30 Best-Selling Dropshipping Products & Niches (2024)


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If you’re embarking on your dropshipping journey, it’s crucial to get insights into the products that have historically performed well.

By understanding the characteristics of top-selling dropshipping products over the past years, you equip yourself with knowledge that is essential for choosing a product that could be a hit today.

Although AliExpress has made it tougher to access certain product analytics, making the research for top sellers a bit of a challenge, my experience in dropshipping since 2016 has given me a front-row seat to observe the trends and see which products have soared in popularity.

While I could have extended this list exponentially, the products I am about to share will offer you a solid foundation and guide you in discerning the right product for your venture.

What are the Best Selling Dropshipping Products?

It’s important to note that not every product is a suitable choice for dropshipping, especially when sourcing from China. Below, I’ll delve into the various aspects that contribute to the success and profitability of a dropshipping product.

Here is a list of the best-selling dropshipping products from 2022 and 2023.

  1. Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
  2. Customized Jewelry
  3. Portable Blender
  4. Print On Demand Products
  5. Glow in the Dark Collar
  6. Handheld Retro Gaming Devices
  7. Plush Donut Pet Bed
  8. Back Support Products
  9. Face Massagers
  10. Solar Phone Charger
  11. Magnetic Eye Lashes
  12. Kitchen Gadgets
  13. Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment
  14. Weighted Blankets
  15. Unique Footwear
  16. Outdoor Solar Lighting
  17. Educational Kids Toys
  18. Teeth Whitening Products
  19. Pregnancy Pillow
  20. Drones
  21. Portable Baby Bottle Warmer
  22. Bluelight Blocking Glasses
  23. Battery Powered Tent Light
  24. Laptop Table
  25. Massage Gun
  26. Phone Covers
  27. USB Heated Clothing
  28. Novelty Lamps
  29. Cat Toys
  30. Interior Car Lighting
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What do these top-selling products share that boosts their dropshipping success?

1. Problem-Solving Ability

Each product stands out because it addresses and resolves specific issues for consumers. Whether it’s providing relief from pain, enhancing physical appearance, or ensuring a pet’s comfort, these products meet a clear need.

2. Limited Availability in Physical Stores

At the time when these products were gaining traction, they were scarcely available in brick-and-mortar stores. This exclusivity further fueled their online popularity, although numerous retail stores have since begun to stock many of them.

3. Convenient Size

A common feature among these products is their optimal size. They are neither too large nor too heavy, making it feasible to dropship them from China without incurring excessive shipping costs.

4. Uniqueness

Each product on the list boasts a degree of uniqueness or contains distinctive features. This “wow factor” enhances their appeal to their respective target audiences, making them a hot commodity.

5. Potential for Branding

Most of these products hold the potential to anchor a one-product store. This ability to be branded enhances their perceived value, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

I regularly search through the vast library of Shopify stores looking at the top-performing stores and the very successful products and niches. I have noticed the success of one dropshipping product more than others.

Portable Blenders: A Top-Selling Product Since 2020

Since 2020, portable blenders have emerged as the predominant best-selling dropshipping product, with various versions marking their territory in the market. Blendjet pioneered in capitalizing on this trend, leading to a surge of e-commerce stores now dropshipping portable blenders.

If you are interested in looking at stores with massive profit margins I suggest you read this article!

Buying popular products from a mobile device online.

What are the Best Selling Dropshipping Niches?

When discussing booming e-commerce niches, Fashion and Accessories invariably reign supreme. This category consistently dominates online sales worldwide. However, while dropshipping apparel is doable, it comes with its fair share of challenges, primarily due to high return rates.

For a deeper dive into the complexities of the fashion niche in dropshipping, consider exploring my detailed post: Is Clothing Good for Dropshipping?

Top Niches in Dropshipping

Watches, jewelry, baby products, beauty items, pet supplies, and kitchen gadgets stand as the pinnacle of dropshipping niches. Their allure lies in their expansive target audience and the plethora of unique product variations scarcely available in physical stores.

The Electronics Niche

Electronics represent another expansive and lucrative e-commerce niche encompassing various sub-niches. Despite its potential profitability, the electronics sector presents its unique challenges for dropshipping, explaining its limited popularity among dropshippers.

A prevalent concern is the notorious reputation associated with Chinese electronics for subpar quality and performance issues. Even with high-quality electronics, requisite certifications from suppliers and potential customs difficulties with bulk orders pose significant hurdles.

Need more niche suggestions? Feel free to explore my comprehensive article listing over 400 profitable dropshipping niches.

How to Discover Top-Selling Dropshipping Products?

Utilize platforms like AliExpress for product searches. Click on the “orders” button to categorize items by order count, unearthing the best-selling options. Alternatively, leverage product research tools like Sell the Trend. This tool not only reveals product popularity but also offers insights into current trends, competition levels, and more.

However, exercise caution when relying solely on AliExpress for identifying popular dropshipping products. A high order count doesn’t automatically translate to a viable dropshipping product. It’s essential to conduct an analysis to ensure the product’s profitability and sustainability in the dropshipping space.

How to sort pet products on AliExpress by best selling using the order filter.

Exploring Product Research Tools

An array of product research tools such as Dropispy are available to pinpoint best-selling, non-saturated products for dropshipping. My extensive experience with various tools places Sell the Trend at the forefront for accessing invaluable information to identify likely profitable products.

Google Trends stands as another alternative. This complimentary tool offers real-time insights into your product’s current trends and prevalent popularity.

Google trends showing a graph of the popularity of dropshipping since 2017
Google Trends shows demand for dropshipping over the past 5 years.

Navigating the Terrain of Best-Selling Items in Dropshipping

Contemplating dropshipping top-selling products? Consider these factors:

  • Competition: Popular products inevitably attract competition. Evaluate the market saturation and consider if you can successfully penetrate the market amidst numerous competitors.
  • Evergreen Status: Determine the product’s longevity. Is it a fleeting trend or a sustained necessity for consumers?
  • Market Entry: Certain niches, like pet supplies and baby products, consistently welcome new buyers, ensuring a steady market. Contrast this with niches like laptop tables, where repeat purchases are rare.
  • Unique Selling Perspective: Can you rejuvenate sales for a popular product by targeting a new audience or adopting a fresh marketing angle? A different approach can revitalize sales, as seen with the portable blender, appealing to diverse groups from health enthusiasts to busy moms.
  • Improvement on Existing Offers: Surpass the status quo by enhancing what’s already available. Most dropshippers mimic existing strategies; innovative thinking sets you apart. A captivating, viral video ad could be your differentiator!

Current Trends in Best-Selling Dropshipping Items

A discernible shift in dropshipping highlights a move away from AliExpress. Entrepreneurs now prioritize quality over low-cost, inferior products, focusing on building sustainable, long-term dropshipping businesses.

Today’s dropshippers lean towards bulk purchasing of high-quality items from Alibaba, altering the competitive landscape of specific dropshipping products in forthcoming years.

Emerging Popular Niches

Homesteading and off-the-grid living emerge as current favored niches, with escalating sales in portable solar panels, generators, and sustainable garden supplies. These in-demand products present lucrative dropshipping opportunities.

To discover a curated list of high-demand, low-competition products, delve into my comprehensive article on 100 unsaturated dropshipping niches. Your next successful dropshipping venture awaits your exploration!

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