optimize my store’s performance?”

Email Campaign Prompts

  1. Email Campaign Strategy: “Can you guide me through the process of creating an email campaign strategy for my e-commerce business?”
  2. Segmentation and Targeting: “How do I segment my email list and target specific customer groups for personalized campaigns?”
  3. Subject Line Optimization: “Can you write me some attention-grabbing subject lines that increase email open rates?”
  4. Abandoned Cart Recovery: “How can you help me increase my abandoned cart recovery rate?”
  5. Timing and Frequency: “What’s the ideal timing and frequency for sending out email campaigns to maximize engagement whilst not annoying people and having them unsubscribe?”
  6. A/B Testing Strategies: “What elements of my email campaigns should I split test to improve their effectiveness?”
  7. Promotions and Discounts: “How can I effectively promote discounts and special offers through email campaigns?”
  8. Drip Email Sequences: “Can you help me create drip email sequences for onboarding and increasing customer retention?”
  9. Analyzing Email Performance: “What metrics should I monitor to measure the success of my email campaigns?”

Branding Prompts

  1. Branding Strategy: “Can you guide me through the process of developing a comprehensive branding strategy for my Shopify store?”
  2. Logo Design: “Can you give me some advice on creating a logo within my niche that will resonate with my target audience?”
  3. Color Palette Selection: “Can you help me choose a suitable color palette that aligns with my brand?”
  4. Typography Guidelines: “What font styles and typography do stores within my niche usually use?”
  5. Tagline and Slogan Creation: “Can you suggest memorable taglines or slogans that encapsulate my brand?”
  6. Social Media Branding: “Can you provide tips for how I can brand my social media profiles to align with my brand?”
  7. Feedback and Iteration: “How can I gather feedback from customers so I can improve my overall customer experience?”

For more information on branding your e-commerce store, I have an in-depth article on how to brand your dropshipping store.

Advertising & Marketing Prompts

  1. Advertising Strategy: “Can you create an advertising strategy for my e-commerce business?”
  2. Choosing Advertising Channels: “What advertising platform is best for my specific e-commerce niche?”
  3. Google Ads Campaign: “Can you provide me with a step-by-step guide on running a Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to my online store?”
  4. Facebook Ads Campaign: “Can you guide me through creating a Facebook Ads campaign that targets the demographics of my niche?”
  5. Instagram Advertising: “Is Instagram a good platform for advertising (your niche)?”
  6. Influencer Marketing: “What is the best way to collaborate with influencers to promote my e-commerce products?”
  7. Blogging: “Can you write blog content within (your niche) that is plagiarism free and sounds like it is being written by a human?”
  8. Retargeting and Remarketing: “How can I set up retargeting and remarketing campaigns for potential customers?”
  9. Video Advertising: “Can you provide tips on creating viral marketing videos within (your niche)?”
  10. Ad Creative and Copywriting: “Can you assist in writing persuasive and compelling copywriting and ad creatives within (your niche)?”
  11. Measuring Ad Performance: “What metrics should I monitor to measure the effectiveness of my ad campaigns?”

Social Media Marketing Prompts

  1. Social Media Strategy: “Can you guide me through developing a social media plan specific to my e-commerce store?”
  2. Platform Selection: “Which social media platforms should I focus on for advertising my specific e-commerce products?”
  3. Content Calendar Creation: “Can you provide an organized content calendar for my social media posts?”
  4. Hashtag Strategy: “How can I use hashtags to expand the reach of my social media posts?”
  5. User-Generated Content (UGC): “How can you help me to encourage customers to share user-generated content related to my products?”
  6. Live Streaming and Stories: “How can I use live streaming and Stories to connect with my audience and showcase products within my niche?”
  7. Engagement Analytics: “What social media metrics should I monitor to measure engagement?”
  8. Customer Support and Engagement: “Can I use social media to provide customer support and communicate with my audience?”

Store Optimization

  1. Website Speed Optimization: “How can I improve the loading speed of my e-commerce store for improved user experience and SEO?”
  2. Mobile Responsiveness: “How do I ensure my e-commerce store is fully optimized for mobile devices?”
  3. User-Friendly Navigation: “Can you generate HTML snippet code to create a mega menu for my Shopify store?”
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): “What strategies can I implement to optimize my website for higher conversion rates?”
  5. A/B Testing: “Can you help me set up A/B tests to experiment with different elements on my website?”
  6. User Experience (UX) Design: “Can you provide UX design tips to ensure a better customer experience?”
  7. Optimizing Images and Media: “How can I optimize product images to improve my website speed?”
  8. Customer Reviews Integration: “How can I integrate reviews from my customers to enhance social proof?”
  9. Google Analytics Insights: “How do I use Google Analytics data to identify areas for improvement on my e-commerce store?”

Running a Shopify Store Prompts

  1. Order Fulfillment: “Can you assist in streamlining the order fulfillment process to ensure fast and accurate shipments?”
  2. Customer Support: “Can you help with writing email templates to speed up the customer support of my store?”
  3. Returns and Refunds: “Can you create a returns and refunds policy for my Shopify store?”
  4. Marketing Calendar: “Can you help make a marketing calendar to plan promotions, events, and campaigns throughout the year?”
  5. New Product Launches: “Can you provide a checklist for launching new products on my e-commerce store?”
  6. Financial Management: “How do I manage the financial aspects of running my e-commerce business?”
  7. Continuous Improvement: “How can I continuously improve and evolve my e-commerce store?”
  8. Virtual Assistant: “Can AI be used to help me respond to customer questions and queries?”

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