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Maybe you’re reading this article because you encountered the same problem as me. All the paid keyword research tools I found were really expensive and the free versions were either not very helpful, or would only give you a very limited amount of uses before you had to pay for them.

Don’t worry I won’t keep you in suspense, in my opinion, the best value Keyword tool is KeySearch followed by KW Finder.

I’ll cover some other options below as well as free alternatives but I am yet to find a tool in this price range with the number of essential features you will require.

There are a couple of lesser-known keyword tools around the same price but they were lacking many of the important features KeySearch provides. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an affordable keyword research tool with plenty of features, this may be your solution!

KeySearch is cheap, however, being cheap is worthless if it doesn’t do the job right. The question should be, is KeySearch worth it for the low price?

KeySearch is the best value keyword research tool in terms of overall price and features. It provides many of the same features more expensive tools utilize such as search volume, ranking difficulty, SERP analysis, competitor analysis, backlink checker, competitor gap, URL metrics and more.

Saying all that, KeySearch is not perfect for everyone. Tools such as Ahrefs and SemRush are superior in terms of a deep analysis of SEO, competitor research and technical website audits. However, it may cost you several hundred dollars per month depending on the tool and plan you choose.

For some, the additional cost of the more advanced tools is well worth the money. Paying $100 a month may be a great investment if the tool provides information that benefits your business.

Most Affordable Keyword Research Tools List

Keyword Research ToolFree TrialMonthly PriceCheapest Keyword
Tool (Ranked)
AhrefsTrial $7 for 7 daysFrom $99/month
Annually get 2 months free
JaaxyStarter trialFrom $49/month7th
KeySearchFree trial
5 daily searches
From $17/month
Annually $14/month
Keyword Tool30-day money
back guarantee
From $89/month
Annually $69/month
KW FinderFree 10-day trialFrom $49/month
Annually $29.90/month
Long Tail ProTrial $8 for 8 daysFrom $37/month
Annually get 4 months free
Moz30-day free trialFrom $99/month
Annually $79/month
SEM Rush7 -day free trialFrom $119.95/month
Annually $99.95/month
SEO Cockpit7-day free trialFrom $39/month
Annually $25/month
SE Ranking14-day free trialFrom $49/month
Annually $39/month
Surfer SEO7-day free trialFrom $59/month
Annually $49/month
Uber Suggest7-day free trialFrom $29/month
$290 Lifetime
List of the Keyword research tools ranked from cheapest to most expensive. Source:

What are the Best Value Keyword Research Tools?

I think we’ve established I believe KeySearch is currently the best value keyword tool. This, of course, may change over time and when it does I’ll update this article.

However, I still would not recommend KeySearch to everyone. If every tool was the same price I would use Ahrefs or SemRush. They are packed full of features. The problem is they are far more complicated to use and most people simply would not use the majority of the features.

If you’re after a keyword tool that is somewhere in between KeySearch and Ahrefs in terms of price and features, KW Finder would be my choice.

KW Finder has a simple and easy to navigate interface, a bunch of unique features and it’s effective at finding relatable search terms that are easy to rank for.

If you have a reasonably new website, KeySearch is my pick and KW Finder is the next best choice. KW Finder is good value if you pay annually which works out at $29 per month, otherwise, you’re looking at $49 a month, which is a little steep!

What is the Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

As of writing this article, I am not aware of any good free keyword tools. What do I mean by “good” keyword tools?

  • Does it give you more than just a couple of searches?
  • Does it give you worldwide results or country specific results only?
  • Does it provide any additional features such as SEO analysis of your own website?

If it does not provide these basic and important features, it’s not that good!

Most keyword tools will have a free version which is often a short-term free trial or a few free searches before you have to pay for it. For some, this may be all your need and you can avoid a paid option.

Google keyword planner is another free option but you will need to set up a Google ads account. This can take some time as you have to go through the process of setting up an ad campaign just to be able to use the tool even though you don’t plan on running an ad campaign.

Personally, I don’t like the Google keyword planner tool much anyway but it’s an option for you.

If you know of any valuable keyword tools that are free, send me an email and I’ll update this article for my readers.

Keyword Tool Discount Codes

I have contacted KeySearch and asked for any discounts for my readers and they’ve obliged. Use the code DSDISC through this link and you’ll receive 20% off any of their plans.

Click here for a more in-depth review of KeySearch and how to use its features.

That brings the $17 a month down to $13.20 which is amazing value considering some tools are $100 a month.

No luck yet with any discounts from KW Finder but I’ll keep working on them.


KeySearch is a keyword tool to improve SEO and competitor analysis.

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