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Dropshipping is a great business model which is whys it’s so competitive these days. It’s not as simple as adding products to your store and waiting for the sales to come in. You need to do everything possible to make your store stand out from the rest and this means giving your customer the best experience possible. Try implementing a few of the following strategies to maximize your profits.

Fast and Free shipping

A good relationship with your wholesaler can mean you can organize your products to be shipped as quickly as possible. If your products are being shipped from China it’s definitely worth mentioning potential delays in the shipping section, otherwise, you’ll be dealing with lots of unhappy customers. Maybe write something like ‘Due to high demand shipping can take between 2 to 6 weeks depending which country you’re shipping to.

Free shipping is the best option if you can fit it into your profit margins. The reason it’s important is because customers love it and your competitors will be offering free shipping. Be very clear on your checkout page where you can and where can’t ship too, otherwise, you could be at a loss after the sale.


Have you heard the saying the money is in the list? This is completely true. Don’t think you can only get their email after they make a purchase. Giving away a free ebook adds trust, credibility and enables future email marketing. A lot of people feel more obligated to purchase from you after a small act of kindness. It really means a lot to some people to have you give them something for free.

Customer Support

Providing top notch customer support is a must for a successful store. This is another reason why being knowledgeable about your niche is advantageous in answering your customer’s questions. An email or phone number should be easily accessible. Once you receive an email answer it quickly and don’t leave customers hanging. Ignoring unhappy customer’s emails will only compound the problem. If you have products with assembly instructions, warranty issues or aftercare, be sure to provide them all the information they require.

Product Descriptions

Stand out from the crowd by not using the same stock product description as everyone else. You can either rewrite the product descriptions yourself or pay a freelance writer to do it for you. This will not only give your customers a better user experience it will improve your SEO ranking with unique content.

Know your target audience for your specific product and write the description with them in mind. Describe the features, benefits and how they can help improve the customer’s life or solve a problem.

Product Images

Beautiful product images is the number one factor for increasing your conversion rate. If the product images your supplier provides you aren’t high quality, don’t use them. Even slightly blurry images will cheapen the look of your website and make customers not trust you.

A variety of high quality images that show your product from different angles can drastically increase your conversion rate. Having images of people using your product in real-life situations has been shown to make the product more attractive to customers.

If you’re selling clothing, having an image of someone wearing the clothing is more appealing to customers than just having the clothing shown on itself. If you’re doing print on demand clothing, placeit.net will enable you to put your images on models wearing the clothing.

Shopping for a product online will never be as personal as shopping for a product in a brick and mortar shop. It’s your job to make the online shopping experience as close as possible to the real thing.

Think outside the box

Thinking outside the box and not following exactly what everyone else is doing is pivotal in your success. If you find a hot product that is selling, there’s going to be competition. This means that a large percentage of the audience has already seen this product and they’ve already either brought it or they’ve already said no. This is where you as a marketer have to be creative.

Try creating a unique offer no one else is offering. Throw in an accessory related to your product for free, give them a 2 for 1 offer, offer a coupon code for a considerable discount, give away a free ebook that’s related to your niche. People love bargains and special offers can help revive a once trending product.


Try multiple forms of advertising to create different sources of traffic to your site. Most dropshippers will only use Facebook ads and google ads. Try Instagram Influencers, Youtube Influencers, Pinterest, SEO and build email lists. This will help put your products in front of people who may not have seen this product before.

People trust influencers much more than general ads popping up in front of them. The reason they trust them is because they are consumers of products just like everyone else.

You can connect with influencers who already have an audience based on a specific passion or interest. They are already perceived as an expert by many of their followers. If they endorse a particular product, it must be worth the money in the eyes of the potential customers.

Tribe Group. is a great way for online retailers to connect with influencers in their niche. You can literally create a brief and have influencers post about your products with your approval. You can decide to have as many influencers as you choose to create a post around your products.

For a guide on making money dropshipping the easy way, check out this article.

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