Best and Worst Product Research Tools

Product research tools can be beneficial to your business but are far from necessary. You can definitely find unique and profitable products just by sifting through AliExpress, however, there are millions of products on AliExpress, most of which aren’t ideal for dropshipping. Product research tools help sift out the crap and just provide products which are more conducive to dropshipping.

The Best Premium Product Research Tools

There are a ton of product research tools available online. For the most part, you can simply utilize free options, however, if you did want a premium product research tool, there are only 2 I believe are worth the money.

Sell the Trend

If you want to spend money on a premium product research tool that is actually worth the money, Sell the Trend would be my number one pick.

You not only get an abundance of profitable products but you receive a heap of useful content too, such as profitability, number of suppliers, trends, orders and how many competitors are already selling the product.

Sell the Trend is easily my number 1 pick.

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eCom Hunt

eCom hunt would be my next pick for product research tools. They provide daily updates of the most trending AliExpress products.

For each product you get how much engagement the product is receiving, reviews, saturation levels, profit margins, orders and much more.

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Which Product Research Tools Should You Avoid?

The best product research tools are the ones that help you find profitable products, that’s obvious. So even the worst product research tool can help you find a profitable product, even though some of them aren’t that great, they may still help you find a winner. For that reason, I don’t want to single any specific tool out.

However, there are a couple of things I would avoid. For the most part, product research tools are best used as a short-term solution and often are not necessary over an extended period.

With a one-product store or a niche store you can simpy do all your product research in a month and be done with it. For these stores I would not recommend paying for the annual subscription as you may not get your moneys worth out of it. An exception to this is if you plan to open multiple stores and continue to use the tool.

The other exception is if you are opening a general store. General stores are different in that they are usually focused on trending products and it often becomes a constant game of testing the newest hot product and riding the wave until the next trend hits.

I would also avoid any tools that don’t provide all the necessary analytics that will help you decide whether it’s a viable product. When I use a product research tool I want to know everything about the product.

  • How many competitors are currently selling it
  • Links to competitors stores and ads
  • Profit margins
  • Is it currently trending
  • Orders
  • Suppliers
  • Customer reviews
  • Countries it’s selling in
  • Targeted advertising audience

This data is so important in helping you find gaps in the market you can break into. This is why my personal favorite tool is Sell the Trend as it provides a ton of useful data.