How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Alibaba (12 Best Tips)




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I appreciate your concerns about making a $500 online purchase, even if it is for a high-quality item from a reputed site. Making purchases from Alibaba may elicit similar apprehensions.

It’s natural to be cautious when contemplating an investment of thousands of dollars overseas, interacting with strangers, and buying products that you’ve never physically inspected. Indeed, there’s quite a bit that could go wrong under such circumstances. However, there is a silver lining.

Alibaba has taken significant steps towards ensuring payment security, enforcing contracts and maintaining company transparency. Consequently, it’s a fairly safe place to conduct purchases, as long as buyers make a conscious effort to thoroughly investigate their suppliers. This procedure includes verifying their credentials within the supplier’s business profile to ascertain their dependability.

Check out this article if you plan to dropship from Alibaba instead of buying in bulk. I cover the best way to go about it.


Anyone can get scammed anywhere and the same goes with Alibaba. You may follow the tips I have given below and still encounter a deceitful seller. However, if you even follow just a few of these tips I believe the chances of this occurring are relatively low.

1. Use Trade Assurance for Secure Payments

Trade assurance is Alibaba’s most secure method for purchasing products, offering transaction protection between the buyer and the supplier. This significantly reduces the buyers’ risk associated with large purchases from foreign suppliers. Personally, I would advise against buying from any Alibaba supplier that doesn’t provide Trade Assurance.

Just refine your supplier search to those offering Trade Assurance. Look for a yellow crown with a dollar sign, the icon that represents trade assurance enabled suppliers.

Trade assurance logo from Alibaba suppliers
Trade Assurance Icon

Don’t forget to establish a Trade Assurance contract on Alibaba between you and your supplier. This contract will include agreed-upon details such as shipping times and rates, product quality, specifications, and pricing.

To protect yourself, ensure all your negotiations with the supplier take place on Alibaba, resisting the temptation to use third-party apps such as WhatsApp or WeChat. By doing so, all your communication can be recorded and utilized as evidence, should any disputes arise.

One advantage of using third-party apps for your supplier communication is that you may receive responses more quickly.

Finally, understand that your payment to the supplier will be held in escrow until the order is completed and both parties have fulfilled their contractual obligations.

2. Check Which Province your Supplier’s Factory is Located in!

Every city and province in China has its own unique characteristics and industry focus. As such, the location of your supplier can significantly impact their business, and subsequently, yours.

Consider the image below, for instance. Depending on the products you’re buying, you’d ideally want your supplier to be situated in a city that specializes in those respective products.

Alibaba gold supplier and verified supplier
Verified Alibaba Supplier

Being in a location that concentrates on specific industries equips your supplier with the necessary resources for producing high-quality products at the most competitive prices. The local emphasis on particular industries enhances their access to local suppliers, materials, labor, and logistics.

Another crucial factor is the proximity of your supplier to China’s main seaports. While there are several along the east coast, the largest one is situated in the Guangzhou/Shenzhen region.

This area has access to the best selection of shipping carriers including 4PX, CNE Express, YunExpress and Hong Kong Airport. It’s not essential to have a supplier located in this region but is an advantage.

The geographical location of your supplier is usually available on their company profile, listed within their address. A quicker way, however, is to simply check the first word of their company name – it typically represents the city or province they’re based in. For instance, Shenzhen Bowei Pet Products is located in Shenzhen.

3. Be Sure Your Supplier is Located!

Having your supplier based in another country means it’s not practical for you to personally visit and confirm their legitimacy. Consequently, verification serves as the next best assurance.

Alibaba’s third-party inspection company personally visits the company to verify their claims. This involves checking their production capabilities, product inventory, and process controls against their company profile.

While it’s not an outright deal-breaker if a company isn’t verified, it is indeed preferred. One advantage of Alibaba is the sheer number of suppliers available. Therefore, you have the liberty to be selective in choosing your partners. If a company is verified, it provides that additional bit of evidence you need to confirm their authenticity.

Suppliers that are verified bear a unique icon in their profiles, and if you so prefer, you can filter out unverified suppliers from your search results.

4. Ordering Samples is Non-negotiable

Never commit to a large bulk order without first obtaining a sample. Refrain from making assumptions about the product until you physically analyze it. Remember, suppliers will naturally claim that their product is of high quality, and images can be quite deceiving.

