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Deciding on high priced dropshipping products for your store will be the number one factor in dictating whether your dropshipping store will be successful. Does this mean if you get it wrong your business fails? NO. This just means if you do fail, try to fail quickly, so you can try again. The fact that dropshipping has such a low barrier to entry in terms of time and money means you can try multiple times to get it right.

In deciding the right product to Dropship most people do one of two things. They have tunnel vision for one specific product and aren’t willing to do any product research because in their mind this is the winning product.

The other is they are too indecisive and can’t fully commit to any product and end up not choosing any product. Try to be somewhere in-between these two people. Exercise your due diligence and do your research but take that leap of faith at some point.

The best high priced dropshipping products will generally be between the $500 to $1,000 mark. However, most high priced products are priced anywhere from $200 and up. Although the higher the price of products you sell the higher the profit margin. However, people can be more apprehensive about making a larger purchase online.

Spending over $1,000 online can take a certain amount of trust on the customer’s end to make the purchase. You may not be able to make the same sales volume on expensive items. Take all this into consideration when choosing your products to dropship.

With selling expensive items you need quality products from reliable, trustworthy suppliers ideally in your own country. Try to stay away from the temptation of dropshipping high priced products from AliExpress. Yes, the products will be cheaper, but there’s a reason for that. Quality is hit and miss and you don’t want to be dealing with warranty issues and returns all the way from China.

There will always be many cheaper accessories that can be sold with expensive items. Your supplier won’t ship low-priced accessories by themselves because it’s not worth their time. Your best option is to have lower-priced products as add ons with expensive purchases.

If you’re looking for some high ticket niche examples, check out my article here.

Top 21 Expensive Products for Dropshipping

1. Car Roof Top Tents

As the name suggests they are tents that can mount onto your vehicle’s roof rack to elevate camper’s tents off the ground. They provide a safer sleeping experience from animals and keep campers off the wet ground. Great product as it is in the passion niche but also solves a big problem many campers have.

Prices vary from $500 up to $5,000

Car Tent monthly searches 40,500

2. Luxury Kitchen Sinks

A huge variety of different shapes, colors, models, sizes make this an ideal product to dropship. Most brick and mortar stores can’t store every variant of sink making this a great product for an eCommerce store. 

Prices vary from a few hundred up to $2000.

Kitchen sinks monthly searches – 90,500

3. Metal Detectors

Serious treasure hunters are not people who are going to potentially risk missing their fortune because of cheap equipment. They want the best gear possible. Many accessories come with metal detectors that can be sold as a bundle.

Prices vary greatly as there are kids metal detectors for under $100 and the premium versions can be over $5000.

Metal Detectors monthly search results 368,000

4. Electric Skateboard

Another high ticket item in the passion niche. Many different varieties and models to choose from make this ideal for dropshipping. Safety accessories will make great extras to be sold as add ons. 

Prices vary from $200 to $3000

Electric Skateboard monthly searches 201,000

5. Industrial Work Lighting

Great high priced product that is usually sold to other businesses such as construction sites. Many different varieties and can be hard to find high-quality lighting for job sites. Not the normal product type so competition will be low.

Prices vary anywhere between $100 to $5000.

Industrial Lighting monthly searches 40,500

6. Infrared Saunas

Most of the same health benefits as with traditional saunas but they work in a different way. They use infrared panels in the wall to heat which penetrate the skin and heat you up before heating the room up. This makes for a more comfortable experience compared to traditional saunas and why more people are buying them for their home.

Prices generally from $2000 to $6000.

Infrared Saunas monthly searches 110,000

7. Gaming Chairs

Gaming is only getting bigger and gamers want anything that will enhance their gaming experience. They look cooler than standard office chairs and are designed to support posture. 

Prices vary from $150 to $500.

Best Gaming Chairs monthly searches 135,000

8. RV/Caravan Covers

Great dropshipping product as they are easy to ship in regards to size, weight and won’t break during shipping. As long as you provide relevant information in the product descriptions such as sizes, materials and features, you shouldn’t have to much customer service in terms of queries and returns.

Prices vary from $200 to $600.

RV Cover monthly searches 14,800

Caravan Cover monthly searches 12,100

9. Large Patio Umbrellas

Popular product that many households need for their patios. Huge amount of different variants most brick and mortar stores can’t stock them all. Anything outdoor furniture related is selling really well at the moment. Just be aware that this can be more of a seasonal product.

Prices vary a great deal from $500 to $5000.

Patio Umbrella monthly searches 18,100

10. Weighted Blankets

Slowly gaining in popularity over the past few years. Weighted blankets are supposed to mimic a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation. Do they work? I got no idea, but some people seem to think so.

They are on the lower side of high ticket products priced anywhere from $100 up to $400.

Best weighted blankets monthly searches 49,500

11. GreenHouses

Great product to target people in the gardening niche. They range in size from small sheds to building sizes often purchased by businesses. .

