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It’s easy to make money from people when you play on their dreams and aspirations. I hate seeing people taken advantage of and in my experience, high ticket dropshipping courses promise a whole lot but generally underdeliver, more about that below.

A small number of high ticket dropshipping courses have been around for a few years whilst a lot of them seem to be popping up and disappearing not long after. Clearly, the courses that have been around for a few years are obviously successful, these are the ones I want to focus on in this article.

I want to be as transparent as possible right away, I could reach out to any of the courses listed below and become an affiliate but I believe only one of them is good and even that one is overpriced in my opinion.

If you’re simply looking for the winner, I’ve listed the best high ticket dropshipping course at the bottom of this article. If anyone knows of a better course at a more affordable price, contact me and I will update this article if I agree.

Most high ticket dropshipping courses are not worth buying. The prices are far too high to justify the information provided within the courses, especially considering most of the content can be found online for free.

It seems to me that Dropship Lifestyle is the leader of the pack when it comes to high ticket dropshipping courses. It has been around for years and seems to be the most known of all the high ticket courses.

This is due to the fact that Dropship Lifestyle advertises a lot. In fact, if you watch their webinar and don’t buy, be prepared for some relentless retargeted advertising and emails for months, I have been a victim of this.

I do have a brutally honest review of Dropship Lifestyle here if you’re interested.

The entire formula Dropship Lifestyle uses to persuade people to buy their course is obviously working. They supposedly have over 14,000 members paying the ridiculously high prices, Anton Kraly must be raking it in.

Other people have obviously used Dropship Lifestyle as a blueprint for success and followed the same formula and why not, it’s clearly working. Dropship Formula has even copied the same exact product example from Dropship Lifestyle’s webinar in their own webinar example, a chandelier. Come on Dropship Formula, surely you can think of a different product example to at least make it look like you’re not copying!

The formula is, you have to sit through a “fake live” webinar which they call “free training”. The entire webinar is simply a sales pitch to persuade you into buying their course. They give you a few tips along the way to justify it being called “free training” but it’s essentially a way of closing the sale. Thankfully, not all of the courses pretend their webinars are live, I personally would not buy from any course that uses this deceptive tactic.

This is how a standard high ticket webinar plays out…

They claim dropshipping inferior products from China does not work and you can make more money with fewer sales dropshipping from domestic suppliers. Then you are told why their method is the best followed by the value of each aspect of their course being exaggerated to give the perception that you are receiving a bargain at $2,000, all with sprinkles of fake testimonials between each section.

Often the price won’t be disclosed until the end of the boring webinar so you already feel partially invested. I had a difficult time finding the prices for some of the courses in the table below.

Why are High Ticket Dropshipping Courses So Expensive?

I wish I could tell you why high ticket dropshipping courses are expensive but I don’t understand why either. There are several good dropshipping courses that are not high ticket for between $200 to $500 which is reasonable. In a way, high ticket dropshipping using domestic suppliers is actually a simpler business model so I don’t understand why it always seems to cost more.

Dropshipping from China is more complicated in the long run. Eventually, you will need to transition into buying products in bulk, work with Chinese manufacturers to private label products and build a brand, as well as work with sourcing agents in China to organize logistics, manage inventory and the list goes on.

You don’t have to build a brand with domestic high ticket dropshipping as you’re selling brands from other companies. The most difficult part is onboarding suppliers to allow you to dropship their products. For more information, I have an article on how to get approved by dropshipping suppliers.

Once you’re approved, you simply add the products to your store and start running ads. You send the orders to your supplier as they come in and your supplier fulfills the orders. It’s uncomplicated and I am struggling to understand why high ticket dropshipping courses are more expensive than regular dropshipping courses from China.

List of High Ticket Dropshipping Courses

High Ticket
Dropshipping Course
Dropship LifestyleAnton Kraly$3,997 – $10,497
Dropship FormulaSimon Vernon£595 – £2,695
Build Assets OnlineMike & Joe Brusca$2,499 – $4,999
High Ticket Ecom SecretsEarnest Epps$997
E-commerce ParadiseTrevor Fenney$997
Dropship DownunderGrand & Clint Parker$2,997
Dropshipping UniversityEcom Tom$997
Dropship BreakthruJon Warren$1,997
List of High Ticket Dropshipping Courses with owners and prices.

I will update this list as new courses become available and any price changes as I find out about them. If you are aware of new courses and/or price changes feel free to contact me.

Which are the Best High Ticket Dropshipping Courses?

Whilst high ticket dropshipping is a similar business no matter the country you reside, it can also differ slightly in each country. Ideally, the best course for you will hopefully be targeting the country you plan to dropship to and will cover the topics you actually want to learn about.

I am in Australia and for me, the Dropship Downunder course was targeting the Australian market. My aim was to learn about shipping specific to Australia. I wanted to know which shipping companies were best for various product types and sizes, which was best for rural shipping, how to handle shipping costs for different areas and so on.

Unfortunately, there was no information on shipping in the entire course and I should have checked this first. For almost 3k I would expect the topic of shipping would be covered, hopefully, they read this and update the course.

This is why it’s important to go through the course list of modules and lessons first so you know what will be covered and if it suits your needs. If you are unsure, email the owner prior to purchasing the course to confirm.

Don’t buy any course without being aware of their Refund Policy. You don’t want to buy a course and realize it has skipped over many important steps but you can’t receive your money back unless you prove you completed 40% of the course first!

What a High Ticket Dropshipping Course Should Be!

I want to see a comprehensive high ticket dropshipping course for under $1,000 without any deception. What do I mean by this and what would I love to see?

  • No more of these pretend live webinars, it’s theatre and I find it insulting. Have an actual webinar if you want but be honest about the fact that it’s a pre-recording.
  • Put the course price on your website and stop with all the “you receive $50,000 worth of value for only $2,000 if you purchase today only.”
  • I want to see someone actually create a high ticket dropshipping business over the shoulder. Don’t just tell me what to do, I want to see someone actually do the entire process from start to finish.
  • Be honest about which countries high ticket dropshipping will actually succeed in. For most countries, high ticket dropshipping won’t work due to many reasons including lower disposable income, logistics and infrastructure and in many countries dropshipping isn’t as prominent meaning suppliers will never approve you.
  • A transparent Refund Policy!

So Which High Ticket Dropshipping Course Should You Buy? 1 Winner

In my opinion, V-Commerce is the best high ticket dropshipping course in terms of overall quality and value for money.

The course is comprehensive, the information is accurate, easy to follow, well taught and the price is very reasonable compared to many of the courses available. If I was a complete beginner to high ticket dropshipping this is the course I would take.

The only part of the course I would like to see more information on is SEO. Ranking an e-commerce store on Google is an important part of the business and many beginners could benefit from more information on this step.

However, I’ve also seen many dropshipping courses teach SEO and get it wrong which can be more detrimental to their success. I would recommend heading to YouTube and seeking the help of SEO experts on ranking a dropshipping business as there is a lot of misinformation on this subject.

If I find a better value high ticket dropshipping course I will update this article so you can be sure you’ll get my current pick best course. If you believe you have a better alternative, please let me know and I’ll investigate if I can.

I contacted the owner/s of V-Commerce Academy and asked if they have any discounts I could use, luckily they said yes.

Click this link to check out V-Commerce and use the discount code DROPSHIP15 to receive a 15% discount on their lifetime access or their monthly option.

Feel free to contact me to let me know of new courses available or any I may have missed that are worth the money and I will happily update this article.

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