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Are you looking for suppliers that offer dropshipping in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia? If so, this is the resource for you!

When I was dropshipping in Australia, I had a difficult time sourcing suppliers based in specific Australian states or cities. It can be beneficial to know the location of each supplier when deciding who is best to work with and organizing the logistics of a dropshipping business. This article should make things a little easier.

If you are a business based in Australia offering dropshipping as part of your service and want to be added to the list of suppliers below, send me a message via my contact page with your business details and I’ll add you to my list (No charge).

Packages in Australia

Dropshipping Suppliers Based in Sydney/NSW

Sydney Dropship SupplierCompany Info & Products
WeDropshipWide range of products from furniture, home tech and electric scooters from global brands such as Xiaomi, Segway, and Vasagle.
Factory Fast

Factory Fast are one of the largest marketplaces for dropshippers in Australia. They are more of a general store business stocking products from just about every niche you can think of.
Colour BlockerColour Blocker supply thousands of products from a range of different categories for dropshippers to access. There are no monthly fees and they offer fast shipping.
DodyDody stocks a wide range of products from outdoors, personal care, home and garden, pet supplies, baby products, industrial, etc. Contact them for information regarding dropshipping.
Groovy GadgetsSupplier of gadgets, speakers, novelty items, toys and much more. They’ve been around since 2002 and they dropship internationally.
Code Ice PrintsA print fulfillment and delivery service allowing giclee art prints sent directly to print buyers. You can dropship their products on any of the major online marketplaces.
Bespoke BabyBespoke Baby are a supplier for everything baby related. Their catalogue includes; gifts, nursery wall art, baby clothes, carriers and more. They provide dropshipping and wholesale.
Little SmilesLittle Smiles stock a large range of toys and baby products and many of the big brands you’ll see in most toy stores. Little smiles offer wholesale and dropshipping options.
Stealth SportsStealth Sports supplies anything fitness related from weights, MMA gear, Karate and Boxing products. They also ship internationally for a fee.
Aroma Therapy ClinicAn Australian owned business that has been around since 2000. They stock a large range of products in the health niche including; air fresheners, essential oils, lotions, soaps, gift packs, face masks and more.
Dear Jane MedicalDear Jane Medical is an Australian based company founded in 2009. They offer dropshipping services for medical equipment. Their 4 main categories of products are diagnostic, medical, patient care and physiotherapy.
Therapeutic PillowEstablished over 40 years ago, Therapeutic Pillow supplies Australia with specially designed pillows, lumbar support, bed toppers and more.
Blue Seas Tackle CoBlue Seas Tackle Co launched in 2016 and are manufacturers of fishing gear. They have a large selection of fishing supplies from rods and reels to clothing and accessories.
Canvas CampBased in NSW and supplying Australia with high quality luxury canvas tents. Canvas Camp offers either pre-purchase stock as a reseller or a dropshipping service.
Surfboards DirectSurfboards Direct provide a huge selection of different surfboards from longboards, standup paddleboards, bodyboards and more. They offer wholesale and dropshipping services.
Bondi Beach Tea CoA supplier of multiple hand-crafted teas and tea accessories, from organic wellness, to detox and weight loss teas. Dropshipping is a minimum of 32 packets of tea.
List of dropshipping suppliers in Sydney

Dropshipping Suppliers in Melbourne/Victoria

Melbourne Dropship SupplierCompany info & Products
Dropship ZoneOne of the go-to platforms for everyone dropshipping within Australia. Their entire platform is built specifically for dropshipping and they stock products in most niches.
Drop SiteDrop Site is a specially designed platform for dropshipping. They stock products in a variety of different categories and have new products added regularly.
iDropshipOne of the largest collections of droshipping products in Australia. Providing a huge range of products in many different categories.
Always DirectAn Australian based, online company offering dropshipping and wholesale services. They offer products in just about every category you can think of.
New AimNew Aim stocks a wide range of products including; home, office, sports/hobbies, toys, garden, electronics and more. They currently stock over 3,000 products.
Andatech is an Australian based supplier of breathalysers for personal and industrial use as well as drug testing kits. They have been in business for over 20 years.
Locks Lash
Locks Lash has a physical location in Victoria but also has a dropshipping program. They stock products and equipment in the beauty niche.
All 4 Kids OnlineIf you want to dropship kids and baby related products, this may be the supplier for you. They have a large selection of products and stock many big name brands.
Rumble CoffeeA wholesaler and dropshipper of high quality coffee and coffee accessories. You can label the coffee in your own branding and they offer great shipping rates with Australia post.
List of dropshipping suppliers in Melbourne

Dropshipping Suppliers in Brisbane/Queensland

Brisbane Dropship SupplierCompany info & Products
OZ DingoOZ Dingo is a general store offering products in multiple categories including; pets, electronics, baby, fashion, garden, industrial and many more. They offer Paypal payments and fast shipping and dispatch times.
ApplebySupplier of products in the home, garden, furniture, industrial, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more. Over 5,000 products to choose from and free shipping to most major cities.
PromotherapySuppliers of private label bath, body and personal care items for the promotional products industry. Promotherapy may be an option if you plan on B2B dropshipping.
Waters CoBased in QLD, Waters Co supplies Australia with a range of water products including; filters, jugs, shower filters, sink filters, accessories and more. They offer wholesale and dropship options.
Jasmin OrganicsOnline retailer of all natural and organic health and beauty products, from skincare, aromatherapy, baby products and more. Fill out their inquiry form to be accepted to dropship their products.
Eleganter AustraliaEleganter is a toy supplier that offer dropshipping and wholesale. They have a large selection including; wooden toys, educational, musical instruments, puzzles and more.
Stix and StonesBased in QLD, Stix and Stones supply a large and varied selection of baby related products. They only dropship a selection of their products.
APE MedicalAPE Medical specialise in sports medicine, braces and support, rehab products and more. A great evergreen industry to get involved in.
SaffroniceFounded in 2016, Saffronice supplies various handcrafted saffron related products offering a unique niche dropshipping store idea.
List of dropshipping suppliers in Queensland

Dropshipping Suppliers in Perth/Adelaide

Australian Dropship SupplierLocationCompany info & Products
Simply WholesalePerthFounded in 2011 and is Australia owned, operating from Perth with 5 warehouses located around Australia. They have a large range of products in a variety of categories.
Just Party LinenPerthJust Party Linen are a wholesaler and dropshipper of linen products for every type of party you can think of. Located in Perth, they ship Australia wide with express shipping as an option. Perth
Art In ToysPerthArt in Toys stocks a variety of electric vehicles for kids including; cars, bikes, go-karts and much more. Contact them directly to be accepted as a reseller or dropshipper of their products.
Lime Tree KidsAdelaideLarge selection of products to dropship from toys, baby toys, bikes, educational, special needs and much more. Shipping is usually within 2 to 7 days from the order being placed.
List of dropshipping suppliers in Perth & Adelaide


Just because the Australian suppliers listed above offer dropshipping does not mean they will accept you to dropship their products and brands. They will often require an application form with your business details as well as they may want to talk with you on the phone first.

They want to be sure you will represent their brands the right way and will follow any guidelines they have in place such as which platforms you plan to sell their goods on and to ensure you do not sell products below their RRP (Recommended retail price).

If you want to find more suppliers than I have listed in this article, I suggest you read my article on 5 ways to find Australian dropshipping suppliers as well as 40+ Aussie dropship suppliers for clothing, pet and home decor products.

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