I have an article on ordering samples from Alibaba for more details.

The product’s actual colors and specifications can deviate considerably from their images. We’ve all ordered products online only to be disappointed upon arrival. Now imagine this disappointment amplified 500 times with a bulk order.

Given that Alibaba predominantly handles bulk orders, procuring a single product sample might turn out to be pricey. The shipping charges alone for a low-cost product could range from $50 to $100. However, believe me when I say that it’s worth every penny, considering you might save thousands if the product proves to be sub-standard.

When acquiring a sample, suggest to the supplier that the cost of the sample be deducted from your bulk order. Most suppliers will readily agree to this.

Upon receiving your sample, test it exhaustively. If the product has practical usage, push it to its limits to examine its durability. If it’s more of a visual product, gather people’s opinions for honest feedback and confirm if it aligns with the images and description provided by the supplier.

5. Remain Professional

Maintaining a professional demeanor is crucial. If you come across as a novice, there’s a risk of being treated as one, possibly even being exploited. Regardless of whether this is your first time using Alibaba, it’s vital to portray yourself as a seasoned online retailer.

This reduces the likelihood of suppliers trying to con you and ensures that they take you seriously, resulting in faster responses.

Looking for a reliable email template for contacting Alibaba suppliers? Check out this article, where I offer several free email templates for your use.

Make a practice of inquiring about prices for quantities much larger than what you intended to purchase. This implies that you may place heavier orders moving forward and could result in a lower unit price for your initial order.

Convey to the supplier that you represent a sizable company. Mention in your emails that you are the purchasing manager for your company. It’s a small detail, but it can make a significant difference.

6. Only Work With Experienced Suppliers!

Simply put, experience often equates to reliability. While there are no guarantees, a company that has maintained a reputable business for a decade isn’t likely to single you out to swindle.

Any company found scamming customers on Alibaba wouldn’t last long – they’d violate Alibaba’s terms and conditions and consequently be expelled from the platform. Therefore, the length of a company’s operation usually indicates adherence to Alibaba’s terms.

Because of this, I personally prefer working with companies that have been in operation for at least two years. While newer companies may not necessarily intend to scam you, you should proceed with added caution. Each supplier’s business duration is prominently displayed on their Alibaba profile.

How to check the experience of Alibaba supplier
How to check how long each supplier has been in business

Another indicator of experience is a company’s total revenue. While this information is often confidential, it can be a reassuring sign if a supplier has listed revenues in the millions.

7. Engage Multiple Suppliers

Alibaba hosts thousands of suppliers, so it doesn’t make sense to focus solely on one. You will often find hundreds of suppliers stocking similar products, with minor differences.

It’s a smart move to engage with at least 10 suppliers stocking the desired products. Gauge their response time, the quality of their replies, and whether they sufficiently answer your queries.

Entertaining multiple suppliers offers a baseline for price and quality comparison. With different pricing structures across vendors, you can leverage these differences to instigate price competition.

At this stage, you can start narrowing down suppliers who don’t seem like the right fit for your business.

If your budget allows, consider ordering samples from 2 to 4 different suppliers for comparison. Don’t simply concentrate on price – prioritizing quality could be more profitable in the long run.

With an abundance of suppliers at your fingertips, you can afford to be discerning. It’s a good problem to have, and I’d encourage you to make the most of it.

8. Negotiate Fair Payment Terms for Both Parties!

Negotiating payment terms with your supplier is an approach I highly encourage. Essentially, these terms allow you to pay a fraction of the total cost up front and settle the balance once the goods are received.

The percentage to be paid in advance is open to negotiation between you and the supplier, in accordance with your comfort level. For instance, you might opt to pay 30% upfront with the remaining 70% due after delivery. The specifics can be agreed upon in your contract.

I would discourage engaging with any supplier unwilling to agree to at least 50/50 payment terms. Trustworthy companies that are confident in their product quality should be amenable to these terms.

Opting for payment terms over full upfront payment boasts several advantages:

  • Reduces your exposure to dishonest suppliers
  • Increases the likelihood of acquiring high-quality products
  • Balances out your cost commitments
  • Diminishes overall risk if the supplier falls short of commitments

However, you’ll need to show some flexibility with payment terms or you could miss out on promising suppliers. For instance, insisting on a 30% upfront payment might deter certain suppliers from working with you.

