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Shopify Grid theme demo store

Shopify’s Grid theme looks amazing, it’s customizable and it comes with features that will increase conversion rate, but it’s not cheap. So is it worth your money?

By the end of the article, you should know whether the Grid theme is for you. I provide examples of current stores using the Grid theme as well as the pros and cons so you know it’s right for your Shopify store.

How Much is Grid Theme and is it Worth it?

Grid theme is US $260 on the Shopify theme store which was designed by Pixel Union, creators of several premium Shopify themes. You can use the theme for free to see how it will look for your products before publishing your store.

Paid Shopify themes are typically priced between US $180 to $350, so it begs the question, should you pay $260 for the Grid theme or just get a free theme?

I think most new stores that do not require any complicated customizations or unique features can manage with a free theme initially. However, as your store expands and establishes itself as a legitimate brand, a free theme may not be adequate and you may need to transition into using a premium theme such as Grid.

Grid theme is really ideal for stores where the images are the focus and the images do most of the selling for you. You can add a masonry grid section that highlights your products in a unique and professional way.

Grid theme feature

You can also add sections such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Featured collection
  • Slideshow
  • Promotions
  • Newsletter
  • Image with text overlay
  • Testimonials
  • and many more

Grid theme may be worth consideration if you’re using unique high-resolution product images. Taking advantage of the sections Grid theme offers is the unique selling point (USP) that can differentiate you from your competitors who are using free themes.

Whilst the Grid theme is not packed with sales features compared to the Booster theme, it does all the basics right and is perfect for those wanting a high-end store with luxury products. It comes with multiple-column dropdown menus for easy navigation, a pop-up that allows faster and easier checkout options and it’s mobile responsive.

Below are current live examples of Shopify stores using the Grid theme. It’s worth checking out their website if you want ideas on how the Grid theme will look for your own e-commerce business.

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If you’re still deciding which theme you should, I have a few articles that will help you.

1. Glow Theory

Glow Theory is a Shopify store selling skin care products from a variety of different brands. The store is branded effectively to its target audience with high-quality images and its color scheme.

They’ve utilized the Grid theme effectively on the homepage by showcasing the favorites and best-selling products. They’ve also included a blog to provide value to their visitors and improve their SEO.

Glow theory which is a Grid theme example

2. Farm Stand

Farm Stand is a unique Shopify store mainly stocking products in the fashion niche but also in the home decor niche. This store example has implemented may of the Grid theme sections on the homepage which really helps with their brand.

Farm Stand

Farm Stand which is a grid theme example

3. Face the Vibes

Face the Vibes is a Shopify store stocking handmade crystals and cosmetics. This store is a little different from most online stores as they don’t have a typical store layout as the homepage has no hero image and instead showcases each category of their products.

This shows how versatile and customizable the Grid theme can be. The product pages are minimal and I feel as though they have not taken advantage of the sections the Grid theme comes with to increase their conversion rate.

Face the Vibes which is a grid theme example

4. Ferals Trumpet

Ferals Trumpet is a UK-based Shopify store stocking gothic jewelry and accessories. The product images in this store look amazing, personally, I would like to see a darker color scheme to align with the target audience.

Feral Trumpet has used the Grid theme effectively on its homepage. They’ve included their featured collections, a blog and testimonials for social proof and building trust.

Ferals Trumpet which is a grid theme example


Everyone will have different experiences with each theme, so it’s worth looking for legitimate reviews before investing your money into a paid theme. It’s hard to trust reviews on the Pixel Union website as they are the creators of the theme and can easily show you whichever reviews they want.

I decided to look at recent and legitimate reviews of the Grid theme to hear users’ praise and complaints.

The main points that users were happy with were the masonry grid feature and how it made their products look. Many users also said the theme was easy to use and they were able to build a Shopify store fast and easily.

The biggest complaints were the support was often slow to reply to questions and queries and the minimal amount of features that were not included such as color swatches and small customization options on mobile.

I would suggest testing the Grid theme on mobile and desktop on the free trial before paying US $260 only to realize it’s not the right theme for you.

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