Prices vary from $200 to $4000 depending on the size and materials used.

Backyard Greenhouse monthly searches 12,100

12. Robot Pool Cleaners

Just about every household with a pool is going to want one a robot pool cleaner and they can get pricey which makes it great for high priced dropshipping. For a good quality one, it’s not something you can normally buy at your local mall.

Prices range from $500 to $2000.

Robot Pool Cleaner monthly searches 27,100

13. Telescopes

Generally only purchased by middle to high income earners which should be your target audience. Great product but the seller would need some knowledge in the product as there may be queries before making a purchase.

Prices vary greatly but generally between $500 to $3000.

Telescopes monthly searches 40,500

14. KiteSurfing/Boarding

Great product if you’re after something in the passion niche. Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing involves using a specially made kite and board to surf mostly on water but also on land and snow. Accessories can be sold with the Kiteboard or as a package.

Prices vary from $500 to $4000

Kiteboarding monthly searches 49,500

Kitesurfing monthly searches 110,000

15. Robot Lawn Mower

I can only see these things growing in popularity. The user sets up a border wire around their lawn and the robot lawn mower stays within the boundaries and of the wire and heads to the recharging dock when it needs to.

Prices are generally between $500 and $3000.

Robot lawn mower monthly searches 60,500.

16. Fire Pits

Vary from basic designs to contain a fire all the way to luxury gas-burning features for your backyard. Many variations make it ideal for a dropshipping store. 

Prices range between $100 all the way up to $5000.

Backyard fire pit monthly searches 33,100

17. Home Vaults/Safes

Whether it’s cash, jewelry, firearms, passports or photos. Many households or businesses require the use of a safe. Plus it can be difficult to find a quality safe in stores makes this ideal for an online product.

Prices vary from $100 to $1000.

Home Safe monthly searches 60,500

18. Ergonomic Chairs

A type of office chair that is adjustable to help support the spine for good posture for long periods. Any product that solves a problem, especially pain, will always be profitable.

Pricing generally varies between $100 and $1000.

Ergonomic Chair monthly searches 49,500

19. Standing Desks

The health risks associated with sitting at a desk are becoming more well known. Just google risks of sitting at a desk all day and you’ll come across multiple articles. Standing desks are another problem solving product.

Prices vary between $100 and $1000.

Standing Desk monthly searches 90,500

20. Pellet Grills

Generally referred to as pellet grills or pellet smokers. They use different flavored wood pellets to either smoke or grill meat. Slowly growing in popularity in recent years. Size and weight may be an issue so may not be a feasible dropshipping product in certain locations.

Prices range anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

Pellet Grill monthly searches 60,500

21. Portable Solar Panels

A great unique product that is used commonly used as a backup power generator by many for camping and RV trips. Portable solar panels also have solar blanket versions which can fold up to a more compact size when not in use.

Priced anywhere from $200 to $1,000.

Portable Solar Panel monthly searches 22.200

How to Find the Right Expensive Products to Dropship

It’s important to get yourself a good keyword tool to help with finding the demand for a particular product. Google keyword tool is free but you will need to sign up for an account to access it and it will be missing some important features. Out of the paid versions keysearch.co is the best value at about $17 a month and that comes with a range of tools to help find demand and product trends.

When looking to find if a specific product is too saturated, try going to Google shopping to check how many shops stock particular products. If a product is has a large number of ads it means it’s selling well but too many may result in saturation. Comparing the number of ads with the monthly search volume may give you an idea of potential saturation within the product. 

Remember don’t just look up a product and assume straight away it’s too saturated. Think how you can niche down to a different variation of that product, market it to a different audience, offer a different deal or a bundle. Anything to separate yourself from your competition. This article will be helpful if you’re deciding on a high-ticket dropshipping niche to pursue.

Many of the sellers on Google shopping may be selling many of the same brands. If you can secure a top-tier supplier who may stock a different brand will give you a huge edge and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

Spending a few days thinking of items is essential. Try making a spreadsheet with a list of 20 to 30 expensive items that you believe have potential. Once you have your list complete, make columns with information you deem as important in deciding which product is right for you.

Each column with headings such as monthly searches, competition, price, passion, current demand, long-term demand, supplier numbers and whatever you believe necessary for a profitable product. If you want to save yourself time, I have a high ticket product list which will give you some ideas.

Once you have your spreadsheet with each heading and product complete, fill in each box with the relevant information. It’s surprising how much this method helps with giving you an overall clearer view of each product. This spreadsheet will assist in narrowing your search right down until you have the product you believe has the best chance of succeeding.

Following a method like this will increase your chances of finding a profitable product, however, there’s still a good chance it won’t be profitable. Many experienced drop shippers fail all the time so if your product fails don’t be disheartened. People gain more knowledge from their failures than from their successes. With this extra knowledge, your odds of succeeding will increase after each attempt.

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