Consequently, some compromises might be necessary to establish terms that are mutually beneficial. Check out Alibaba’s terms here if you need more information.

9. Product Inspection and Monitoring

Even with a top-notch product sample, there’s no guarantee that the remaining products will match its quality.

Alibaba offers a monitoring and inspection service to mitigate such concerns. They send a third-party team to conduct an on-site inspection at the factory.

You can choose between two options for this service: Production monitoring and inspection.

With production monitoring, an Alibaba representative will check the quality of one carton and update you about the production progress to minimize potential delays.

Alibaba's production monitoring
Alibaba’s Production Monitoring

The inspection option involves a more comprehensive examination of the products’ quality, specifics, and functionality, and covers a larger proportion of your order.

Alibaba's product inspector.
Alibaba’s Product Inspector

Investing in an inspection might be a smart move for sizeable orders or those involving complex products with multiple moving parts. However, for a simple order, such as 100 plush toys, this cost might be unwarranted.

10. Do They Possess Certificates?

Ensure the factory you’re dealing with has relevant certificates and reports. Reputable suppliers usually showcase these documents in their company profiles.

If not visible, feel free to request pictures of said documents. If a supplier declines to share these, it might be wise to cross them off your potential suppliers list.

Having their certificates at your disposal not only verifies the supplier’s credibility but also demonstrates their earnestness in forming a business relationship with you.

Depending on your product type and target country, specific certifications may be necessary for customs clearance. For instance, electronic items might require an FCC (Federal Communications Commission) certificate to get through customs.

Occasionally, customs may withhold a substantial product shipment. If such a situation arises, you can seek help from Border Budd, a company well-versed in import and export regulations which can assist you in getting your order through customs.

Certificate of Alibaba supplier

The certificate could be the required certifications they require to manufacture your specific products or simply just factory audit reports. Shady suppliers often won’t have the necessary certificates required.

11. Work with a Sourcing Agent

One smart way to circumvent potential issues is by employing a sourcing agent (often referred to as a dropshipping agent). This person, based in China, serves as an intermediary between you and the manufacturer, handling many of the tasks that are typically managed by the supplier.

While a sourcing agent can make the whole process smoother, finding a reliable and trustworthy one can be challenging. How can you be sure some factory isn’t bribing the agent to intentionally deliver a cheaper, lower-quality product?

The most effective method is to rely on recommendations. Other options include using Facebook groups or locating agents on platforms like Fiverr.
A sourcing agent can manage various facets of your business:

  • Identifying suppliers with the needed products
  • Inspecting product quality
  • Negotiating prices
  • Arranging optimal shipping options
  • Organizing product customization and private labeling
  • Providing updates on the product process

If you’re looking to find your own agent, I have a free list of dropshipping agents based in China.

12. Communicate Effectively

Trust is built on effective communication, and this holds true when dealing with your supplier.

If a supplier consistently fails to respond in a customary timeframe, or not at all, consider striking them off your list. Your business will require a fair amount of back-and-forth communication, and waiting days for a response is not viable. Always consider time differences and holidays while awaiting responses.

Suppliers failing to adequately answer your questions can be another communication issue. Sometimes, you’ll find suppliers answering only one of several questions. To ensure all queries are addressed, number your questions – this seems to improve response rates.

Do keep in mind that cultural differences and language barriers may cause some communication issues. Off-putting or unusual comments might simply be due to cultural nuances or translation errors.

In instances where the supplier speaks English, arrange for a face-to-face Zoom call. This can help establish a relationship and give you a sense of their business ethos.

Remember that firms may use fabricated factory images on their Alibaba profiles. During a Zoom call, request a tour of their factory – a legitimate business will be proud to show you their operations.


Alibaba exerts significant efforts to vet suppliers to ensure safe transactions with reputable providers.

For more insights about Alibaba suppliers, I’d recommend my article exploring the differences between manufacturers and trading companies.

If you do your research and heed the above advice, you’ll be well-equipped to avoid dubious suppliers. Your chosen suppliers will play a significant role in your overall success. Therefore, don’t rush this step.

The ideal supplier will be flexible in negotiating different terms, such as:

  • Product cost
  • MOQ
  • Shipping prices and carriers
  • Product customizations
  • Packaging
  • Materials

The top suppliers will be eager to collaborate because your success benefits them – more business for you translates to more business for them. Consequently, it’s in their best interest not to defraud you.

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