Best Dropshipping Agents in China – Huge FREE List!

Trying to find the best and most reliable dropshipping agents can be a lot of work. The good news is I’ve done most of the hard work for you.

Below I’ve listed the types of questions you need to find out from an agent to make sure you find the best dropshipping agent for your business. I have also listed 20+ agents based in China that offer a large range of services.

If you’re a dropshipping agent based in China and you want your company listed in this article, send me a message with your company details and I’ll add you to the list.

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What is a Dropshipping Agent?

A dropshipping agent is a middleman between a supplier or manufacturer and a customer. They are used by merchants to manage many tasks including product sourcing, warehousing, inventory forecasting, order fulfillment, logistics, private labeling, product customizations, quality control and much more.

The term dropshipping agent is a little confusing. Dropshipping agents can also be referred to as sourcing agents, fulfillment agents, private agents, shipping agents and procurement agents. These terms are often based on the various services they provide but companies who provide all these services are often referred to as dropshipping or sourcing agents.

Technically speaking, platforms such as Salehoo, Spocket and Zendrop are considered dropshipping agents as they perform many of these tasks. However, they are more of a beginner friendly and customer service based dropshipping agent.

These platforms often don’t source products, don’t work with manufacturers to customize products, product pricing is much higher and the entire process is not personalized toward your business requirements.

CJ Dropshipping falls somewhere between these options as their product pricing is competitive, they use their own shipping lines, they source products and they don’t charge a monthly fee to use their service.

Dropshipping agents based in China are the whole package as they can take care of just about all your sourcing, fulfillment and logistics requirements. The main problem is they usually don’t work with sellers who are fulfilling less than 20 – 30 orders per day.

For a full list of the services a dropshipping does, I have an article on 20 things a dropshipping agent can do for you.

List of services a dropshipping agent can do
List of services a dropshipping agent can do

How do I find the Best Dropshipping Agent in China?

The best agent will really depend on your business. Every dropshipping agent will offer various services, have different supplier connections, specialize in specific niches and agent pricing will differ depending on their services.

There are several factors you should be looking for to find the best dropshipping agent for your business.

  • How experienced are they?
  • How big is their company?
  • Which payment providers do they offer?
  • Which shipping companies do they usually use?
  • What are their lead times?
  • What is their pricing?
  • Are they a single person or a company?
  • Do they allow you direct communication with the manufacturer?
  • Which provinces of China are they located in?
  • Do they have references from other online merchants they have worked with?
  • What are their communication skills like?
  • Do they take responsibility for returns and refunds?
  • Can they scale according to your needs during peak times?
  • Do they have contacts with suppliers who manufacture your line of products?

Most people who have no experience working with private agents in China don’t take all this into consideration.

If you want to find the best dropshipping agent for you, don’t be afraid to ask questions. An agent is essentially your business partner so consider the requirements for your business and be sure they can handle them.

What’s the point of working with an agent who is located in a different region than where your product is produced and they have no connections within your niche? You might as well take care of the whole process yourself!

List of Dropshipping Agents Based in China

Dropshipping AgentLocation in ChinaMain Services
Jing SourcingZhejiangCustomize Products and Packagings
Product Photography
Quality Inspection
Shipping Management
Private Labeling
Dropshipping Service
Product Development
EcommpanionShenzhenProduct Sourcing
Inventory Management
Quality Control
Same Day Fulfillment
Fast Shipping
Fami SourcingGuangzhouProduct Sourcing
Samples Consolidation
Supplier Evaluation
Price & Terms Negotiation
Sample Check
Contract Review
Product Lab Testing Arrangement
Product Certificate Application
Order Follow-up
Shipment Arrangement
Shipping Cost Control
Product Inspection
Multi-supplier Consolidation
Container Loading Supervision
Foshan SourcingFoshanProduct Sourcing
Shipping Arrangement
After Sales Service
Ruizhi SourcingGuangdongFactory Audit / Inspection
Sample Collection & Test
Price Negotiation
Production Supervising
Quality Control 
Product Engineering
Warehouse Storage
Product Photography
Dropshipping Service
Order Fulfillment
Factory Relations
Branding & Customizations
Quality Control
Dragon SourcingShanghai
(Several locations worldwide)
Worldwide Sourcing
Procurement Intelligence
Procurement Outsourcing
B2C SourcingZhejiangProduct Sourcing
Freight Forwarding
Samples Evaluation
Pre-shipment Inspection
Product Photography
Supplier Finder and Audit
Keen SourcingShanghaiProduct Sourcing
Quality Control
Factory Audits
Production Monitoring
Lab Testing
DTL SourcingHong KongValidate potential suppliers
Provide you with samples
Negotiate prices
Perform quality checks
Arrange delivery
LeeLine SourcingWuhanProduct Sourcing
Quality Control
Dropshipping Freight Forwarding
Product Development
Manufacturing Inspection
Imex Sourcing ServicesGuangzhouSourcing Suppliers
Contract Negotiation
Quality Control
Product Development
Guided ImportsHong KongSourcing
Quality Control
China Freight Insurance
Pickup and delivery
U.S. Customs Broker
Carton Inspection
Print & Stick Labeling
Logistics Warehouse in China
Biz ShenzhenShenzhenSourcing
Electronics Manufacturing
SupplyiaZhejiangManufacturing Sourcing
Suppliers Verification
Private Label Solutions
Customization Products
Production Follow-up
Free Product Photography
Product Quality Inspection
Free Warehouse Storage
Arrangement Shipping to Door
Easy ImexShanghaiSourcing
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Factory Tours
Golden ShinyYiwuShipping
Quality Control
Order Tracking
Container Loading
Customs Declaration
Maple SourcingShenzhenProduct Sourcing
Supplier Verification
Quote Collections
Price Negotiation
Cost Evaluation
Order Monitoring
Manufacturing Control
Quality Inspection
FBA China SourcingHong KongProduct Development
Product Management
Contract Manufacturing
Quality Control
Bay Source GlobalShanghaiStrategic Sourcing
Product Development & Manufacturing
China Market Strategy
Supply Chain Management
Doc ShipperShanghai (Several locations worldwide)Product Sourcing
Quality Control
3PL Services
List of dropshipping agents based in China

Where do I find dropshipping agents in China?

Apart from the 20 agents listed in this article, you can find dropshipping agents on Facebook groups, UpWork, Google and AliExpress.

How do I contact a dropshipping agent?

Most agents will have their contact details and email on their websites. It’s best to introduce yourself and your business and tell them how many orders you’re currently fulfilling per day.

How much do dropshipping agents cost?

Each dropshipping agent will have a different pricing structure but the majority of them will charge a commission rate between 3% – 10% per order based on the order amount.

What are the advantages of a dropshipping agent?

A dropshipping agent is essentially a business partner who can manage aspects of your store you can’t such as supplier relationships, quality control, communication, warehousing and logistics.

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